17 Noir - Niagara Falls

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6380 Fallsview Blvd. Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.   Reservations recommended.

17 Noir REGIONAL/CONTEMPORARY CUISINE It only makes sense that the Fallsview Casino has a restaurant that pays homage to gambling. Decorated in reds and blacks to mimic a roulette table, the chairs are fussy felt and the tables are round. The food is some of the best that your gambling money can buy, and it's worth the trip even if gambling isn't in your plans. 


What a waste of money. I would have been better of spending my money at the now extinct Denny's accross the street and that's not saying much. Darn the food at the strip club was even better.

Requested by phone to ask for a gift certificate worth $$$. Then they wanted me to fax a copy my credit card rather than just charge it over the phone. Also they were going to charge me a $10.00 mailing fee to send me an authorization form for them to take it off my credit card to B.C. No thanks. I would rather just send a 50lb X-mas gift across the country. It will probally be cheaper haha.

Had a fabulous meal with excellent professional service. Thank you, we will be back 

The service here is absolutely terrible

This is a very classy restaurant. and the view overlooking the falls is fabulous! With prices as high as they are, one would expect all of the food to be excellent. I understand the osso bucco was excellent, but my cod was somewhat dry, as was the shredded sweet potato that accompanied it. I would not make that choice again. The pumpkin pecan tart sounding promising,but it was just okay - nothing special. Food presentation was very good, and so was the service. I would definitely go back for another try.

For the price is was a ripp of but overall everything was good...but for those prices I expect excellent....I receommend Wolfgang Puck for value and taste..

absolutely fantastic all around! returning for valentine"s dinner

Food was terrible! Overpriced and substandard. The service and the view were the only good things this restaurant had to offer!

My wife and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary at Casino Niagara and had a wonderful dinner. From the appetizers (shrimp cocktails and THE BEST crab cakes) to the BEST Beef Tenderloin you can imagine. We even had Niagara wine that topped the dinner off to a "T". I would recommend 17 Noir to everyone. The time we had was priceless.

Very overpriced restaurant - you are paying for location over the food in my honest opinion...Stone Road Grill is a much better dining experience at a cheaper price.

Food was soooo gooood! Beautiful restaurant and amazing service. I got engaged here! So nice!

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