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Cuisine: Mediterranean
4414 Portage Road, Niagara Falls, Ontario L2E 6A5 Canada 905-354-2521


We arrived at 8:30pm and the wait staff were all gathered around the bar with the TV turned really loud ignoring all the customers. When the waitress made it to our table she had a bit of an attitude that we were interrupting her conversation at the bar. We placed our order, I strongly recommend the Quesidilla's they are really good but would recommend not asking for something not in it as they tend to make mistakes. Also would recommend the pasta dishes. I went there because a friend said that the food is great if you can get past the hit and miss service that the restaurant offers. I will see what wait staff are working when I arrive the next time to deceide if I will stay. THE FOOD IS EXCELLENT 

I am a local that has eaten at Chatters numerous times...I have to agree with prior comments...the food is great...but the service sucks!!! I don't go as often now...would rather support a business that has good staffing and food.

THIS PLACE IS AMAZING!!! The food was sooooo good. If you are ever in Niagara Falls you absolutley have to try it. It has a huge menu specializing in mediterranean cusine incl greek and italian. They have so much to choose from and it's super delicious. There were 6 of us (3 couples) and we all shared a bunch of stuff. Food was amazing and service was really friendly!

This was one of our many visits on a Monday night to Chatters and every time we had the same pleasant server. We were glad because we consider her one of our favorite servers. She is one of the older servers that is still polite to customers. She was very busy but never lets you feel that she doesn't have time for your table. The food is always delicious. The Saganaki is to die for and the pasta portions are enough for lunch the next day. We regularly come into to Chatters on a Monday night for great food and professional service.

We came for toronto, to show my family from italy the Niagara Falls. They told me at the hotel to go to chatters for prime rib, it was good, and all of us ate and drank for lower than $100 dollars. they were very nice and gave me direction to the winery. i saw the bottle for the oil and vinegar and i asked to keep it. the girl says you can get them at the dollar store. but i told her im from toronto and i don't know the store. she said if i pay for it i could take and she would get a new one. but i left it anyway. the prime rib was good for me but my wife was have alot of fat. and it was no cooked enough. but it was good

I have been to chatters, since I was little, The food, the service, and the people are absoulutely phenominal. I have tried everything on there menu a couple times over and am absouluteley astounded that their prices have almost remained the same since the 80's. The service is fabulous, I have always been served with a smile and treated like a King. Maybe that's because I treat the people that work there with the same respect. I find whatever you give you get back, and chatters has never let me down. The food is mouthwatering and the portions a unreal.

Such a shame, the food is great the atmosphere is great and for the most part the staff are great. Don't be scared off by staff that seem to ignore the customers. We had really bad service from one waitress but we still went back and had the best service. Please don't be afraid if you get bad service try it again it's worth it.

I have read to previous comments and actually find them quite the service at chatters is great, the majority of staff has been the same for years, except for a couple. The addition to the new staff has much improved the service...including the manager now working the floor, and it is funny that people who come once or twice a year make such rude statements when the don't see how great the place, the food, and the people are everyday. Although once in awhile they may not be smiling, but a restaurant is not a beauty pagent, and fake smiles mean nothing. The gold in this establishment is the quality of people that attend, and work there that makes the place worth coming to. The food cannot be forgotten, the prices are remarkable, what more could you ask for? Oh yeah, smiles??? Where do you work? are you smiling

I had my b-day at chatters for the first time. Me and my gals wanted to dine-out so we went there. I know we only ordered easy stuff so it was all good, we had to girls serving us, Marisa and Carly i think there names were. and there were great. they didn't treat us like kids. they took pictures for us and sang happy b-day and even made me embarass myself for my b-day with a performance. thanks and happy 19th to me!!!!

A great restaurant!!! When I lived in Niagara Falls I would go here all the time. Great food and lovely decor!! I actually grew up with the owner's daughter . . . but I'm not biased. This really is an excellent restaurant. One of the few in Niagara Falls that I would visit a lot!

I am annoyed and delighted over the new menu, I love all the new items, but really miss my cajun chicken. And i liked the old roasted potatoes better. But i think i have made a mense because the new items are so great. I cannot comment on bad service cause i myself haven't recieved any. I feel bad for those who have because you are really missing out on hidden gem if your not a regular. Enjoy all!!!

My two friends and I love Chatters. We visit often. But this time was brutal. The server we had was angry and rude. We visited around 4pm, and she was sitting at the bar playing with her hair. She choose not to greet us. When she finally decided to come to our table, she was extremely rude and gave off the impression we were a bother. She took our order, and we didnt see her again, she kept disappearing. My one friend went to use the restroom and saw her sitting at the bar again, which is completely unacceptable when you have paying customers. So we went to the bar to pay, and the entire time consisted of her giving the bartender orders. Not professional infront of customers.

Great appetizer, but the entree left us wanting more. And for the price, it was not worth it. The atmosphere, however, was great - low lighting, candlelit, etc.

I go to Chatters quite frequently and the food is always great. Spanikopita is a favourite of mine, it's always amazing. The wings are great and I hear the calamari, won tons and ribs are all fantasic as well. Service is lacking however. When sitting on the patio you normally have to go into the bar to order your drinks and get your own menus. Once you see someone from the waitstaff they are very friendly.

My boyfriend and i just moved down here from Simcoe and our neighbours recommended Chatters. We are so happy they did because the food was AMAZING!! We ordered 3 appetizers and 6 entrees as there were 6 couples. We were all sharing each others food and we all thought it was great If you are ever in the falls or new to the area you have to try it!! The prices are really cheap and the service was pretty good but the food is soooooooooo good!! I will definitely return!!

We were served by some younger girl that didnt seem to like her job. she was very unfriendly and seemed like she was only there because she had to be. she had dark hair that was in a bun and just a miserable look on her face. i think she is family of some sort with the owner. regardless family or not, employess should look like they enjoy their jobs and be friendly, thats how you keep business.

I have been going to chatters for years and most of the time the food has been average, and the service has been alright, but in the last couple years that i've been going, it has really improved...there are definately a lot of new faces all the time, high turnover rate i guess, but there are still a few familiar faces. Our waitress was run off her feet because they always seem to be short staffed but she did an excellent job, she was very attentive. The food came out a little slow, but she apologized because she knew we were on our lunch break. The owners daughter was passing through, i know who she is through a friend, and the way she speaks to people is absolutely disgusting...but other than that and the food coming out a little slow, it was an excellent experience, i would deffinately visit again.

I have been coming to chatters for over 25 years, and it still amazes me how they have never faultered, I bring my husband and my grandkids just like I used to bring my own children, before thier collage years, I've just hit the age for the senior discount, which makes the food cheaper than it already is, belive it or not, although i don't like that it is only between 4 and 6. Old people don't always go to bed at 6 at night. But I can't complain because everything has always been above the rest.

My friend and I had a coupon for a free meal for two. We ordered appetizers; I got Spanakopita and he got Buffalo wings. (I don't eat meat, so I can only pass on what my friend said). The spanakopita was good, a little dry, but tasty. I was told the chicken wings were good.

I have been to chatters, since I was little, The food, the service, and the people are absoulutely phenominal. I have tried everything on there menu a couple times over and am absouluteley astounded that their prices have almost remained the same since the 80's. The service is fabulous, I have always been served with a smile and treated like a King. Maybe that's because I treat the people that work there with the same respect. I find whatever you give you get back, and chatters has never let me down. The food is mouthwatering and the portions a unreal.

Our server was a little testy with us, for apparently having the gall to use the gift certificate that we got. She told us that in the future it didn't include appetizers. So, her attitude was a little off-putting, but I guess she thought we weren't going to tip well. For an entree, I got the veggie wrap, which was delicious. It comes with sauce choices, and I got the tzatiki and guacamole. Yummy. My friend got the filet mignon, and he said it was delicious, some of the best he'd ever had. The food itself was really good, but the server completely disregarded us because we were using a gift certificate. So, try them out, but...I wouldn't recommend buying anyone a gift certificate to eat there...they might be treated a little like a criminal for using it :) BTW--we tipped the server $20, just to make her feel bad for her attitude... :)

Im a local, and Chatters has excellent food, and a wide variety as well. I agree with previous comments on the service not being the quickest or friendlist, but regardless I would definately go back. I go to the restaurant to eat the food, i dont care how the servers are, the food is what i am paying for. All in all, if you dont like the server dont tip well. The food is great here, what i recommend and ALWAYS get is the Soulaki wrap with chicken (i know its spelt wrong, im not greek lol), they also have the best balsamic vingerette i have ever tasted.. great restaurant. good food, reasonable prices,,,, and they deliver!

after reading the other reviews - i thought it was necessary to set some things straight. as far as the quality and value of the food is great. as for the servers - they need to be forgiven. you can't blame them for following the owners example. the man does not respect or value his waitstaff. therefore there is a huge turnover rate - hence the hit or miss service. personally i will not go back even though the food is great. i perfer my dinner with a smile!

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