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If you want a real steak, I mean a real steak cooked to perfection this steak house is indeed "A cut Above" the rest. This steakhouse is inside the Sheraton Fallsview Hotel which even the steakhouse patrons have a view of the seventh wonder. We were told that the steaks are all certified angus beef, I am a butcher and I know that certified angus beef is the best beef on the market. Only 8% of beef meets the stringent standards to be certified Angus Beef. The steak is cooked in a high temperature broiler approx. 2500 F which can cook a steak in minutes, cooking at a high temperature seals all the juices and then released when eating. These High end Broilers are used in famous steakhouses like Ruth's Chris without the high prices, and not even Ruth's Chris uses Certified Angus Beef. Great food, value, and don't forget that fallsview.

Located on the second floor of the beautiful Sheraton Fallsview Hotel overlooking the Falls, my husband and I enjoyed a lovely dinner at the "A Cut Above Steakhouse." We began with the "soup of the day" which was New England Clam Chowder...not too thick but rich and creamy....
just the way it should be! We both had the Filet Mignon...done to perfection and absolutely delicious! The side of vegetables were thickly sliced and grilled...very tasty. As we were leaving, we checked out the "Dinner Buffet" which proved to have an excellent array of both hot and cold food (dessert included) and well attended by the staff. We will definitely give this a try on our next visit to the Falls! Whether you are staying at the Sheraton Fallsview or not, give this Restaurant a try...
you won't be disappointed! Great food and excellent service!!!

Best Steakhouse ever. Why pay for franchise fees when you can pay for a good quality steak (Certified Angus Beef). Great Job Sheraton Fallsview, as always.

Had a small xmas party for my staff and I had my secretary take care of all the details. I heard very positve feedback from this restaurant from friends and family. Best Steak I ever had, all my staff had a great time, loved the food. Food is fresh and only carry the highest quality ingredients. This was the first time I had a Certified Angus Beef, I never had any idea what that meant or what is the difference between black angus and Certified Angus but now I know. If you want the best Steak cooked to perfection this is THE place. Will definately be back for more certified angus beef.

Had the most romantic Valentines Dinner overlooking Niagara Falls with my husband. The food and service was exceptional and the beef they use is the best in the market "certified angus Beef" there is no substitute. Dont be fooled by other restaurants telling you that they use black angus beef. If it is not "certified angus Beef" its just beef.

One of the best steaks I have ever had. And another plus was the drinks, the bartender did a very good job and he defintley knew what he was doing. The overall atmosphere was great and the service was fast and friendly. I highly suggest it.

I must say I been to ruths chris, and Smith & Wollensky Steakhouses, and none of those steakhouse matches the quality of steak at A Cut Above Steakhouse. Certified Angus Beef is the best meat!!!!(period) I dont know how they are able to sell the steak at the prices they do, but who cares if your down in Niagara to gamble take my advice go to this steakhouse you will love it, and the view of falls is so romantic.

I had steak, garlic mashed potatoes(tasteless) and veggies.
Can't remember what everyone else had. No one was overly impressed.I wish I could remember more specifics, but it wasn't a really memoriable meal. I was excited to eat here based on the rave reviews, but was disappointed. NOT "A Cut Above", more like "Mediocre".

The best steak that I've ever had to think that my pallete is hard to please when it comes food. The place has very nice view of the lake and you must make reservation so that you get the right spot.
Children under 12 eat free and my daughter enjoyed the array of food and desserts. This is a bonus! We will definitely come back

I am a Steak Conniseur and this was the best steak I have ever eaten regardless of price, which by the way our bill was about half the price of Ruth's Chris Steakhouse back home (Chicago IL) and you get a view of Niagara Falls at no charge!!!!!

Had also read this was as Good as Ruths Chris. GIVE ME A BREAK. Its worse then Montanas or the Keg. We had reservations and took an hour to get a seat. The very rude waitress...mid age women...cam to use finally and her exact words wot us were "what do you want". No explanations, no specials, no hellos Steaks were all cold and no taste. VERY poor grade of meat. Appetizers were terrible. Worst service ever. Please people avoid this restaurant like the plague. Go to Ruths Chris for the same price or if in Niagara go to LUCKYS in the lower floor of the old niagara casino. AMAZING steaks. Their filet mignin rivals Ruths Chris

I would not return to this place. I have ALWAYS tried to not eat out on Mondays for this reason. But when you are traveling you really don't have the choice. No fresh produce, fish, meat are delivered on a monday. It's a standard. I should know I'm a chef.


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