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Cuisine: Buffet
6300 Fallsview Blvd Niagara Falls, Ontario  L2G 2J3 Canada 905-353-1551


Unbelievable, food you would not serve to dogs and all the comments are right. I could not afford to pay $4 for drinks so asked for water, they told me they only provide bottled water, I asked if they had a tap, they said yes, I asked if they had a glass they said yes so I told them let me show you how to fill up the glass and they refused. If you want to get ripped off and end up with an upset stomach, go there, you will never forget the experience.

I work at AlMac's and have read your comments and would like to set the record straight. First of all, I think a lot of you have unrealistic expectations of what is provided with a $6.99 buffet. Ever price the cost of bacon? Honestly, the amount of food you waste is a crime. I hate charging small children $5.99 for the buffet, and feel there should be a toddler price as well, but why should your kids eat free? Some parents say to me " but they only ate a bite of this or that", and I have just scraped a huge plate of food into the trash that was taken but not eaten. As for the food, the ladies in the kitchen work really hard and shouldn't take the brunt of your displeasure. The food is adequate, basic breakfast fare. The eggs are real eggs (not powdered) the waffles and pancakes, though from a mix, are prepared fresh throughout the day and the bacon and sausages are fresh as well. The kitchen is clean and the oil is changed daily. Those two or three women are sometimes cooking for over 800 people on a busy day. I think they deserve credit. If you want fresh whipped cream and fresh fruit, then you are going to have to pay for it, my friend. Try a 12.99 buffet or a 18.99 buffet. The drink prices are a bit high, but not for the area. What do you think AlMac's is, a soup kitchen put in place to give weary tourists a cheap breakfast? IT'S A BUSINESS, FOLKS, and it needs to generate a profit.

In response to the obviously delusional Al Macs employee, I have eaten there on two occasions and both times the food was awful. I have run restaurants and I know how they work. I also know you know nothing about whats going on there. Bacon, Really? you think its actually expensive for a buffet charging 6.99 a plate and raping people on drinks which is literally pennies per glass. A Case of bacon is cheap. Its called bulk purchasing. So with a drink because apparently pouring a glass of water from the tap is out of the question the price for basic breakfast is about 10.99 per person. For $11 per person I could make a gourmet breakfast. But that's just me and I'm not a scam artist like the owner of Al Macs, who I met by the way because he was sitting behind me the whole time I was eating talking on his cell phone like a grade A douche talking loudly and about ridiculously inappropriate things. And to the comment about the few women in the back that work so hard, its call a wanted add. If its so bad hire a new slave. The way the food comes out it seems like they are monkeys with Parkinson's disease in the back. I know food, if nothing else I know food. And the food served is the cheapest brands available from wholesale companies. I wouldnt expect a 5 star meal from the dump. But come on! spend the extra 25 cents to get the half decent stuff. The reason you throw out massive quantities of food is because it tasted so bad no one wants to eat it. I am not picky or stuck up by any stretch of the word but I could not force that crap into my mouth. I have worked for and with the same kind of people that are associated with Al Macs and I know they are just slum-owners and have no concern for other people and have only one thing on their selfish low life mind. Themselves. I am not hiding behind a computer screen. If you want to further discuss this I will gladly come to the restaurant and speak my mind in person.

July 2, 2011 All these comments are bang on. Things happen for a reason. I have a large family and use a very big van to travel. First bad impression was the parking lot attendant. He first told me to move my van because it was blocking the view since \i parked in the very front. I went it and briefly checked the place out it was not full at all and it seem very clean. I went to discuss prices with my family and the parking attendant comes again and rudely asks me: WELL, ARE GOING TO EAT OR NOT YOU HAVE BEEN HERE LIKE 20 MINUTES> IF NOT YOU CANNOT PARK HERE." I doubt I even took 3 min. I went in to complain to the manager and some person told me that he was not around and there was no one in charge. I asked someone else and he said the the owner was inside. The owner just listen as if nothing and said he would talk to the attendant. With that I told him sorry but I cannot eat in your place that doesn't welcome guests from the start. Boy after reading these reviews, I'm sop happy I didn't. We went to our usual Mandarin Buffet which was only a 10 min. drive away, they charge $17.99 (well worth the drive and only a buck more) BTW they don't charge for plain water and you get as much as you want with ice and a slice of lemon

seriously, what a trap. beverages more expensive than their horrible, cold, tasteless, garbage buffet. The owner even left the cash when we wanted to leave, making us wait standing at the cash for almost 10 minutes. Seriously never go there. They wont provide water, unless its a bottle. (probably 15 dollers per) Massive rip off. STAY AWAY!!!!

the food is good..the drinks are expensive and the owners are the normal greedy business people..they dont care about you or any one else they want your money and thats all...but please the cooks work very hard and the servers are doing their best after hearing people complain for 6 hours about the prices of the drinks..they dont get that money...and most of the time they dont get tipped because of who wins only the owner..of course..and to top it off this year they are being sooo greedy they are making their waitress's work on xmas day and evening..thus even taking away christmas dinner for their staff...they dont care ..the4y will be at home with their familys!!!do everyone a favor..avoid this restaurant!!!!!they only laugh at ripping their customers and staff off...they have no appreciation for anyone..but as long as you go there you are supporting them.

Dont ever go there. Its a waste of money and the food is terrible. The servers are slow and are completely bitter. If you are expecting "Mandarin" quality, think again. Selection of food is crap and its mostly cold.

In summer of 2010, my wife and I took a friend to the dinner buffet at Almacs. Shortly after we entered and sat down, a waitress came to our table and asked if we wanted something to drink. We told her we would just like some water. And as all the others already written, we went thru the bit about tap water not available etc. That's when we learn that water and juices would costs us a small fortune. 
As for the food, they had perhaps about 15 different items on the menu and they were all terrible. This place is the worse place I have ever been to in my entire life. Save your money.

This is the WORST buffet I've ever been too. On the way out, the manager asked how everything was. I told him terrible ! He said he never heard that before.... BULL-hit.... AVOID at all costs... Eating doritos for dinner is a better bet....

The food wasn't good and the drink pricies have gone up by the looks of the other posts. Tea now costs 2.99 and tap water is still not served. We happened to have our own water bottles with us, and the waitress told us we weren't allowed to have them on the table because they weren't from their restaurant. When we refused to get rid of them she told us we would be charged for having our bottles on the table! We then told her we refused to pay this, and that denying customers tap water was illegal in Ontario. We weren't charged, but we will never return. The waitress never even came back with our charge (we got separate bills and each gave $20 on a $7 bill - and the restaurant was empty). We had to get the bartender to go hunt her down to bring back our change.

Almost $73 for 2 adults, 2 kids and NO water!
First thing out waitress said to us was, LET ME LAY IT OUT TO YOU RIGHT AWAY!!
All I have to say is the PLACE SUCKED AND SO DID THE FOOD! Service was just BRUTAL!
Couldn't believe there was only about 20 or so things to choose from for food, and there salad and desert area was rediculous!
Kings Buffet will get my business from now on with 200+ things to choose from to put on my plate.

Alright, i'll put in my two cents. I work at Almacs buffet. I'm going to stick up for every single waitress that didn't have a smile on her face when she had to walk up to a table and tell them that their five month old has to pay $5.99 knowing that she's going to get an earful. I'm sorry that we aren't the brightest and the cheeriest people in the world but its hard when we're working in complete mayhem. Also I understand the prices are ridiculous for drinks and I've told the owner a thousand times to advertise, but lets be serious. Almost all of the people are tourists so why the hell should he care if they have a bad experience.. they're going to be back in their own country in a week. That's why they do it. He doesn't just own Almacs he owns half of Niagara Falls for christ's sake. Now back to the waitresses- most of these women are working three jobs trying to provide for the children they raise on their own. They're incredibly hard working and have earned my respect. There's no way in hell a waitress is sitting around doing nothing in that place, if they walk away and are short with you its probably because we've got the old greek manager running around behind us barking orders. You think you guys are getting ripped off?! That's a joke, they have a million little secrets to deduct every cent they can off our paychecks. So go ahead, bitch about the prices, complain about the food but cut the waitresses some slack, it is absolutely impossible to walk around that place with a smile on your face. Ps: although disgusting the food is replenished almost hourly and its fresh. coffee and fountain drinks are 2.99 and refillable (so don't tell me coffee isn't refillable that's bullshit) milk and juice are 3.99 and not refillable... lastly please believe me when i say we hate it there a hundred times more than you do so at least tip our sorry asses out of pity.

I would rather eat crap covered pine cones with a side of bark than go back to this place. My wife, our 3 yr old, My sister inlaw, her husband and their 1.5 yr old tried this buffet breakfast. Since the drink prices aren't advertised anywhere, we thought they were part of the buffet price. I got the bill for 4 adults, and it was just shy of $60. For BREAKFAST that wasn't even that impressive. The food was adequate but not anything to write home about. The service was brutal. Whenever the waitress found time in her busy schedule of running around being useless to come to our table, she was rude and uninformed. What kind of crappy-ass restaurant doesn't serve TAP water? What kind of restaurant charges $5.99 PLUS $4 FOR MILK for kids that barely eat anything? What kind of restaurant blind-sides weary travellers with their little version of 3 card monte, and charges them $4 for a friggin' coffee that wasn't even good? I'll tell you what kind. Almacs Buffet in Niagara Falls. Avoid it. Pick Denny's just up the street, or go get some pine cones and bark. You'll fare better.

I know that alot of people haven't had the best experience there. But the breakfast buffet really wasn't that bad. Obviously if you're paying $6.99 for all you can eat they are going to jack up the price of beverages. The whole no water thing has changed, anytime we head to the Falls for a week-end of fun we always go to Al Macks for breakfast. 

I thought I would treat my kids to the breakfast buffet at $6.99. They took $100 off the price for my 8 and 10 year old. Our waitress came over fairly quickly but was not friendly. I asked for 4 glasses of water but she informed me that they only served bottled water. My children and I ate our breakfast without a drink. Luckily, I had water in the van when we left. There was a lot of food at the buffet and I wondered how often it was replentished. They had most of the normal breakfast buffet items including waffles, pancakes, french toast and then there was this big bowl of what we thought was whip cream. After tasting it and totally disgusted, we later found out that it was plain yogurt. It had not been labelled. A lot of my kids food was wasted because of the yogurt which got all over the pancakes, waffles etc. By the end of the meal my kids were dying of thirst but I was not willing to fork over the high price they charge for drinks. Our waitress never checked to see if everything was ok. She never cleared our table. They have other staff that do that. The only time she came by was when I had to ask someone else for my bill. My waitress did not receive any tip. I told the cashier that I was very disatisfied and I gave the girl who cleared our table a cash tip. This restaurant takes advantage of the consumer, advertise low prices and hit you with the overpriced beverages. I am starting to wonder if Niagara Falls has any good restaurants. I have now been to Denny's on Lundy's Lane and it has closed down. No wonder it was lousy food and lousy service. I have also been to the Keg inside the Marriot hotel. Same experience, lousy food and lousy service and now Al Mac's buffet is added to my list.

Thank you to all who have left reviews as It saved me the terrible experience that most of you had at this place. If you want a great breakfast go to Flying was inexpensive and good tasty food

9/25/2009. I was there this week. Every word of what these reviews say is true. Its a crap shack, its inedible and ice cold. We had a nice waitress (amanda) but the refusal to give tap water is true. Save your money, and go anywhere else. Ice cold waffles and fresn toast, and wheat toast. Powdered eggs. AVOID!

Do yourself a favour and avoid this resturant. Bad service provided by untrained staff, cold and mostly processed food, and best of all...they advertise only $6.99 for the breakfast buffet but how's $2.99 for a coffee and $3.99 for O.J. My famiy of four had finished eating before asked if we needed any drinks, when I asked a roaming waitress for service...she replied "I am serving the other side" 

Place to skip for breakfast? AlMac's. Other than the fact that it's a buffet place, they are overpriced and almost inedible. Go ahead and just have a meal at Denny's or Perkins. At least, you'll know what you're getting. You'll thank me for the suggestion later.

My wife and I just tried out AlMacs this evening. Our experience was so lousy that I decided to look online and see what other people had to think. I believe that most of these reviews are way too kind.
The place looked pleasant enough and the $16 buffet seemed reasonable. As soon as we walked in the door, the smell should have been enough to make us turn around. We tried it anyways. Big mistake. I kept looking through the buffet for something that seemed appealing. I settled on roast beef, some strange rice stuff, and the world's smallest chicken wings.
Overall the food was very unpleasant and had a strange aftertaste. To add insult to injury I discovered that our sodas cost $4 each. Who ever heard of a buffet that didn't include drinks? It was not posted anywhere. Even worse, the people at the table next to us ordered water and were told that they could only get bottled water, presumably for $4 a bottle.
I have only tried two restaurants in Niagara Falls so far, but I think I can safely say that any other restaurant in town would be better than this dive.

Horrendous does not describe our experience
We arrived to an empty restaurant (that is a compliment) where the staff were sitting around after they reheated the same food for probably the 10th time
It was inedible, the coffee at 3.50 per (no refills) strange, bitter tasting , undrinkable
Don't go there!
P.S. We went to Tim Hortons for a decent breakfast after as we were afraid to eat too much at al macs ...

Price was good for breakfast buffet, other than that, the good points end. The food was terrible. When you serve pancakes, french toast and waffles, you usually supply whip cream and fruit toppings, the only thing they had was what appreared to be whip cream and tasted like sour cream and syrup. If there had been perogies on the buffet, then sour cream was acceptable. Hard boiled eggs were still in the shell. A glass of pop and a glass of chocolate milk were $3.99 each, way overpriced. If word of mouth goes a long way, they won't be open very long as I will tell everyone I know about our experience there as being the worst dining experince we have ever had. Do yourself a favour and don't subject yourself to this experience unless you a glutant for punishment.

We went to Almacs because we thought $6.99 was a good price for breakfast. The food was not bad but it was realy busy so maybe they had lots of new food out. I could not beleive that I could not get a glass of water with out having to pay $3.99. This is a total rip off. It cost $25 for my wife and I to eat a breakfast that at best is worth $6.99 each

I was there on december 18 2008 it was my parents 36 years to gether . the food was cold and the chicken was burnt the rice was hard and the wings were rubber. this was our first time there. the staff did not come out to look at the food and the food had been out since 5pm and it was 7pm when we went to eat. the cook was rud and he yelled at us because we said the food was garbage and yes water it $4 abottle and no tap water while we were there a family came in and looked at the food and they walked right out. i told my family and friends that they should get5 ramsie in from hell's kitchen and he woulde give them a mouth full. i would never ever eat they ever a gane in my life. they need to learn how to cook and how to get some manorrs. The health board should be called up. they say there open to 12am and they bring no food out after 6pm not good for bissnes sorry but out off 100 you guys score 0 not a family place at all. we were sick after that. i hate the place and am not ever going back at all.

My family and I recently went to Niagara Falls overnight (March break, 2009) and for breakfast, we went to AlMac's Buffet. It was awful! The buffet may seem cheap at 6.99, but when you take into account the drinks which are 3.99 and the very stale, reheated food, you'll realize it wasn't worth the money. There wasn't any fresh fruit- only canned fruit salad and apple sauce. The french toast was extremely greasy and I couldn't even cut through it with my knife. The hard boiled eggs weren't cooked long enough so the shells didn't come off. The chocolate chip cake (I think that's what it was) tasted like it was from last month, and the yogurt was sour. So, please, unless you like overpriced, old, reheated food, DO NOT GO TO ALMACS BUFFET!!!! Trust me, it was the worst restaurant I've ever been to!

All i can say... keep away dont waste your coin.

WOW....Thank God and thank ALL of you for these reviews!! Last year, we vacationed in Niagara Falls and had seen the big sign advertising Breakfast Buffet at 6.99$. We had wanted to go, but didn't find the time to do so. We are leaving again for Niagara Falls this saturday and promised ourselves we'd go for at least one morning to brunch at Al Mac's...Oh boy...thank God I read your reviews, and guess what...WE AIN'T GOING THAT'S FOR SURE!!! We have a 2 1/2 yrs old boy and our 7 yrs old nephew is coming along....they would've probably been sick!! So a big thanks, once again, to all of you!!


I live in Niagara Falls.Unfortunately no one had ever given me a review of AlMacs....................OH GOD. Disgusting.
Thought we would try somewhere different for brunch. Bad idea. We spoke with the owner on our way out about our horrible experience and the 'no tap water' policy. He didn't care and just shrugged and said 'we only serve bottled water in Greece' Well, enough said!

The food was DISGUSTING.Bacon was so hard and rubbery. You could only get a plain omlette in pieces or scrambled eggs. There was no egg on the french toast.The best thing to eat were the round hash browns or sausage. Told we weren't allowed to sit in section at back of restaurant. NEVER WILL GO BACK. Service from waitress was good.

I am a niagara resident and I am 100% dissatisfied!!! I am a practicing Catholic who does not believe that water should be bottled. I can not understand how you can not offer someone a glass of water in Canada?!?!!? Have you ever heard of water is not for sale?!?!? That is our slogan to help prevent Third World countries from taxing water. I hope you find your judgment day enjoyable you penny pinchers!!! By the way I did not end up eating there!! Was too upset over the whole water thing!

i ate there just a couple of hours ago it got me sick i had a nasty stomach ache i would not recommend this crap to anybody!!

Went for the breafast buffet today (June 3,2011). The other people in my group ordered drinks but I just asked for a glass of water. They said I would have to buy a bottle of water. It is not their policy to supply tap water to customers. I will never go back there. I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone.

Try working there!!! You don't think we would like to give you water!!!!! The owners are there everyday watching to make sure ur charging the whole table cause nobody eats for free! I would give water but I'm not aloud! I try to give my tables the best customer service and let them know what the drink prices are, but if the owner hears us we get in trouble! The worst part is they are constantly firing and hiring staff! So remember it's not the servers fault and you don't need to be so rude to us

HORRIBLE, HERRENDOUS, SHAMEFUL, DISGUSTING AND FINALLY, ABSOLUTELY DISGRACEFUL. That pretty much sums up our experience at this restaurant back in November. I have never been to a worse restaurant in my life. BUYERS BEWARE !

Worst breakfast buffet I ever tried on Nov 10/2010 Apparently, nothing has changed after reading comments about it a day later. Save your money, fast food beats this place!

the best breakfast in niagara falls the price is right we plan to go there this year the food is very good and the servicer is great if others think food is no good should have their head read

I have never been to AlMacs but a word of warning. The owner of AlMacs owns several other resturaunts in Niagara Falls. My Cousin Vinnys, Country Chalet Restaurant, and Bravo. Bravo opened (Aug 2010) across the street from AlMacs. There are no reviews for Bravo yet. As far as My Cousin Vinnys, and Country Chalet Restaurant read the reviews. Funny how similar they are to the AlMacs reviews.
Beware before going to any of these resturaunts.

might as well line pigs up at a trough
no water
burn them

Al Macs sucks crack!!! I think we may get a big cooler of water and put a stand on the side walk and offer a free glass of water to the patrons as they go in. The management obviously don't eat their own food as it was the most revolting breakfast I have ever had! The waffles were as hard as the Christmas turkey in NL Christmas Vacation. As a resident of Niagara I should have received a 10% discount but the waitress failed to tell the cash therefore they refused to give it me. I have never in my life been treated in such a demeaning manner as I was by the owner there. I am embarrassed to be part of the same tourist industry/community as Al Macs. They are a shame to Niagara Falls. Nothing like flushing good money down the toilet and maybe literally.

Went for breakfast - food was cold - not much choice for good - cost for drinks was too expensive - will not be back.

We visited the breakfast buffet and I am absolutely disgusted with this restaurant and the service. My friend and I sat on the patio to enjoy the nice weather, and when we were approached by a server to take a drink order we both ordered a glass of water only to find out that they do not serve tap water, only bottled water. I was fine with this until we found out that it was $3.00 a bottle!!! This is absolute robbery!! I would have been fine paying a dollar or a $1.50 for a bottle but $3 when you can purchase a whole CASE of the same water for about that at at grocery store? Ridiculous! Further, my friend is 8 months pregnant. Not allowing a glass of water to a pregnant woman is absolutely shameful. 
This experience alone would have made it one of the worst dining experiences of my life, but the fact that server our server, Liz, spilled hot coffee on my hand and in my lap without so much of a glance at me really made me feel just how they care about their customers. I even told her that she spilled coffee in my lap and she barely acknowledged me. I am absolutely appalled by this service. My friend and I are locals who work in the tourist industry in Niagara. We are the clients that keep businesses like this afloat in the off season. We are the patrons that make recommendations of where to eat to the tourists that we encounter. NEVER will a good word about this establishment escape my lips. 
I am escalating my concerns to Tourism Niagara, local media, and social networks like Restrauntica, Facebook and Twitter. Oh, and I wrote the restaurant as well. 3 days and no response to my complaint.

The water story has not changed. I asked to speak to the manager and Nick explained to me that lots of places in Niagara Falls charge for water. I pointed out that I am a proud Canadian living in one of the richest countries in the world for natural resources. Charging for water was nothing more than a cash grab....and that was before I discovered that coffee and tea are $3.99. Nick graciously offered me a free bottle of water, which I accepted. But, I can get $3.99 coffee at Tim's and it will come in two full cups!!!!

This place is unethical, horrible, and a representation of many of the businesses in this area, a giant rip off. 
Unadvertised $4+ drinks of 8oz or less beverages like "fountain pop, oj, apple juice and tap water." I brought my own bottled water and the only time the waitress came by was to demand we give them the water. I said "I have a kidney problem, I need my water" She said "don't let the manager see you" I promptly said an obsenity, and didn't tip.

Overall, pretty horrible. I actually didn't eat myself as my dad and I went with his girlfriend's family, and we were not hungry at the time, but the look on everyone's faces at the table was unbelievable. Horribly overpriced for drinks, terrible waitresses, and from what I was told the food was no better than the waitresses. Don't go. Save your money.

Worst Dining Experience of My Entire Life. We were lured into this crap shack by the advertised 6.99 breakfast buffet. When we got in, we were told you could not have free water, and that bottled water was $4 a bottle, which was more than half the advertised price of the breakfast. Luckily we happened to have our own bottled water with us, but the manager came over and told us that we were not allowed to drink our own water. We told him we would not be back and he said its nothing to me. This place obviously is a clip joint that does not care about satisfied customers. AVOID Avoid Avoid!

visited in summer 2009. selection and tasteless food. water is $3. Service was slow.

Like most of people, I was not a happy camper. The breakfast was decent, but no fresh fruit (unless you count Del Monte's fruit cup as fresh fruit). The $6.99 for a buffet breakfast seemed like a good idea, but the bill was more than $47. My son ordered "just water" and was brought a bottled water and we were charged about $3. I ordered an Orange juice. Medium sized glass was $4. Don't go there unless you have your own liquid.

This restaurant will not last. The food is awful. The service matches the cuisine. Like everyone else here has noted, the drinks are $4 - even kids drinks! - each!!! This place is a horrendous rip off. They charged our 4 year old $7.99 for the ninenty-nine cents worth of cold pizza that he managed to eat. The food was luke-warm at best. Cold foods were not cold. Hot foods were not hot. The bill for two adults, a four year old and a one year old baby at a $15.99/adult buffett was over $65!!! Like everyone else noted, they do not allow you to have tap water - only bottled. I am going to contact Canada's version of the Better Business Bureau. This place should be shut down! like a couple of others have noted, we also spoke with the manager who flat out didn't care what we had to say.

Your patio band 3am was very good and your finger licking food BQ

I went in there September 2008, they refused to serve me tap water. I asked for an empty cup and said I'd fill it in the washroom since they couldn't bring me water. Then I asked for the manager, he came over and when I asked if they have a tap in the back he said no. So either AlMac's doesn't have water to wash dishes, or this manager is a piece of crap just like this place. We walked out and made a scene.

AllMac's buffet? Not the cleanest place in the world but the food was fine, the price was right and it got us filled up and ready to face the rest of the day.

I recently had moved to Niagara falls, leaving behind my boyfriend who is a head chef of a fine dining italian resturant in Toronto. We had planned a romantic day out exploring the Falls. Everything else was packed so we settled with AlMacs. NEVER AGAIN! I was most likely one of those who ordered the four dollar bottle of water. I dont drink colas, or anything like soft drinks. It was absoulutely awful. The food was cold, burnt, and really weird looking. The wings were so tiny youd swear youre eating bones and skin. The patio offered hot dogs and burgers, which I was willing to go with to spare my curiosity about the food inside. I hate burgers, never liked them. It really was my own option aside from craft dinner pasta that my four year brother could make better. The wait staff never checked up on us, unless it was to give us the bill. My boyfriend was disgusted with what this resturant offers and wanted to call and get the place checked out for mice or something. Thats how awful the food was, it made you wonder what is inside the food they set out. Absoulutely never again. If I were to suggest anything. Denny's never failed us. We pay a regular visit there. And some of the hotels on lundys lane, offers resturant services that are decent priced. Never again, I would never bring children to this place in fear of them eating one of the numerous flies going about the resturant.

Wow wow wow allshiit not almac plss if you read this don't go there and wast your money bottle of water 3$ I str. Club you pay almost the that price OMG the food sooooo poor wow from 0- 10 I give - 5 plss don't go there

First and Last to this restaurant. Even the waitress sighed me that their soft drinks were too pricey. Not a proper way to do business, at least Almac not looking for return cutomers.

Don't Go....You'll vomit!
Food: disgusting
Price: the buffet price is deceiving, doesn't include drinks at $4 a glass! No water available, so your forced to buy a glass of something, with no free refills.
Server: absolutely useless
My daughter VOMITTED after her meal, in the restaurant bathroom, after she ate the perogies. The server brought the bill of over $80.00. for what? I spoke to the manager and informed him that my daughter was sick in the bathroom, what could he do for me?
His response: "Sorry ma'm, your daughter didn't get sick on my food, thousands of people eat here, with no problems." He was an absolute imbecile. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who have experienced what we have. 
Never again.

THis buffet is DISGUSTING!! My family and i decided to go there since we only read their add online and it stated some decent food. What a LIE!! They only had 12 items on the buffet instead of the 40 they advertize. The food was disgusting! The fish was swimming in oil!, the wings and chicken were worse than Chernobyl Chicken.They were so dry, even if you soaked them in water for a week, they still wouldnt be edible. The pasta was overcooked and filled with some paste they claim its cheese. You could spackle a window shut with that paste. The rice was a disaster (how do you screw up rice?) My wife is a vegeterian and they didnt have a single veggie dish. Their ribs must have been made from ancient cows and the soup looked like one of my kids science experiments. Their so called "salad bar" was week old lettuce that was wilting, the tomatoes were nasty and what i thought were hard boiled eggs were actually scalloped potatoes, that had so much grease, i could have lubricated an 18 wheeler with plenty left over. Their Dessert bar was a joke. 3 things only in it. The ice cream was so nasty i wouldn't feed it to my worst enemy but the pastries were decent (they were probably bought at a store, cut and served) There is no way they made them. Now about drinks, THEY ONLY OFFER SODA AT $4 EACH AND BOTTLED WATER, NO TAP WATER. since when, can you not fill a glass of water from the tap?? The atmosphere is idiotic. Music from the godfather, too loud to enjoy and the decor is for a 4 star restaurant. This place doesnt even get an 1/8th of a star. They deserve negative stars. DO NOT EAT AT THIS PLACE!! If you really want a good buffet, go to the Antler Shanty at Great Wolf Lodge, same price but the food is GREAT and FRESHLY COOKED. MY FAMILY AND I WERE SICK FOR 2 DAYS AFTER EATING ALMACS BUFFET FOOD!! DONT EAT HERE!!

Terrible!!!!!!!!!! I never go back again,first of all it is very expensive for the food that the offer, the ice cream container was empty ,the worker didn't attended us,you have to pay even for a glass of water, I mean a bottle of is awful, only one kind of desert, and them when I went to the washroom it was disgusting ,I do not recommended to anybody is $15.99 plus tax for only some food..... trust me it doesn't deserve it.!!!!!!!!!

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