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Cuisine: Casual
6546 Fallsview Boulevard Niagara Falls, Ontario L2G3W2 Canada 905-356-6965


Hmmmm had the All American Breakfast included w/ hotel. It is good that it is free because it is sad. Cold bacon, cool eggs, OJ glass was a shot glass, and coffee was mud. Most importantly though, "let me tell how this works on coupon" can I have my eggs overeasy, no it is against policy, so it will be scrambled. C'MON! Waitress had an attitude. Another waitress who was not our server came over and was nice and used more words than our server. Next....

After reading the comments here I was very skeptical to go to Applebee. since I was staying in Oakes hotel, I thought of giving it a try. My hubby and I took a 2 for $25 deal. We really loved what we ordered - cheese quesadilla, Bourbon chicken with shrimp and Cajun shrimp pasta.brownie bites for $ 1.99. The total experience from appetizer to dessert was awesome. Waitress neither friendly nor rude.. But we didn,t care about that.I would go again

Food was very bland. I had to salt every bite of fish for taste. Service was a fake smile to badly hide a very fed up attitude and loose bench had my mom bobbing to every annoying bounce from the neighbouring table's baby.
Will not return!

Worst Restaurant - biggest rip off ever I have been here twice the second time I was going with friend and they refused to go anywhere else,, boy did they wish they had listened to me when were done. It is rediculously over priced for the bite sized portion you get,, not good food, boring menu. The first time we payed over 25 bucks for one drink and one side of fries!! NEVER AGAIN I ABSOLUTLEY DO NOT RECOMMEND GOING HERE!!!

My family and I just got back from Niagara Falls. We actually ate at this applebee's every morning. of our trip 3 days. We loved it we found the service was great and the food was good. I hope people don't stay away from this great restuarant. Maybe they have gotten new management since others meals there.

Food was good. Service was above average and they had things to keep my children occupied. What more could I ask for!

This restaurant is very over priced. There was virtually nothing on the menu for dinner that was reasonably priced. We chose to each have soup and to split an order of garlic bread. The soup amounted to less than a third of a cup of thick, congealed stuff, with a slab of chees on the top. The garlic bread was also a very small portion, and the toast was burned.
The cost for three tiny portions of less than mediocre soup and a small bit of burned toast and two cups of coffee was just over $35.00. There was also some strange additional tax on our bill, which we were told was "Destination Manaement" tax. Definately my last stop at an Appleby's restuarant

Food was terrible. Eggs had a rubbery texture and everything else was cold. Above that it only cost $ 15.00 (sarcasm). Rediculous and no thanks.

We loved this restaurant! It was close to the casino and right in our hotel. Food was excellent and affordable. We'll definitely be back!

I definitely agree that this place is really overpriced. The cheapest item was a burger and fries for $12 dollars. Anything else costs at least $15-25 dollars. The food was ok, but for the price it was not worth it. The television commericals were what made us try applebees in the first place. The commerical claimed "mouth watering specials" between $9-12 dollars. But no such luck, I guess they raised the prices just before we decided to go. Also There was 13 people in our party, they had to split us up into two tables because there was not a table big enough to accomadate us.

I used to work here as a dishwasher. They don't make the food out of scratch. Their garlic bread is stored in a drawer, as well as little baggies of mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, etc. The managers I know are Brian, Dave and Peter. Brian is very rude and annoying, Dave was cool, but Peter got angry very easily. I was fired from Applebees after I had my area cleaned the night before at 1AM when I was working and 2 of the chefs threw dirty spoons and such on my area after I had cleaned and was getting ready to leave. Because of those 2 chefs I was fired. I am currently doing a co-op as a maintenance person at the Oakes Hotel that the Applebees is attached to. Like other people said, stay away from this place. The food sucks, some of the staff sucked, others were cool.

because they charge so expensive in these restaurants where the owners are Italian, if we all know that the Italians are the most miserable persons who exist at the time of buying or paying something, terrible the meal and the service cannot say anything since the persons are paid badly...

Nice location but don't get separate bills! The steak was VERY well done and my order was medium well. My bill had something on it what I didn't order and instead of making it their problem I had to get money back from the people that actually ordered it therefor it was my problem now. I won't be back!

1st all prices are in Canadian. $20 us = $23 ca. Are party of 7 split our meals which still ave.$20@ We were told after we got our bill that the credit card machine won't take our cards because of I.D. theft we forgot to let our credit card company know that we were going to use them in Canada. We thought crap we're stuck, so we paid cash using us dollars, we were giving change in canadian money which was less. the change was suppose to be $25us we got back $20 Canada.Call our C.C.Company they said Applebees never ran it and that we could use them in Canada. Which we did for the rest of the trip. When I went back in to talk to the manager guess what someone was paying with a credit card. BEWARE!!!

In a word? RUDE. We have eaten at restaurants all over the world, and we have never been treated as badly as we were in this restaurant. Please believe the poor reviews you read here, this place should be avoided at all cost. 
We have sent a formal complaint for the treatment we received, and the food was terrible. Canned sauces, slimy dip and no one at our table finished their meals. 
If you need to, cross the road and eat at the Keg, even if you have to wait in line.

Horrible cold flavorlous food. Way overpriced. Staff were in the wrong business and were slow. Atmosphere sucked. This place clearly takes no pride in their food, service or prices. They figure they can get away with it in my opinion because they are located in a hotel and most people will only eat there once and never go back, so what does it matter? 
I complained to their head manager and he gave me cash for half the amount of the bill. Do not ever eat there. The place is a dump and they should be charged criminally for their prices.

WAy overpiced you do not get what you pay for . I guess vince kerrio has to make money some way . Terrible food . If you people get sick after eating there than phone the health department and launch a complainet.

it was horrible the staff kept farting all over the place what is wrong with them????? i hated the food there was a cockroach in mine???well next time u should clean up the place!!! :( I HATE U

I came here recently with my family. We waited 10 minutes due to bus loads of people eating there. No big deal. Understandable. But the service was atrocious. So was the food. I had the Bourbon Street Steak and let me tell you, it looked like it was off of the street. Looked like some homeless man took a giant steak deuce in a garbage can full of onions, mushrooms and mashed potatos. My wife had some weird shrimp and parm steak. She basically diarrhea'd all over the toilet seat in our hotel room. My kids had stomache aches from their pogos. Those things reminded me of moldy dildos on a stick. Never eat here.

We are locals and have never been to an Applebees seeing all the commericals we wanted to try it! BIGGG MISTAKE! We didnt even go in peak tourist season was NOT busy AT ALLL!!! we ordered the riblets for $21.00 plus whatever BS taxes they added on and the burger and fries for $18.00 tx. THEY FOR GOT THE BURGER ON THE BUN FOR GOD SAKES FRIES WERE DIGUSTING AND COLD LIKE THEN BEEN SITTING IN GREASE FOR 40 MIN. and there was only ourselfs and another couple in the restaurant> The bill came to almost $90.00!!!! We were not long getting it down to at least $50, we were so disappointed really ruined our date night:( cant understand how long are still open????

You all are probably a bunch of fat asses..why don't you donate some money to Africa or something? Do you know how ridiculous you all sound? And the person who said the thing about the owners.. how do you know? and you sound like a little primitive child generalizing people like that. You all sound like a bunch of uneducated, fat hicks.

We visited on Aug 14/09 for dinner. The service was okay, there was only one waiter! The food took a long time and it wasn't that great.
We won't recommend eating here on your visit!

The food is way overpriced - $19 for a salad??? Our waitress was excellent but the hostess was terrible - she kept trying to push us into the back because she said the waitress working the section where we wanted to sit had more tables than the other - is this my problem??

This was the worst experience of my life. I was visiting the area with my wife and my friend from Hamilton drove down to see us. We went into the bar to get some drinks. We ordered a couple of beers and an appetizer and a little later my wife pulled out a small container of food (the mixed vegetables side dish bowl from KFC to be exact) and started munching on it.The waitress was cool and she didn't seem to mind but the manager later walked by and got totally rude. He was telling us that there's absolutely no outside food allowed in the restaurant and that we need to leave if we want to eat that in there. We left. The waitress was nice and apologized and told us how the manager is an idiot and that nobody likes him but there isn't anything she can really do so she's sorry about it. I actually don't really have a problem with their policies...they can have whatever policies they want to some extent but it was the rude way that the manager basically kicked us out. Sure it's probably not the same thing but if a baby came in with her mom and the mom started feeding the baby outside food (baby food, cheerios, etc.), I highly doubt the manager would have kicked them out. Stay away from this place.

Great food, great quality, really nice wait staff, we went in before our day at Marineland, and the next morningwhen we went back the hostess asked my 5 year old how he liked Marineland yesterday!

Too Expensive,Burger with cold fries was $12.00. Pasta was blend. Steak was order med. It came rare We were not Happy.

We stayed for dinner at applebees and found it way overpriced and mediocre food at best. We were also shortchanged wings on our order. We didn't bother complaining as this was their second attempt. NEVER AGAIN!

I stayed at the Oaks hotel and had a complimentary breakfast with the room. My family and I went and had the worst experience ever and I have been to a lot of restaurants. The hostess was extremely rude and there was absolutely no service. The food looked and tasted like it was cooked the day before. It was disgusting! We had the coupons but we still technically paid for it with the Oaks Hotel room. It seems like they have something against Asian people because there was another family sitting to our right that got much better service and they also had complimentary breakfasts; they happened to be Caucasian. I guess that's for you to decide. Overall, do not go to this restaurant! The worst restaurant ever!

We went to eat breakfast there at 8:00 Oct. 6,2008. We stayed at Holiday Inn and make a spectific trip to this restaurant because I alway liked Applebee's. The restaurant was not even half full, with empty places in different parts of the restaurant. The lady in charge, (a very slender, middle age person, with a unpleasant attidude) told the two of us they didn't have a place for us, and we couldn't be served. I then said, there's plenty vacant seats, why not. She said there was a bus coming in at anytime and the seats would be taken, in an unpleasant tone of voice. We ate about 1/2 block away and had a regular breakfast for two. It took about 25 minutes to get completely through. We left the restaurant, and feeling for sure we were not served on perpose, I went back to Applebee's to see if it was full and she was telling the truth. A total, probably less then 30 minutes had elapsed since we left Applebee's the first time. The restaurant was only about 1/3 full at this time. I asked the same lady why it wasn't full since they were suppose to have a bus load of people by now. She said they had already come in, eat and left. I said not in 25 to 30 minutes, and that I had been lied to. I then asked for a complaint card and left. I still have the card, but no direct address to mail it to. I have eaten at Applebee's probable a 100 times and never been treated in such a way, what a disgrace. They won't have to worry about there business in the future if their attitude doesn't change. I definately won't be back unless I hear something from this letter. I then will have to give it some serious thought. WHAT A DISGRACE, I've never been treated this way before.

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