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This is a family oriented restaurant, offering a casual dining atmosphere, with a fun and comfortable environment good for families, teams and groups of all ages. The Boston Pizza offers two experiences under one roof - a casual dining restaurant and a sports bar. Boston's also offers a wide range of food choices, with a focus on Italian entrees, a wide selection of appetizers, and unique gourmet pizza fare.

Cuisine: Casual
4960 Clifton Hill,  Niagara Falls, Ontario  L2G 3N4 Canada    905-358-2750


horrrrible service! they give you these buzzers to let you know when your table is ready BUT they never test them!
we waited for 30 min before we saw other who came in after us get a table (same # of guests) when asked were casually told the thing doesn't work and we will get the next table. no other apology given. if it wasn't for my kids who were hungry at this point I would have left.

The WORST service ever. Our waiter disappeared! We waited waited and waited. It took over an hour to get our main meal... NEVER again will we go to BP in NF

owned by the same crowd that scams you on Clifton hill... calamari that were so deep fried they were like popcorn.. potato skins that were so slim they were made from 1 small potatoe.. burnt to a crisp.. pasta that was totally nuked to death in a microwave.. I have been to other Boston pizzas and they were marginal at best but this one is the worst!!! and expensive.. what a crime...

horrible waitresses all rude slow serve time, warm beer in a bottle, and really flat beer from the tap, most boston pizzas really do suck, owner should do a check up on how bad their service is

the place was a ZOO!!..we managed to find a seat on the patio among 100's of soccer fans during the game..finally gotta seat..poors servers were running their butts off..we understood it was no big deal...sue came to our rescue..all the servers are great..but sue is our favorite..we love it because it's such a fun ..happy place..and a fabulous place to people watch on clifton hill..see you in a couple weeks!!

Spinach salad was soggy and overpriced. Kids meals were OK at best. Waited a long time for service. Hawaiian small pizza was undercooked and rubbery. Tables not clean. Would not return.

It was late we did not want to go at a regular bar so we stop at Boston Pizza for nachos, beer and a Rocket. You have to try the Rocket drink. It taste just like the popsicle. It was great! I may not look great on the picture but I really loved it!!!! And the beer great, no to expensive for the size! Fun place to laugh and get entertained.

I visited Boston Pizza for the first time yesterday and the atmosphere was nice for a Pizza restaurant. It was lively, fun and entertaining, however, the meal left much to be desired. We had ordered a pizza and wings. The pizza was alright, but for the price we paid for it, I would assume they wouldn't skimp on the toppings. The wings we had were covered with about 35 % fat, and some were even covered with about 50 % fat, which was very disappointing considering their price. I always thought that Boston Pizza would have had better quality food since it is such a large chain but I guess they can lower the quality because they are in such a tourist-focused area, and repeat customers are not a must for the success of their business. I'm not sure if other locations are like this also, but i know I will not be visiting this one again.

For lunch we went to the Boston Pizza. This is also a chain restaurant, hahaha, and the name already tells you that they serve pizzas! But not only that, you can also order pasta, salads, ribs, sandwiches and appetizers. They have too much to mention, and too much on the menu list to decide quickly what you would like to eat. Hahaha, it took me some time staring at that list before I could make my mind up :-)) The food is okay, the service is a little bit slack. But a nice place to have lunch anyway. 

Casual setting, very comfy and nice, we got friendly service over there and the food was tasty. GOOD VALUE. Chocolate dessert.... forgot the name but it chocolat mousse with chocolate cake in the bottom and dotted with cheesecake sprinkle with nuts, served with cranberrie sauce... YUMMY.

we drive from hamilton just for this location..servers are great..very busy tho..not always super attentive..but so what? long as yur having a good time and not in a hurry..great place..our favorute..even went back the next day..

The food was great.....just awesome. however, when we were done eating at the bar, the bartender was to busy flirting with a waitress(she was smoking hot)to take my credit card to pay for my tab. So we skipped out on the bill. I'd still go back though...what are they gonna do...beat me up?

For all of the people that come here and expect fast service minutes from the falls 
in a quiet restaurant your dreaming!
As a local we use BP as a watering hole to see friends when their home from school. Not only is it a decent priced bar in the area but it has food at the ready, a deverse crowd and i feel safe knowing that the staff their not lony knows how to take care of trouble but hires a small police unit to help out. the food is the same as any BP and the midway that suplies the table games and video entertainment is better then the Dave and busters across the street. So i give this reastaurant the thumbs up and those who take their vacation holiday stress out on it the thumbs down!

As a non-beef/pork eater, the menu did offer some tasty loking variety. I thought the penne could use a bit more pizzazz in it. The waiter was very good at his job of making sure we were ok. Overall enjoyed duckpin bowling while on my first ever trip to Boston Pizza as well as Niagara Falls Canada. This Maryland resident will surely look this chain up in her area. Thanks for a great experience all due the restaurant right across the street giving us very poor entrance service.

Worst Resturant EVER! Over priced food. I've paid $44 for a small chicken with fries and small pasta. What a rip off! Waitress was rude. I was nice enough to leave her 10% tip. I regret giving that tip. I should've given her $0 tip. I get 10% discount becaues I work for IBM but they had no clue. The waitress didn't even want to check with her manager. Acted like she knew everything. I will never go here ever again! I totally regret going here. I should've listend to my girlfriend and gone to a family resturant that was opposite to this same old piece of junk.

As much as detested the whole tacky commercial area of Clifton Hill the Boston Pizza Restaurant and Sports Bar was a great place for cheap nosh and a beer. For smokers they even have a heated patio out front where you enjoy great food, a beer and a cigarette all at once if you choose. Inside are pool tables, wide screen TVs showing live sports and an amusement arcade. Children are welcome up until 10pm when entry is restricted to those over 21.

We started off by waiting 15-20 minutes, then walked pasted about 10 empty tables while we were being seated, by a host that looked like he hadn't slept for days. Then after we ordered our two drinks + 2 waters, we were brought 2 of our correct drinks but then had to ask for our waters again, and the waitress brought us an iced tea. We had to ask a busboy for forks & knives. But don't be fooled, Boston Pizza always has great food... this time the service just sucked!!

the food is DE-LICIOUS here at boston pizza. although the one time there was not enough cheese on my potato skins, their food is great. i love boston pizza forever.

Sat Oct 16th We watched the security people beat up on a couple of men the shocking part was they where in hand cuffs at the time.

Good food good drinks hope the management reads this and fixes the nasty men they have watching over the younger crowd.Not really fair to kick and punch someone face down in handcuffs.My youngest wants to be in Police Services and at 9 he knew something was wrong.Horrible example.

canada day very busy but we got our food and a table in the bar area and had a blast with everyone who was parting with us!!!! great food it took a while to get out but the resturant was full and everyone was ordering so we new it was going to be a wait and a good one at that the pizzas were great and the apps were done just right!

The best Boston Pizza we have been to. Food was great and so was the service. Boston Pizza here in Barrie where we live could take a lesson from this one on Clifton Hill. We will definietly be back when we are next in Niagara Falls.They definitely know the meaning of GOOD FOOD and Great Customer Service. Thanks!!!!

We ordered a double order of wings. We wanted Terriaki & BBQ wings. We did this as a take out order to bring bake to our room because we had just arrived in Niagara Falls and just wanted to relax. The bar was VERY LOUD. You could barely hear each other talk while we were waiting on our order. When we returned to our room with our order, there was ONLY BBQ wings and no Terriaki wings. I was a little upset because I don't like BBQ.

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