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Cuisine: Italian
5438 Ferry Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario L2G 1S1   Canada    905-354-7519


This restaurant has exceptional Italian Food and is a true find in a city with several tourist traps. The eggplant parmagiane was the best I have tasted in years and the lasagna was outstanding. Portions are too big, and the place was packed so the wait was a little longer than we would have liked. However, the wait was worth it as this is one of those true find restaurants with authentic Itialian food that is just outstanding.

My family took a vacation sometime in the early 1970's to Niagra Falls. We ate at a great Italian restauranr and we were wondering if it was Capris? It was located close to the falls and the food was great. Does anyone know if they have been around that long? I was around 8-10 years old at the time and would love to take my grandbabies there for a vacation.

Outstanding Italian Food. We had the lasagna and it was the best we had while travelling in Canada. Our server was great and portion are large. A lot of locals around us as at the restaurant.It's an older place but clean and well run. A true find in a city with a lot of expensive tourist traps.

basically very dated , food is " BLAHHHHH "

Exceptional Italian food. We were recommended this restaurant on two seperate occasions while visiting Niagara Falls. We had the Lasagna and Eggplant which were fantastic. Portions are a large and staff was very friendly and attentative. Definetly give this place your business.

excellent portions, great taste!! The homemade bread that was on the table was sooo delicious!! I have been recommending everyone to go there and I will for sure go back again! Prices were very reasonable and the staff was friendly and inviting!!

A great find if you like Italian food. Expect large portions of outstanding traditional Italian dishes. We tried the house specialty Eggplant Parmagaine and it was fantastic. Like Krispy Kreme is to warm donut this place is to Italain food. Don't miss this place when you visit the falls.

On a busy Labor Day weekend, this was one of the few places that was not full. We had made reservations for the Saturday evening but found many empty tables when we arrived. The hostess was a little brusque and led us to a window table surrounded by empty tables. Our waitress was pleasant, but did not make us aware of the specials for that evening. The brushetta ordered was tasty and flavorsome but the antipasti consisted of several breadsticks rolled with proscuitto, two small balls of mozzarella and 5 olives on a bed of iceberg lettuce very plain, very dry, very bland and no dressing was offered. The chicken cacciatore was good, as was the veal parmagiane and the accompanying pasta and sauce were also tasty but there was no finesse to the dishes everything was very ordinary.  The restaurant was dark  one couple asked to move table so that they could sit by a light to read the menu! The menu boasted several celebrity patrons (Sophia Loren, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman), it did not however mention if they made a return visit we certainly would not rush back.

Great place to eat.  Service is good too! Never a disappointment in the food department.  Reasonably priced too!  Don't feel as you've been ripped off.

Amazing! Great food, great service!

Even though this place is no longer open i feel compeled to sing it's praises. This place was amazing. It was a portal to the past. It died because of the big buck Casino bull crap. I have many happy memories of dining here with my love. Amazing food and old world service. God bless you and I miss you.


We dine at the Capri several time a year, always for lunch. It's excellent and economical to have a truly great lunch for about half the price of a dinner. That's just a tip from a local person. We usually get the lunchtime Veal Parm and pasta. The bread comes from a long-established Niagara Falls bakery and really is terrific. The meatball sandwich and an order of unbelievable fries is more a great alternative to the veal. Any one of the sandwich combos is also a good bet. Service is reliable. The owners are on sight. A number of movie stars have dined there in past years. The restaurant earned a plaque from the city of Niagara Falls. It's the best I've had in authentic Italian food.
Service is reliable. The owners are on sight. A number of movie stars have dined there in past years. The restaurant earned a plaque from the city of Niagara Falls. It's the best I've had in authentic Italian food.

in 1960 we had our wedding dinner here. We decided to go back for our 40th and found it too pricey, not enough food and also they were told we were coming by reservation and that we were celebrating our 40th and no one mentioned this when we arrived. It is our 50th next friday on the 17 of sept. and will will not return there. We did not find anyone friendly.

I have had just about everything on the menu. Each time I go I try something new.
You want home cooked authentic Italian food without visiting your mother-in-law,all this place needs is a couch and a television so you can relax after dinner. I live in Markham and we might just go for a drive to capri's for dinner tonight.

We had read some great reviews of this restaurant, so we thought we'd give it a try. We went on a VERY cold night, so the restaurant was virtually empty. The staff were among the friendliest we ever encountered. We were a little surprised by the prices however. I had read that it was "reasonably" priced but I guess that is subjective since we found it quite pricey. In an attempt to keep the cost down, we chose the cheaper pasta dishes to try. We both felt that our entrees were good, but not amazing. I should mention that we travel extensively and have been exposed to many different styles of cooking. I guess we thought that the food was well cooked, but slightly bland. My wife couldn't finish all of her ravioli so portion sizes were quite good. In short, the ambience and staff were fantastic. The food itself and prices were only okay. I'm not sure if we'd go back again, but we really don't have much bad to say about the experience.

This restaurant has outstanding Italian Food. Try the Eggplant or Lasagna dishes. It is a traditional Italian restaurant with the owner in attendance and making sure patrons are happy. Pricing was resonable. Decor was recently updated and has a traditional Italian them. We tried other's in Niagara that did'nt even come close.

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