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Located only a few blocks from Casino Niagara and an easy walk to the Falls , this internationally-acclaimed restaurant boasts the coveted five stars that every dining spot seeks. The stars are well deserved, with its mix of attentive service, spectacular ambience and the finest in contemporary dining. It's no wonder it was voted top restaurant in the area by customers in both 1997 and 1998. The main menu dishes range from Escargots Bourguignonne and Lasagna al Forno, to prime rib of beef and daily seafood specials.


5875 Victoria Ave Niagara Falls, Ontario L2G 3L6 Canada       905 356 5647


i tryed there food and it was so nasty the food was not cooked right i also worked there and the use stale bread out of a box to make garlic bread and brushitta and they treat their employees like garbege so who would want to eat there i rather eat down the street at mamma mias

Absolutely terrible. The food was stone cold when we FINALLY got it, then my food was microwaved to heat it up. Service was so slow we almost walked out but we were really hungry so we waited. Decor was absolutely outdated too. Will never recommend nor go there ever again!!

By far the best resturant I have dined at yet. My comany and I go there every year for our christmas party and we are always very pleased with the food service everything. Excellent selection for wine, food drinks and desert.

Disgusting wait staff!!! On my good friend's 50th birthday we went to the restaurant, and were told they don't do separate checks even though when we booked the party we were told it was no big deal to do separate checks. When we got the food it was gross and cold. Then it happened the waiter and waitress looking after us decided to call each member a nasty name, the worst however was when they called the guest of honour's mother a "gimp" yes she is a wheelchair. To waiter lost his job (rightfully so) but it has been 5 weeks and the waitress that night (who hadn't lost her job yet) continues to hunt down those in the party and harass us. She tells us it is our fault!!! Don't eat at this restaurant if you want to keep your dignity!!!

My wife and I were in the area November and stopped in for dinner. We were pleasantly surprised with everything we ordered. I thought I stepped back into my old neighborhood in R.I.. We will certainly be back next time we are in the area. Prices aren't bad either as compared to most places in the area.

Best prime rib I've ever had! Very large portion. I didn't think I'd be able to finish it but it was so tender and delicious I managed to finished it all. Kids meals were also available. Pricey but very good food.

We visited Casa Doro with great anticipation as the locals told us that it would be a good experience. We never had a worse evening. The restaurant is dated and smells musty. The pasta was over-cooked and my husband could not eat it. We were the only couple in the place and the service was slow and non accomodating. Don't bother! Try Antica for great pizza and pasta and much better prices.

Very outdated looking restaurant. Food was very overpriced. Veal was tough and pasta very overcooked. Prime rib ordered rare, Came ot med well. The chef needs re training. Very bad service . The gentleman out front(tiger) told us it was the best in town.(that was false advertisement) Also it cheapens the restaurant by prostituting it with out front. Will definatle not return again.

if you go to casa doro order the gents prime rib,its so big it barely fit on the plate.i thought id get a little piece but was i was busy when i was there and the service was preety good.ill be back.

Absolutely a great place to eat and drink (beer was not quiiite cold enough) and be merry!! We sat at the seats right next to the entrance outside. It was entertaining to say the least!!! We would return to the Casa Doro restaurant.

This "House of Gold" sets a superior standard of customer service, cuisine and value.

Was looking forward to coming back to the Falls and enjoying a nice dinner. Been here before but never again. Prime rib was really fatty and it came cold. Baked Potato was cold as well. Margarita's were extremely salty. I like saly to, but this was brutal. Never again will i ever return. Couldn't be more disappointed.

We had a fantastic time here,food was excellent and sevice was great.Really liked the lobby too.

Service was horrible and non accomodating. Very musty outdated place. My husband barely made it through the pasta. Kraft Dinner tastes much better! Don't bother wasting your money.

are you kidding me? the worst customer service ever. First, we were treated like a nuisance when trying to obtain a table. We were told to wait in the lobby, and then mr. arrogant ass clown (i think the owners son) seated 2 other couples before us. We informed him of this and we were just giving more of his condsending attitude.
It gets worse - we waited at least 15 minutes at our table for drinks. Water was not even offered. The food was average at best. The prices were very high. After getting one drink - I had to pratically tackle the waiter to get another drink. He was terrible - couldn't even the cheese on the plate he got it all over my lap.
If you want an aggravating and over priced dinning experience this is the place for you.
terrible terrible terrible

Over price very poor contact with the server.
not my type of restaurant when I am on vacation.
And I do not understand why my credit card invoice shows 10$ more than what I agreed to pay for after dinner last may the 18.
Will not repeat the experience. 

I have been to Casa Doro several times, we live in Niagara Falls. The first time I went three years ago it was excellent. Now I find that each time we go it gets worse. The veal oscar with seafood sauce that claims to be shrimp and crab, they are using the crab flavoured pollock. We had Prime Rib which is usually excellent however tonight you could tell it was frozen as the texture of the meet was somewhat like freezer burn. We ordered coffee and 2 of the 3 cups they placed on the table where dirty. My mashed garlic potatoes were old. We ordered dessert Cheese cake, the cake wasnt to bad but what got me upset is at almost $9.00 per slice they served a half of a strawberry that was unripe and the whipped cream was phony. At the prices they charge everything should be to perfection. By the way the owner were having their dinner and it look excellent. My prime rib was tuff, dry and I ordered it medium rare and there was no pink.The staff did not check on us often. There were 3 people in our party and it cost $170.00. This place is going down quickly.

Probably one of the worst dining experiences. I had the bell pepper pasta and it pretty much was the blandest thing I had. My wife has the lobster/crab special - both were overcooked and basically rubber texture.
Avoid this restaurant like the plague. The guy out door hustles so hard because otherwise the restaurant is over. Listen to him for a bit and you will see - he'll hustle you in because if you stay there long enough you hear him repeating his 'stick' over and over and over again ... And wow - that was the worse table service we have ever had. Seeing a plate of uneaten crab and lobster you think she would ask if everything was ok -- not a peep - why -- well all these reviews -- the place is a tourist trap of crapolla.

I use to love this restaurant but... will never return. The service was poor and the food was worse then a Denny's. What happened? I used to tell people you can't wrong with this restaurant and now I can't find anything right. What a huge disappointment. This is off my list.

the bartender is super nice, along with the owners

Was just there this month (September 2009) and this place was totally amazing. Husband had the chicken parmesan with spaghetti and I had the fettucine alfredo. Unbelievably good!! We had the calamari as an appetizer. Great, great, great! I just loved it!! Will definitely be going back!

Over priced food. Will never go back.

This restaurant was amazing.!!! Talk about a romantic setting. This place had it. The wait staff were very friendly and very professional. The food melted in your mouth. The wine selection was superb. Would definately go back their in a heart beat. It isn't very often when you go to a restaurant that you get what you paid for. Here, you get that and so much more.

First return in thirty years and glad we made the return trip. Staff borders on being fantastic - they are so friendly and courteous. This fine dining is on our agenda for New Year's Eve 2006 /07 and we are looking forward to our visit. The atmosphere is relaxed and the staff go out of their way to ensure that service is prompt and that everything is to your liking.

We asked our concierge at our hotel where we could get great steak and seafood and he told us about Casa D"Oro, so it was close to our hotel, so we went there, the place is very beautiful inside and the staff was very well put together, but the only seafood on the menu was a turf and surf($38) and king crab legs($40), so my husband and I ordered these and it was very poor in taste, it wasn't inedible but we had to eat it, for I wasn't going to pay this much and go away hungry. We never got water with our meal and the dinners did not come with a salad or soup or anything, you had to order that seperate($8-10 more). And also don't go to Denny's in the Clifton Hill area. It was good but for a basic breakfast for 2 people over $30!! for breakfast!!! Try the new casino they have a great dinner buffet for $19.95. They also have a breakfast buffet ($?)

Everything inside is immaculate and beautiful. The prices are very high, but you get 300% what you pay for. I had an 18 oz. Cuban Lobster Tail that was the best meal of my life, I've never seen one so big. Presentation of the food was perfect. HUGE wine selection from the wine list and a fine selection of bottle beers. Also has a nice outdoor patio, but we chose to dine inside. Be sure to check out the nightclub/lounge in the back with the pub-bar setup! If you're not shy to spend money, take your friends or significant other here for an excellent evening! Not a place for children.

Have been here many times over the years and was appalled at the service. The waitress was "cheery" enough until I ordered the chianti instead of the borollo and we ordered the dinner special - it then appeared we had leprosy. The shrimp coctail was great (as always) - I love their homemade coctail sauce. The salad was fine - in fact my husband took a few bites and set it to the side to enjoy after his meal but the waitress (Dawn) came over to take the shrimp dishes away and plunked them down on my husbands salad plate. I told her I didn't think he was done with that and she didn't even offer to bring him another one. The veal and chicken parm arrived and we were asked if we'd like fresh ground pepper and parm cheese which we both did - I also asked for a glass of water. She didn't come back so we began eating. My husbands chicken was cold - yes I tasted it and it was COLD - not even warm. When we finally got her attention, she didn't even comment - she just grabbed the plate and left. When she returned I asked about the cheese/pepper/water and she said she'd be right back - she brought the cheese - no pepper - no water. She then went about clearing off a table before I could catch her again. All in all, it was a horrible dining experience. Oh, one other thing - she couldn't open the bottle of wine either and had to leave the table to get assistance - not a big deal, but with a restaurant that is supposed to be of this calibre, it was just another little thing that contributed to this nightmare. I contacted the restaurant to advise them of this ordeal and never even got a response. Apparently they aren't interested in local clientelle and only want the tourists that visit once and never return. We definitely won't go back and will NEVER recommend this to anyone.

We were duped by the guy on the street begging for us to make a reservation. My buddy took pity and made one. To call the food Italian is offensive; it's Chef Boyardee at best. The "waiter" that brought us our water, as 13 tops!! and the water was warm, with no ice. Later when we asked for more, the bought us bottled water, which I commented to the waitress that we did not order, she said no worries, keep it no charge. Then the bill came for 3 bottles. She said that we used it so she charged us. What a rip. The alla carbonara was gross, it had raw peas on it and was soupy.. YUCK!! I got two crap attacks from that meal, that night. On a positive note, the bread was outstanding. Overall, NEVER will return or recommend to anybody I like or hate. BTW, the dude at the door told us that the boys from Centro and Rosa's Place eat there. Ya right, maybe as a joke. The dude at the door also tells tails of being a boxer, claiming to know the greats (George Chivalo), personally I think he's taken too may shots to the head.

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