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Cuisine: Italian
3518 Portage Road, Niagara Falls, Ontario L2J 2K4 Canada 905-356-5410


Nice atmosphere, excellent service. I'll say if you're going for appetizers, it's worth giving it a try. We had, for starters, carpaccio,stuffed clams and a salad and they were all very good (especially the carpaccio). But the entrees were only so-so, not that they tasted bad, but compared to their starters, the quality of the main dishes were much lower, and they lack originality (what i mean is...there's nothing special about it, just like dishes you order at a family restaurant but more highly priced)

A very bad experience there with our friends on our anniversary. Along with a number of problems...Poor service, understaffed...Not advised of menu shortage...Having to return food improperly prepared...Friends ridiculed by owner for explaining what was wrong with first salad both my wife and she received...Ignored and insulted by the owner as we were leaving restaurant after he asked how our experience was.(He accused me of having a bad attitude when I came into the restaurant. I assume he made that judgement on the basis of my asking for a different table after both my wife and my guests felt the table we were assigned to under an skylight was too bright.) My recommendation is to avoid this restaurant.There are many good restaurants with better food for the price, better service and genuine respect from the owner. John G.

Excellent appetizers, especially the calamari. Entrees were also excellent, but a notch below the appetizers. Service was excellent but the kitchen was behind so it was s l o w. Very friendly, great bartender. Very expensive ($250) 

Great place, I especially like the appetizers and the wine, actually overall very good, but what about the entertainment??? Where is the trio that is usually there? The girl is killer!!


I ordered five of the appetizers instead of a main course. The smoked salmon, carpaccio, escargot, seafood salad and the warm mushroom salad. The waiter was helpful in the order that they came and it was a great dining experience for us. The piano player was an added pleasure but it is a little too pricy or we would definitely return.

The locals recommended this restaurant to us and we can't thank them enough!! Terrific service, atmosphere and food.. Can't wait to return.

The service was really good and the ambiance of this place is terriffic; however, the food is less than average. The pasta dishes especially are tasteless. The seafood past that we had smelled like raw fish and the pasta in another dish was overcooked. The appetizer (mushroom salad) was teriffic, however once again, the main dishes spoiled the experience. The prices are very expensive. 100 US dollars for 2 people, without alcohol.

This restaurant is wonderful with great food and service. Obviously Jim L's review is not based on the quality of this establishment but on some other motive. Not the cheapest restaureant but well worth every penny.

Overpriced, and I've had better food out of a chef boyardee can. Please do yourself a favour and don't waste any time or an extrordinary amount of money on this place. I mean ridiculous prices for garbage. I don't understand how this place is still operating.

The food is phenominal, the chef really knows what he is doing, a great combination of flvors on any dish if you know what you are ordering, an amazing expierience, and the place is beautiful!

Smoked salmon (great presentation) and anipasto were delicious. Shrimp were good but small (Keg's better) and the bruschetta - wouldn't order again - tomato sauce instead of chopped tomatoes - looked more like garlic bread with cheese and sauce. Escargot were tasty but a little too heavy on the garlic butter (rich for the stomach) - canneloni was very good. Overall the price for the food was reasonable. We would recommend it - make them aware that's it's pricey but worth it for a special occasion. For a place to go for every day eating - no.

I have been to EVERY restaurant in Niagara Falls and Casa Mia is my Favorite! I LOVE the atmosphere, food, wine and most of all the people (My Doms')... I have been going there for almost 10 years and have never had a bad experience or average food.. I believe the price is exactly what it should be.. If you like Swiss chalet price, then go to Swiss Chalet!

My wife and I dine often at this superb restaurant...Yes,it is a bit expensive but food is great,waiters very helpfull........I rate it #1 in Niagara.....Rivoli..........

We just returned from a vacation in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada. We stayed at the Marriott Fallsview. There are several things to choose from when it comes to restaurants but they are all somewhat overpriced in my opinion. We were very fortunate to find out about a Restaurant called Casa Mia. It is not right in the same area around the hotel. It is kind of out about 15 minutes and you would never know about it if you did not ask many questions. If you are staying a hotel around the falls you can request a cab to Casa Mia and the restaurant willl pay the cab fare to and from. I have to tell you that this was the most enjoyable dining experience that I have had in a long time. The stafff and owners treated us as if they had always known us forever. Our waitress was Nancy and she was so sweet, kind and attentive. We ate there on tuesday night and had absolutely wonderful pasta entrees, wine and decedant tiramisu. My husband and I wanted to get steak on our last night in Canada so we decided to go back to Casa Mia instead of an overpriced steak house. When we walked in Nancy remembered our names and took us straight to the table that we had requested. I had the best filet ever. And of course I had to have Tiramisu again since it is my favorite sweet. If you go to Niagara Falls and do not experience Casa Mia you have truly missed a treat. Simply ask your conceriege and they will call you a cab that will take you to a beautiful dining experience.

I came to Niagara Falls from Florida to get married and chose Casa Mia Ristorante for my dinner/reception. I cannot even begin to tell you how FABULOUS this restaurant is. Every detail was perfection - the cuisine, the service, the atmosphere... it was wonderful ! Dominic took special care to see that the most special day of my life was flawless. None of my guests needed to ask for a thing - the staff's attention to detail and absolute professionalism was amazing. Don't go to Niagara Falls without going to Casa Mia!

My wife and I dine often at this superb restaurant...Yes,it is a bit expensive but food is great,waiters very helpfull........I rate it #1 in Niagara.....Rivoli..........

Staying at a higher class hotel, I thought the Concierge would refer me to a higher class restaurant. Don't get me wrong, the restaurant is well maintained, classy, modern and exhales a romantic ambiance, especially with the added entertainment. Perect setting for a night out - except the food is nothing better than my local $7.00 a plate Italian Mama's restaurant. My compilation of seafood appetizers looked like they came out of a can. My husband's seafood pasta, would barely fill up a three year old, and my Veal Parmigian, belonged on a bun...Even though the food was edible, it certainly was not worth the overpriced cost we were charged. (approx $100 before the wine). Although the restaurant has an excellent wine menu, they don't have the food to compliment it.

Many of the other reviewers had the same experience as my wife and I with our friends. Slowest dinner I can remember ever having at a restaurant with the meal taking close to 3 hours. My wife isn't the best cook, but judging by the prices, we should open a fine dining restaurant! The food was extremely average and tasted like any home cook could make it, but was very high priced. Not what I'm used to living in Toronto. The restaurants here make this place look like an East Side Mario's. We wont be going back.

I used to live in the area, and we were recommended here by friends. Beautiful interior decor, but the quality of Casa Mia ends there. The seafood salad contained artificial crab (pollock) and the pizza was the quality of a grocery store frozen pizza. The dough was clearly not house made. This theme continued throughout the meal - the bruschetta and table bread was from a local bakery that I am familiar with, and the Gnocchi were very obviously from "Roman Cheese" (taste, shape, texture) - a nearby Italian frozen food producer. The chicken parm was no better than any I have had at any family Italian eatery, but was twice the price. I eat and cook a lot of lobster, and it was apparant my tail had been frozen and defrosted just before being served to me. A far cry from the 'fresh seafood' I was promised. For a high-end Italian restaurant, too many items were lacking in quality and freshness to justify the (very) high prices.

We went on Thursday and had a wonderful meal, so good in fact, that we told our waiter that we would return the next night and asked him to have the chef prepare our meal, and we did not wish to know what it was going to be. On Friday, June 15, 2007, we had individual antipastos, followed by fresh, home made pasta with a delicious red sauce. The sorbet was followed by what was one of the most fabulous meals I have ever eaten: Veal tenderloins with truffels and fois gras! The strawberry flambe for dessert topped off a Dinner my husband and I will always remember!

We were hoping for a semi formal atmosphere we would feel comfortable dressing up at and were pleased when we got there. The menu had good selection and the Steak Tenderloin gave the option of 8-10, 10-12, 12-14 ounce cuts which is nice for big eaters like me. I am a big steak lover and it was one of the best cuts i have ever had and it was cooked medium-rare to perfection. My girlfriend ordered potatoe dumplings and was pleased with the taste and portions but thought it was nothing extraordanary especially for the cost. For appetizers she got more snails then ever before when ordering them and thought they were wonderful, my 6 bruchetta peices were good too.
The server was nice and attentive but not annoying or intrusive.
A good place for a romantic date or any formal/semi formal occasion. Table cloths aren't long enough for any under table hidden deserts.
I would go again but don't under estimate the cost of a nice meal.

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