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Fallsview & Murray Niagara Falls, ON L2G 2J3 905-356-1333


 We ordered the Prime Rib that was supposed to be the best around. Mine was awful...when I told the waitress that it was overcooked, she didn't really do anything. I ate about 2 bites...she then cleaned our table and threw it out. We paid $22 per plate...and I ate 2 bites. We complained to the manager and nothing was done. I would never go back there again. The waitress was just awful and totally unexperienced. Might be a good location, but this experience was the worst. The waitress needs training!

The food was cold. Might have been tasty if hot, but it was not.

The best Wood Fired Pizza. Service is always quick and friendly. Eat there everytime I am in Niagara Falls

We could not order. We sat outside for 15 minutes and not a single person came to serve us. They looked at us, but did not come. We just left, very poor service.

We arrived late (@12:30am) they were shutting down, the bar was open though. The bartender was excellent! I asked him if they were still serving pizza, he said yes. We looked at our menu and waited for a server, when no one came and my husband approached the bar, the bartender 'intervened' (before my husband even spoke to him)and directed someone to serve us! The server, I think, was on a break, but came over and received our orders with a smile! (I was exhausted & hungry, so I give him credit) Bottom line, the pizza was excellent!!! The bartender was thoughtful & I might add entertaining! There were five people around the bar that were actually applauding him! You hardly ever see that!! Would I go back? Definitely!!! Wish we had a Cocos near where I live!!

This restaurant had been highly recommended prior to our visit to Niagara Falls. We were there early for dinner so it was not busy at all. We ordered the pizza (which was what was recommended), unfortunately the pizza was cold and the cheese was barely melted. Our waitress did not return to our table to see if everything was ok and we had to ask another employee to send it back to be warmed up. It still was not hot when it came back to the table. The only good thing about the service was that the waitress removed the pizza from the bill without us having to say anything.

This was by far one of the best experiences I've had dining in the Falls, or anywhere else for that matter. GREAT food, good ambiance, and AMAZING pizza/calzones done on a wood fire oven. Have been here 10+ times and will be back, always been impressed. Right across the street from the new casino, and very close walk to the falls. Pizza was around $10-12, and calzones and other items on the menu were also reasonably priced.

You want to eat good Lamb. It is cook over a wood fire. The best I ever eat summer 2010. If we go back to niagara we will definitly go back.

The pizza was great. Thin crust with good quality toppings. If you like pizza try Coco's. You will not be disappointed.

The best thing about cocos is the patio, drinks and Pizza. If you go around evening, make sure you are seated outside. We ordered all sorts of drinks and every drink was perfectly made. The service was awesome and the wood oven pizza was YUMMY!
However. when we sat inside during lunch time, the server was rude and we left without ordering.
Also menu has limited choices, so u dont have too much to choose from . But if you want some nice time on patio with live music, pizza and drinks GO for Cocos!

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