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Cuisine: Steak House
6671 Fallsview Boulevard, Niagara Falls, Ontario  L2G 7G1Canada 905-354-8775



This is one of thee most amazing restaurants I have ever eaten at. I'm not even a huge meat person and I still thought it was amazing. Everything was perfect!!! Anyone who thinks this place isn't of great quality, well then they don't know what an outstanding restaurant experience is!!!!! 


WOW! I am shocked when I read people don't think they get value for their money! You want quality, you've got it! Endless meat, that is still sizzling and however much you want of it, they just keep coming around. Oh you have favourites, great, they'll bring more of that too! Top sirloin many different ways, lamb, braised beef briskets, turkey tenderloin wrapped in bacon, and you get to taste all of it over and over!!! You can have a taste at the buffet of all other food if you're not satisfied, it's for all ages and all taste buds! Who wants to fill up on SODA and drinks when you have all of this food to chose from, wash it down with some water and off you go!!!!

Value for money was no good. Too expensive for what you get. $4 for a pop. Food was good but service at front door needs attention. They say its going to be at least 1 hour 45 minute wait, but we were in less than 30 minutes. I witnessed many people leaving because of this. We won't be back because of the price.

Good meats, lousy service. Poor servers, and demanding gratuity included in the cheque. Not proper etiquette for a group of 8 people.
The waitress also REMOVED the "fire it up" card - which indicates your table would like more meats. This card was schemingly quietly removed from our table FIVE times. Not by accident.
This restaurant makes good meats, however they are an organized scam operation by delaying your waiters, and pushing non meats on your table as well as delaying the finer cuts of meat while pushing inferior cuts.
Overall a scam @ $40 per person with the deliberately slow service. The waitstaff is also more interested in partying than serving.
Thumbs DOWN.

What a wonderfuil experience. The staff was so friendly and inviting. They kept telling us not to feel rushed and take our time and enjoy the food. The continually served hot, properly cooked and tasty meats. 14 varieties of meat - WOW! The live band was the icing on the cake. But what put it over the top was the grilled pineapple - devine! The best part of Niagara Falls was eating at the Copacabana!

Our party of four found 85% of the foods on the buffet not to our liking. The meats, while good at first, all tasted the same after awhile because they are all seasoned/marinated with the exact same spices whether it be chicken, lamb or beef. One of our party became violently ill with diarrhea. This could possibly have been cause if tenderizer was used on the meats since she is allergic to it. Overall the price of $34.95 isn't really all that bad considering that you can have unlimited quantities of food. The bad part is that drinks are not included in this price and you will be charge $3.95 for EACH and EVERY 10-oz. glass of soda that you order. Our party consumed 8 glasses (2 each) and the bill for soda alone was over $30.00!!!! Would we go back? No. Would we recommend the Copacabana to our friends? No. The decor is nice, the food isn't bad, but if I'm going to spend $50 on a dinner I'd like something nicer.

Upon arrival was told wait would be aproximatly one hour...after an hour and a quarter asked how long was told next table avalible...after an hour and three quarters was told table was just finishing...after two hours were told we would not be seated that evening. After speaking with the "Manager" he told me that they were holding tables for large groups and was real sorry but they were doing their "best". I have enjoyed the meals before and had brought people from out of town for an evening out so you can imagine the dissapointment with the total disregard for our patronage. I hape the large table keep coming as they will not have the local support from the locals that usually care these establishments during the off season. Truly a terrible experience with the total collapse of any resemblence of organization on their behalf!!!

We went on a very busy night. We were first told we had an hour wait. My wife and I were going to talk whether or not we wait, when they informed us a table just opened up for 2 (No Wait). The restaurant has great decor and excellent entertainment. At first we thought the price was steep however the food is excellent and there is tons of different type of meats fresh off the grill. It is very South American and we enjoyed the food and the night immensly, would recommend but be clear to get the best estimate on wait times as I am told they could get very long.

Awesome experience. Totally different and unusual. The service was exceptional! The food was very tasty and well prepared. The entertainment-a Latin band- was very good. Too bad their breaks were so long and so often. The cost of $35 per person is worth every penny !!!
Go hungry or don't go !!

I've been living here in Niagara Falls for 2 year and i can say for sure that this restaurant is the best one here in that city, brasilian carvers are fantastic they really know how to use a sharp knife, our party turned much better after eating at Copa, next time when i fell really hungry i know where i have to go, 34.95 is nothing for that much of food, a terrific food by the way!!

The food and atmosphere was amazing at this restaurant. We only had to wait about 20 minutes to be seated. It was our first time at a Brazilian Steakhouse and we all enjoyed it thoroughly. The live band and entertainment were great. I will definitely be returning this Fall.

My husband and I arrived for dinner on a Friday night and were told that there was over an hour and a half wait to eat. We asked if we could make reservations for the following evening (Saturday). We were told that we needed over five people to make a reservation but if we arrived before 6:30pm we would have no problems getting a table. We arrived at 5:15pm, starving. There were about five groupings dining in the restaurant. We were told that not all of the staff was in yet and to not overwelm the staff, we would need to wait 20 to 30 minutes. OK, we agreed to wait at the bar. After this time, the hostess approached us and told us that it would be at least another hour and a half before we could be seated. They had more reservations that they realized. (we looked around puzzled at the many tables for 2 and 4 that could not possibly be reserved, right...) The hostess continued to tell us that they had many reservations for 2 or 4 people because they must have known somebody. MUST HAVE KNOWN SOMEBODY!!! I have never in my life felt quite so unappreciated and unwanted at a restaurant. The hostess went out of her way to make sure that we KNEW that we were not important enough to be served there. I assure you that we were dressed well and willing to order adequate amounts of food. We walked down the street and were quickly accomidated at Wolfgang Pucks without a reservation. There service was spactacular.

This restaurant is a great concept. The food was amazing, you could try different meats, and eat as much as you want of any of it. This was a great experience, and a lot of fun, we hope that this restaurant comes to London, Ontario.

waited a short time at the bar for a table, the way it works at this place is you sit down, and they bring all kinds of great meat to your table... steak, chicken, turkey wrapped with bacon, prime rib, lamb, beef... I'm drooling just remembering it. Personally I enjoyed the peppercorn. There is an all you can eat salad/sides bar, which was decent, the rice is excellent... but be careful not to fill up at the salad bar, my husband that mistake. Our waitress was great, and so were the guys bringing meat around, you should have seen the size of some of that meat, my husband couldn't get enough. AND the roasted pineapple was to die for... we're still trying to figure out a way to make it just as tasty at home.

This place you call a "brazilian steakhouse" was garbage. First of all, was the food even brazilian? I am brazilian myself and was offened by the way the food was presented and tasted. The service was so bad that I had to wait 20 minutes before a server even noticed us. If the service is terrible, the managment is terrible. So I would suggest taking some classes at a local college or just give up in the restaurant industry, it's not for you. I was all so disgusted by the way the managment treated there employee's. A buss boy that was working his ass off went to get a glass of water when I saw the mananger take the water out of his hand and dumped it right in front of the whole place so all the costumers could see, talk about being presentable. I don't think I could go on any longer about this place because I have to go throw up because of the dead cat they served us.

Was the first time going there and I was with a group of approx 168 people. The staff and the food were absolutely amazing. Great band playing as well while we ate. I will definitely be back again. The roasted pineapple made alot of people's mouth water for more. All around it was a fantastic evening. Thanks for the great service.

Service was bad. Very slow. Buffet for sides i.e. Pasta, rice etc. was not good. The best thing was the bread. Brazilian style = various types/styles of meat differnet tastes @ Copacabana everything tasted the same. VERY sweet. Would not go back

Our waiter was Ryan. He took our drink orders when we first got there and off he went. It took a while for the drinks to come and then we started with the guys bringing us the meat. The first thing we were given was the pineapple which I thought was dessert. It was dessert! Why did they start with that first. There was a lul when no one came to the table and then they were there all the time. Ryan on the other hand did not come and brng us our tongs we had to ask a few times for those and then we had to almost trip him to get another drink now mind you if we would have known how much the drinks were we probably would have never ordered the second one. All in all no one in our group will make a second appearance at your establishment. We did fill out the rating card that was given to us with our bill however there was no box to put it in so who knows if it will get in the proper hands. My suggestions are to have a box to put them in and a menu with the drink prices on them so no one goes into cardiac arrest like we did last night!

Food was amazing. However, left with a bad taste in our mouth when the bill came and they charged us for every soft drimk we had at $4 a pop. There is no drink menu and the servers never mentioned it was not free refills. They continued to ask us if we wanted another drink (we just thought they were good servers). When questioning the female manager she just rudely brushed us off and said they have always done that. Hope they like their $55 Tip (yes that's how much our pop cost!)

We were staying at the Oakes Hotel accross the street and were debating between the Keg or Outback and we are very please we decided to choose the Copacabana. Such an enjoyable dining experience. The antipasto bar is great and the meats are absolutely to die for. Great price and very nice and friendly staff. No dessert on the menu but you won't miss it after you have the roasted pineapple. Yummy...Can't wait for them to open in Toronto....

Only go to this place if you normaly season your foods with only salt and those people the food will taste amazing. If you have an advanced palate don't bother you might as well go to the casino least drinks and coffee are free.

Have been going to copacabana for 3 years now, moved last year and so i don't get my monthly visit's like i used to. Not sure but i think they have new owners the wait staff is all new and very lacking in customer service(no personality-no smiles-no joking around- very snoby)very lacking in table service for the meats and drinks. The waitress looked confused when i asked her for a wine list.

A nice idea to bring the Brazillian steak house theme to Niagara.The only problem was with entertainment. A real Brazillian steak house(I know because I frequently travel to Brasil) would never have so many flat chested women. Truly an insult.

Had a great experience at this place. We were there May 2010, a party of 16 people. Great service, awesome food and brilliant entertainment. All in all, I would go back in a heartbeat. In fact, I am taking my wife there for her birthday (next month)along with 10 of our friends. 
#1 you don't go to a landmark restaurant in Niagara Falls and walk up to the door and expect to be seated right away. You along with the other thousands of people are probably doing the same thing. Make reservations earlier, then there is no disappointment.
#2 the value for the money is very decent. For around $50 you have an all you can eat assortment of great tasting food. Bacon wrapped fillet minion, wow....the waiter knew that we liked it, so he gave us a whole rack at our table twice! Now that is service! And the taste of food is awesome, someone said that it just had salt and pepper, yeah, buddy....mouth hygiene goes a long can actually taste the food if you do it properly.
#3...actually for the rules.... just go and enjoy and you will be truly impressed!

This was the first and the last time we will ever through our money away at a restaurant.Although the service was great the meat was extremely salty,we could barely eat.It cost $10.00 to park and they decide what tip to put on our bill.There is a $8.95 dmp added on the bill which represents a cost by the City to the restaurant to keep the street and area clean.This fee is passed on to the consumer.

I understand the complaints about the servie because it is awful!!!! But people stop complaining about the prices. It is expensive to run a restuarant. The food does not all taste the same. You go to the keg and spend 25 dollars for a steak. One choice of meat but here you get plenty. They dont seem to care about customer service.

Not impressed. We had reservations for 12. They put us in an area with barely any light fixtures, it was so dark, we literally couldnt see what we were eating! The seating was crowded and we couldnt get the waiters to come over and serve us,although we had the card sitting on the table. We waited and waited. It was expensive and all 12 of us agreed, we wouldnt go back.

1st we we're seated on a covered patio, which the tables we're poorly layed out, the chairs n tables we're in bad shape n almost falling apart. Due to the poor lay out we were constanly being bumped into. They finally moved us to another table, it was no better. The waitress was slow geting drinks n actually forgot a couple,which took 20mins to get. Food was good, but getting the food once again was a struggle. Poor lighting around the buffet made me wonder about what i was scooping onto my plate?? We were told that this place was worth the money n was very good, but it wasnt and to have tips included on the bill is a joke!! Any place that has madatory tipping is hidding something and what they we're hidding at Copacabans's was horrible service!! Save your money folks and go to Brasa's down the street! I WILL NEVER GO TO COPACABANAS AGAIN!! This is my 2nd attempt to post this, so please edit this any way u wish, but i just want others to know that the service was bad, the food was ok, not a good value, and madatory tipping is a joke and a clear sign that front of house cant stand behind their service!!

Quite simply too salted. I was very disappointed cause I was led to believe it was an amazing experience and it was sub par to say the least. The meats were all seasoned identically and more desired cuts were seldomly seen. Atmosphere is good and its an experience just not one I would ever have again.

my husband and i stopped in for a late dinner. we left broke. too expensive. buffet bar was not at all pleasant. meat served was dry. not to our liking

My family and I live in St. Catharines and the Copacabana is a favorite of ours for special occasions. I don't think we have ever been dissapointed. About 90% of the time there have been children under the age of 4 with us and they were treated exceptionally well...the dancers came and danced with my 2 year old daughter and she was over the moon :) See, the thing about this restaurant, if you're going to bring kids, you have to understand the concept: the waiters are constantly walking around with huge skewers of hot meat and huge knives. If your kids can't stop running around...don't bring them. And it's Niagara Falls...prices for drinks are jacked up in every restaurant you go to. $4 pop is the norm around's a tourist district. 
Copacabana is loud, it's fun, entertaining....and if you go in looking to have fun and enjoy yourselves and treat the staff with respect, you in turn will be treated kindly. Yes, the customer is "always" right, but watching how customers treat the staff

november 2010. nice dining experience. $38 is not expensive for this area or type of food. buffet is large with many items, fit for vegetarians or children. meat is well presented, perfectly cooked and many flavours to choose fromal though some cuts were too salty. service was courteous and speedy. meat presenters were very friendly and got whatever meat we wanted. went on a friday night to restaurant was not busy. drinks at any niagara sit down restaurant in $3-$4 so this is not unusual. good value considering ONE steak at the keg is $40. highly recommended.

Our family visited the Copa Cabana on a Saturday night in June. Reception was good, music was great-live band, and the food was excellent.The entertainment was fun. The male waiters were very efficient and polite, however our waitress was not available as needed. The price is good for the quality of food (39.99)pp, but be prepared to pay high prices for drinks,coffee, etc. and, they decide what the tip should be, and include it as well on the bill. Deceiving? Yes, So be ware....

The food was delicious, great atmosphere, the dancing, live entertainment and the interaction with the customers... it really felt as if you were at a beautiful resort in south America. The service at the table was very good. The hostess was a bit rude, she told us there was a 2 hour wait, we were fine with that and had drinks at the bar but she rolled her eyes and said "ok if you really want to wait", we actually only had to wait 30 minutes to our suprise. We went 2 weeks prior and she told us rudely that we should have made reservations but they only take reservations for parties of 5 and up... doesnt make too much sense.

The food and service were excellent. The meat servers were attentive and towards the end of the meal ensured that we could have seconds of our favourites without having to wait. We have experienced a similar restaurant in New York City and this restuarant compares favourably.

This was one of the most unique restaurants that I have ever been to. Food was GREAT, my boyfriend and I loved the Pineapple with cinnamon!! Highly recommended!!

I was diappointed (was there March 2009) The staff was very nice but most choices were beef - my friend can't eat beef and I got sick of it (and too salted up before any other type came around). Also, almost all of the meat was way, way too salty. I was so bloated from the salt even before we left - I felt ill and just wanted to go home. Too bad as the place has a lot of potential. However, I guess this is how they can make a profit - salt everything so much that people don't eat much!

This place is amazing. This is a great place to go.I felt like I was in Brazil. It was a mini vaction. It is a different concept then where I have every been. They have a hot and cold buffet bar with a variety of different salads and fish. This place is a meat lovers heaven. You have an endless supply of steak, filet mignon, sausages, kebobs, chicken, pork and lamb. They also have roasted pineapple it was AMAZING. They come around the table with the different types of meat on a stick and shave it off at your table. They come to you, you dont even have to get up to get your food. Thier was also live entertainment with dancers. It was a fun and lively place. I would recommend it to everyone and the next time I visit Niagara Falls I would be sure to go back there again. The food was amazing and full of flavour.

Enjoyed the offerings on the buffet table and was glad our server advised us not to indulge too much because "you have alot of meat to eat".
That was an understatement.Skewer after skewer of beef,pork,and chicken seasoned and cooked to perfection,delivered by professional and courteous staff made for an impressive dining experience.The entertainment was an added bonus.Will surely return and have been raving about how impressed I was to all who will listen.

A great evening, pleasant atmosphere and good service. Would highly recommend.

Awesome place to go and eat, the experience was great overall.
The drinks were very expensive and nothing to write home about.
The food was amazingly good. Cant complain about that at all. The servers were always there bringing more food, and many diffrent varieties. The only negative was the overpriced drinks and the hostess's were very rude and unaccomodating.

I can't wait to return Ontario to visit the Copacabana again. I have been telling everyone how great the food and service was.

The meat was fabulous! 10 different kinds! We only made it up to 7 types before we were too full. There was no salt and pepper on the table, and nothing needed it! It was that tasty. Interesting way to get service, flip your coaster to the green side for more meat, and to the red side when you are done. The service is fast to your table with meat cut right in front of you, buffet had a great selection of sides, and anti-pasto dishes. The entertainment was amazing! Brazilian dancers, and fantastic music. It made for a wonderful evening!

Way too expensive!!! They do offer many types of meat (I'll bet not all beef is Angus, as they say it is), most of them taste good, but come on...$36 a person and that doesn't include any drink or dessert. They charged $3.25 for a tea, same for the coffee and a crazy $4 for a pop. A glass of soda water set you back $4! Dessert was extra charge. The buffet table was small, but is only meant for salad and starch for your meat. The front staff (Hostess) need some better skills. They told us it was a minumum wait of 1 hour 45 minutes. We waited less than 30 minutes and we were in (same seems to happen in other posts). More people left when told this, than stayed. Nice place, good food, too pricy vs. value. I would only go again if the people I was with really wanted to go.

The food was really good. The servers kept coming so fast, we always had more than enough food at out table. The servers were excellent.
I guess the only complaint I can make is that there is nothing Brazilian about the decor, they had a live band, but all they played was spanish music. It was a bit disppointing, but will definetly go back for the food.

Amazing dinning experience, have never seen a restaurant that busy before. Tons of live entertainment. Food was amazing, service was awesome by all, i was shocked to hear even the owners working on the floor. Keep up the GOOD WORK.Will return everytime i am in Niagara

In all my life i have never been made to feel so degrated like i did today at copacabana. I made reservations for Sat. for a party of 12. When we arrived we were 30 mins late so we understand if they gave our table away. What upset me the most was the attitude from the hostess when she told us the table had been given away. We did not expect any special treatment but she made us feel like she just wanted us to leave and were not welcome. After a while of rudness from two hostess she finally tells us that we can have a table right by the kitchen which is actually a patio set. We excepted she set the table and then says only 6 will be allowed to sit there do to the entrance of kitchen. I asked to speak to management and she called a waiter to act has manager. I know because I have been here before and know what the manager and owners look like. When we sat down she also said very rudely its a 2 hour limit (since when). The way we were treated this night makes me wonder how this restaurante is still in bussiness. Let me tell you the staff need some schooling on costumer service and the attitude needs to go. Let me just say my money they will not see. By the way much better place to eat Rodizio on Danforth. The Red Violin.

This is now my favourite restaurant. The service was top notch and the food was amazing. It was a great atmosphere and I really enjoyed the showgirl dancers. This is a great twist on the traditional buffet with an unlimited amount of meat served right at your table. I had the chance to experience meats that I do not get the chance to eat on a regular basis. GREAT Place to go

Something good and different for a change. Love the table-side sevice. They just keep coming with different meats. Wife loved the sugard pineapple. Great entertainment as well

I really enjoyed the whole dining experience, and for all the people that thought it was over-priced or that they needed the drinks included maybe should have stuck to eating at a nice subway or tim horton's  then they could have saved those pennies they were so worried about. I would and have recomended this restaurant.

I was never so eager to leave a restaurant in my life.  When we arrived the waitress asked us if we are going to have dinner.  I said "no, just drinks".  She seated us outside on the "patio" and after I ordered my second drink, a waitress came over to us and told us we have to move as we were not eating.  I asked her why the waitress did not say anything to us when we sat down and she snapped at me and said "move".  I was never so happy to leave the restaurant. 
The staff was horrible and very "snotty".  I do not recommend anyone going to this restaurant and watch out for the "waitress with the blonde hair and glasses, she has a venomous tounge.

In a word, outstanding.
You get what you pay for.
Entertainment is not cheap, so if you don't want to pay $4.00 for a soda, dont go!
I recommend this location to anyone who goes to Niagara Falls... It is a must see attraction as big as the falls itself.


Absolutely terrible experience. If you're planning a big-group experience on a Saturday night at Copacabana -- don't! I made specific reservations for 15 a month in advance. When my group got there, there was no table, and we waited over an hour -- even with a reservation!! It was a stag night so 20 drunk guys were waiting impatiently outside the door, so not a pleasant experience at all. And no one apologized or acknowledged the mistake at the restaurant. And the food was okay. Expensive for what you get...


FORGET ABOUT BRINGING BABY/STROLLER with you for dinner at this resto. They should have just put a sign out no strollers allowed.
Was really excited about dining at this place when I heard about it. So when we decided to spend a weekend in Niagara, dinner at Copa was a priority. We had our baby with us naturally but as soon as the lady at reception/front desk saw us she didn't know what to make of us. First thing out of her mouth - "Now what are you going to do with the baby?" - What did she think we would do with her, put her on the corner of the street while we eat? 
I understood the space inside was a little crowded for strollers, we suggested to take a table on the patio but NOBODY WOULD GIVE US THE TIME OF DAY. IT WASN'T EVEN A BUSY NIGHT!!! There were a few patrons there but the place was not packed, there was hardly a lineup when we got there just before 6pm.
We just walked out and left. And to think I was willing to pay $36.99 per person???!!!


This restaurant was absolutely amazing; the food was great and the service was top notch. I can not belive people that complain about the price of pop when you can eat all the meat that you want for the same price a famlily of four can drop at McDonalds for burgers and fries. get real folks


the only comment that I have is that I stayed @ the oakes hotel across the street and we decided to take our business there for dinner and drinks.. when we got there they said .."WERE CLOSED" very rudely!! I mean the door was wide open and the open sign on!! so that part was fine, but they could of welcomed us in for a quick drink, or suggested we come back the following night, but they didnt! SO RUDE!!!!!! so we went to the skylon and dropped $300!!! 
do yourselves a favour and treat every guest like it will be the last one that u ever have or you may find your business in trouble!

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