Curry Queen

Indian Pakistani cuisine

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   4967 Clifton Hill

 Niagara Falls, ON,  L2J 3W1
Phone: 905-353-0002


We was 11 people and five of us a had a buffet and rest of them try the rotisserie chicken and curry dishes, it was a very fine and quality food with great service, and patio make our food more delicious when you are outing outside and eating Clifton hill, Its a best location in Niagara falls,Canada 

we was seven people , three people had a buffet and rest of them try from the menu , chicken jalfarazi, lamb karahi, and butter chicken everything was excellent and fresh but only they have a oven baked Nans which is they told us , it was a very freshly maid and good tasting nans, this place is very friendly ,service is great also there is prayer facility is available and walking distance to the fall

OK, after visiting Niagara falls for 3 days, I felt for some homestyle cooking. I seen CURRY QUEEN and heard of their amazing food. Please don't waste ur time and money. I ordered 5 dishes and paid Approx. $100 ,WHAT A RIP OFF. The food was for 2 people and they were still pushing us to order more.
The Lamb Biryani was a large portion filled with oil and hard pieces of of lamb. The Kebab was very expensive, $11.99 and only recevied 4 HARD pieces of crap. Everything else I ordered follows same.
This place needs to smarten up, be honest and charge their customers the right price for what they receive! I thought that Muslim people are supposed to honest and have pride in their cooking.
WHAT A SHAME!!!!!!!!

for the poor quality food prices should be $5 a dish.


We are local and would recommend to both friends and tourist alike. This is like an Indian Mom and Pop place.
It is not a cheap place to eat, but then no where in the tourist area is, as they only have so many months to make the rent for the year.
Never had Indian food before, but will be going back and try the buffet. The service was excellent and the food delicious. We did tell the server that we had never had Indian before and asked for her advice. I have fallen in love with Chicken Biryanni!
I'd say Try it!!

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