Edgewaters Tap & Grill (upper level)

Riverwalk Restaurant  (lower level)

Cuisine: Bar and Grill
6342 Niagara Pkwy Niagara Falls, Ontario L2E 6X8 905-356-2217


We recently took a bus tour to Niagra Falls,Canada.Everything was wonderful until we went for dinner.Of course we had reservations since we were a large group.The place was empty when we arrived.Everyone began seating themselves at the tables.We only saw one table left that seated two.I was there w/my two daughters and my sister-in-law.Of course we all wanted to sit together.We attempted to seat ourselves at a round table and the waitress said she needed that area for the next party.The only other tables left sat two people and they were at opposite ends of the restaraunt.I asked our tour guide if she could possibly switch seats w/us so we could be together.She gladly moved for us.I then pushed the two small tables together to make one large table for the 4 of us.The head waitress immediately came over to me and said that we could not do that!!We would be blocking the aisle!I was furious to say the least.I told her if we couldn't sit all together that I wanted my money back.She told me I needed to talk to my tour guide and she walked away!! I always thought that the customer was "right" when you are dealing w/ the public! I could not believe how ignorant the waitress was and she apparently told the other waitresses because they practically ignored us for the remaining time spent there.We were not offered any drinks,they did not ask if everything was ok and when they brought desert,my 9 year old did not like what they had to offer---which was the same thing for everyone.They did not offer her anything else.When we were almost finished my sister caught one of the other waitresses and told her that none of us were offered anything to drink.She apologized and brought us a beverage.I asked her if my child could possibly get some icecream.She said of course and brought it back immediately.I was very disgusted w/our service and none of the employees even seemed to care!!!!I will NEVER GO HERE AGAIN!!!!The view was spectacular but everything else TOTALLY SUCKED!!That includes the EMPLOYEE ATTITUDES.One person expressed how lovely the falls were---all the waitress said was "I see them every day,so it doesn't even phases me".How RUDE!!!If I were the owner of this restaraunt I would seriously think about getting BETTER EMPLOYEES.Maybe some that are more pleasant and who enjoy what they do and appreciate nature at it's finest.The employees that were there don't belong there at this type of job!They give the restaraunt a terrible review and they do NOTHING to promote tourism!!! Sincerely,DISGUSTED IN PA.

Food was good, view was awsome and the waitresses were very friendly especially Samantha. She made our stay in Niagara Falls extra special. Very friendly. Can't wait to go again.

We have been here 3 times and had excellent service and food each time. People have to keep in mind that things are more expensive in The Falls because it is a tourist spot.

Horrible service & Horrible Food 
Wendy the waitress should find a new career path that does not involve working with people!!!!

Excellent Experience! I was greeted by a polite and professional young man who then sat me along the railing and was served by a knowledage server. I would eat there agian in a heartbeat not just because of the good food, but the VIEW is breathtaking.

NOT RECOMMENDED!!!The view was great.  The food was horrible, tasteless, there was a bug in our food, didn't receive everything we ordered. Extremely expensive. No soap in bathrooms, which leads me to believe the workers are not washing their hands.  Waitress was rude. Did complain, but all the manager said was he was sorry.

Good food, awesome view of Niagara Falls from the patio, accommodating/friendly staff.

Food was good, but our server was rude. Nice location.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! View is perfect from the gorgeous, flowery 2nd story patio. Loved dining in the fresh air and sunshine. Food was delicious, our waitress friendly, and the guys are polite, efficient and VERY easy on the eyes! YES I can't wait to return for another feast!!

With this restaurant you are paying for the view of the falls. Our waiter was either stoned or wanted to be fired. After writing down the orders, the waiter was still unable to complete this menial task. The waiter brought out five meals instead of six, immediately walked away and was not seen again for about 20 minutes. At this time the waiter had to be called over to address the mistake. His response was "I only ordered what was already on the table" and hastily walked away. One of our party had to go and find the manager, who did come over to the table, but thought adequate compensation was to NOT bill us for the item we DIDN'T RECEIVE. After this awful experience all I wanted to do was leave, but the waiter never delivered the bill and I was forced to retrieve it myself. It was overpriced, but you pay for the view of the falls. The menu was lacking, unless the customer prefers only cocktails. I don't expect the service to be perfect, however I expect the management to be more responsive. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND OR RETURN TO THIS TERRIBLE RESTAURANT!!!!!!!!


im one of your customer of your restaurant..i encountered problems with my debit card when we eat there one of your crew thought that the machine she used was not working,but when i checked my accounts it says there that she got double charge from me.i report to my bank but the manager told me that i need to go back there to get my money but its not practical because im here in toronto.im hoping for an action that i can get back the money.thank you ill wait for your reply..i will appreciate it..More Power

Buffet was okay but you have to pay extra for soda or coffee. We grabbed soda because we thought it was part of the meal. Busboy came over and woad we have to pay for soda because its not free. He was very rude. First of all, there was nothing posted and nobody told is that drinks were extra. The lady handling the beverage bar gave us the drinks because she was embarrassed by the way the busboy came at us. I let him know though. I told him he was very rude and he should how to treat people better. We spent 50 Dollars thee and I will not go back...

 We have been here 3 times and had excellent service and food each time. People have to keep in mind that things are more expensive in The Falls because it is a tourist spot.

I have never written an opinion of whatever, but the HORRIBLE SEVICE we received in that restaurant forced me to do it today!!! This is the second time we visit the Niagara falls. The first time there weren't any tables in that restaurant, so we hadn't the chance to eat there. So that second time, we decided to reserve a table. So we reserved the table the first evening for the second evening. Everything was alright. The waitresse took my name, wrote the number of the persons we are and the table we want and confirmed me the reservation.The second evening come, we are ready for our diner, prepared to pay the price, just to have a table with a good view of the falls. Unfortunately, we never had it. We were given the worst table left unoccuppied. Afterwards, the waitresses pretended they have never seen us arrived and they haven't understood we have reserved a table, that's why they gave us that one. I wanted to see the manager, no manager.... of course. So, we SPENT ONE HOUR WITHOUT TABLE, WITHOUT FOOD,WITHOUT VIEW, AND WE WERE SUPPOSED TO HAVE RESERVED A TABLE..... NEVER AGIAN THERE. Now, reading the reviews of the horrible service and food,in fact,I see we had a great chance not to eat there!

We have been there twice and the food, service, was as good as the view! My wife had the French Onion Soup, and still uses it as the "Bench Mark" by which all other soup is judged. Texas is a long way from the Falls, but if I ever git back up there, then Edgewater will definately be on the list of ToDo's.

We just got back from Niagara Falls today (9/20/2010) and had a HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE at the Riverwalk Restaurant (below the Edgewater Tap & Grill). 
The view seemed really nice, and thought why not try their buffet. The Menu did not match what was on the buffet. It said Fresh Pastas and Pizzas and Fresh Stir-frys. The buffet was $15.95 PER ADULT plus TAX! We asked the hostess as to what time the buffet is open till. She said 9pm, but we will close by 8pm as we are really slow!!!! (SHOWS NO ONE WAS EATInG THERE!!!)
My husband and myself walked in, payed $37.00 and started walking through the buffet. It looked SICK! We went for dinner at 7pm and there were barely a couple of tables there for dinner.
We started with soup and then as we started going through our entrees on the buffet...it was SICK! EVERYThinG on the buffet was DRIED OUT.......CHicken tasted SO OVERCOOKED...I COULD NOT EVEN BITE INTO IT!!! EVERYTHING was SO COLD....It was IN-EDIBLE!!! 
Being from a hotel background, I know how buffets should be! I Lost my head when I tasted the chicken. Spoke to the hostess...she called her manager...and told him to walk with me to the buffet and try the chicken! I told him I JUST COULD NOT EAT there. COLD FOOD....INEDIBLE.....WORST THAN DOG FOOD!!! He readily gave me a refund. The manager did not look more than 22 yrs Old. He laughed out saying he only eats pasta and bbq ribs.
It was not even worth $5.00!!!! WILL NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE! 
The Location got us...but the food sucked!!! Pardon my language, but it was not worth it!!!

Because of all of the bad reviews, I felt compelled to write. We live within 30 minutes of Niagara Falls, we go there every weekend to take my son to the arcade so we frequent the restaurants a lot. Whenever there is a holiday, or an event, we think of this restaurant. I'm amazed to see bad experiences, because we've always had a good experience there. It's laid back, not too fancy but still comfortable, and our 6 year old loves it there. The prices are pretty reasonable for Niagara Falls, there are many other places that are A LOT more expensive. The prices in the US are very inexpensive compared to the prices here in Canada, so just by looking at the menu, they look expensive. If you want to be ripped off go, to Dave and Busters on Clifton Hill. We felt violated when we left that place...

i recomend this place anyday. wendy our server was amazing, she was very kind and respectful. she answered alot of our questions about the niagara parks and help us with directions to the LCBO, the weather was very hot but there was a beautiful veiw and a relaxing breeze, thanks to our server wendy we had an excellent time and will come back here next year...

Normally I don't write reviews, but when you drive 9 hours in a car from Chicago and only get a couples nights to have a nice dinner, then you have one as horrible as we had at Edgewater...people need to know about it! It seems like it might be a nice place to hang out, have a drink and watch the falls, but as for food they should be embarassed and ashamed to serve food that poor. I'm not unaccustomed to paying $90 for a dinner, but the prime rib was like a door-stop, and my wife's chicken and ribs were as dry as shoe leather. The food must have been prepared 2 or 3 days earlier and been reheated so many times it had no life left in it. The service was fine, but I absolutely CAN NOT reccomend eating there! Maybe go have a drink on a nice day, but forget the food!!

$18+ for two draft beer-- 'nuff said. Nothing but a crash grab.

HORRIBLE SERVICE AND HORRIBLE FOOD! Would recommend anything other than the view! Over priced and nothing good to say about our experience in July 2009!

The food was great . the service was excellent. they were fast and i got my food quick and it was delicious. Plus all the guys are so hot there it makes me want to go back. Ryan, James, Kirk! lol
haha anyways yes it was very good food. better than what we have and also they have a nice patio.

So much fun!! We really wanted a patio for dinner, and this one is perfect!! While the menu was pretty much average fare, the service and the view made up for any lack in that area. From our railing side table we enjoyed the breathtaking magnificence of the falls, the entertaining band in the park and the absolutely glorious fireworks show after dark. Harrison and Jeff, your unlimited attention, great service, and yes, the magic tricks kept us entertained and made our evening in Niagara one we will never forget. And thanks to Harrison too, for providing the opportunity to 'light up the falls'.

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