Elements on the Falls

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   6650 Niagara Parkway, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada    (905)-354-3631


This place sits on the falls has a wonderful view and food as well. The decor is spectacular as well. The service is impeccable! As a chef myself I think this was the best place in the area.I had the seafood croissant it was nice and creamy and was real seafood. it was served with a mixed green salad as well as fresh fruit. It was a very pretty dish as well as light and delicious. My friend had the Thai chicken strips as well as the cheese garlic bread. The chicken was not too sweet or spicy just perfect. The garlic bread was very soft and tasted great. For desert we had the cherry chocolate ice cream Pie it was out of this world the serving size was much bigger than most restaurants provide. the plate presentation was beautiful with fresh fruit and edible flowers. I would have gone back everyday If I had discovered this place sooner.

The food was brilliant! I had never tasted food that was soooooo good!!!!!!Me and my family had and excellent dinner. Our watier was kind,greetfull.This was cone of our fav restaurants at Niagra Falls. The food was sooo creamy and AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Me and my family think that this restaurant was the best.!


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