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5283 Ferry Street Niagara Falls. Phone: (905) 358-6951


I ordered spaghetti with meat sauce and my partner ordered fettucini alfredo. We had garlic bread as an apetizer. The wait staff were very unfriendly, I don't recall seeing them smile once. The backround music constantly got stuck and skipped many times, it took them an long time to fix the CD (change the song) each time this happened.
The food was good, but not great the sauces on the pasta were similar to those you buy in a bottle at the grocery store (RAGU) and the garlic bread was undesirable (it smelled like feet not garlic). Also, they did not have a very large selection of meals.

The waitress was friendly and accomodating. The food was authentic and well prepared. We would definitely go there again.

I went while on vacation with my fiance and son and this place is horrible! The waitress recommened the lasanga which the noodles were way over cooked hardly any cheese and very watery "yuck". The place was also really expensive and was not worth it at all. Do not go and do not waste your money because its not fine dining in Niagra Falls at all!

Great atmosphere - European, old-style. The food took much time to prepare; as it explains on the welcome cards placed on the tables, this is due to the natural methods of cooking the food, unhurried and uncompromised.
The food was exquisite. We ordered meatballs, penne arabiata, and had bread for the appetizer. The price was fair as well.
Definitely worth checking out!

Have been there twice, and each time one of our party of four had the spaghetti with italian sausage and found there wasn't enough sausage nor do they offer real, freshly grated parmigiana cheese--most Italian restaurants do. The waitresses were friendly and so was the owner--she was super accomodating and all round a very nice person. We'd like to check out other Italian restaurants in the area though.

Great Food! Ordered a Bruschetta for entree which was lovely and fresh. For mains I ordered pasta primavera which was lovely, could have used a little more variety in regards to the vegetables but otherwise very tasty. The staff were friendly enough, not over the top, but very attentive. 4/5.

We decided to try this restaurant for our anniversary. Very pleased. The homemade pasta was excellant. We also had the eggplant parmigiana was also delicious. Cozy atmosphere for a special occasion. Will definately go again.

We are residents of Niagara Falls 4 Brothers is usually excellent, clean and very good service. I would give this place a try if you havent. Their specials are usually a very good value. Other prices are a bit high but I have never had a complaint at this restaurant.

This is a small, local, family owned place. Everything is home made at their location.
Regardless of what people say, being a local and also a winemaker... I am telling you they have the Italian food for for your $ in all of Niagara.

This place is terrible. We went new years eve with a party of 8 and they did all they could to screw up the orders. My wife ordered chicken alfredo; which any idiot knows is fettucini alfredo with chicken. They brought out linguine with a red sauce and a side order of chicken parm. We waited forever for the waitress to return; once she did we pointed out the error and then 1/2 hour later she brought out alfredo again with a side of chicken parm. Everyone else was well into their meal; the waitress disappeared and did not come back until everyone was done. I told her that she messed up the order again and my wife never touched it and all they were going to take off was the chicken parm. Are you kidding me? The homemade pasta was soggy and tasteless. Save you money because it is way overpriced for what you get and go somewhere that appreciates your business.

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