Frontier Grill House - Niagara Falls

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   4029 River Road, Niagara Falls, ON, L2E 3E5, (905) 356-8812


June 2010:

The Frontier has undergone changes, management staff etc, the Restaurant in itself specializes in prime rib, the bar in itself would not have draft, usually you find that in a pub or bar along Clifon Hill or downtown.
However Calami at the Frontier is served with dipping sauce and cutlery is always provided, they are infact part of the table setting.
The Prime Rib as long since been perfected and it is actually prepared and not over cooked prime rib when done is considered rare in the middle to slightly weel to wards the outter, Prime Rib in general is never tough, or hard to chew.
The Frontier Grillhouse has changed ownership and offers the best Chicken Alfredo!!!!!!


The Frontier Grillhouse in Niagara Falls is completely amazing! The food took quite a long time though but service was excellent. I had the prime rib sandwich for lunch and our server Dianne made my wife and I feel so special. wow! the food was good and I will deffinitely be back again.

Disregard the above description of what the restaurant was about. It was a fine dining restaurant, with excellent food(high quality standards). The problem was people like the one above who wrote that illiterate garbage. They destroyed the restaurant due to their illiterateness, ignorance, incompetence and their total lack of respect for the overall profit of the business. This person worked front desk. Unbelievable who gets hired these days, when there are so many educated, experienced, hard working people out there, who would love the opportunity to run a hotel. Even just for the experience towards resume building. Too bad could have been something great.






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