Hard Rock Cafe - Niagara Falls

Cuisine: Bar and Grill
5685 Falls Avenue, Niagara Falls, Ontario L2G 3K6 Canada 905-356-7625


The vibe was great! We both had the 10oz black angus burger. We both loved it and highly recommend it. It's a little steep but well worth it. We intended on having dessert but had to skip it as we were stuffed. Had to get a hard rock tee shirt at the Rock Shop. We'll be back again.

Ordered a quesadilla as an appetizer, the salmon alfredo pasta and new york steak dinner...wow~ The food was simply amazing, I was actually suprised. One of the best steaks ive ever eaten and my wife just loved the salmon pasta. wwe found it a bit expensive but the environment and service was awesome!

Probably the most horrible customer service ever. The waitress gives you a hard time when you ask for separate checks. When I asked for the manager, she insults me by saying they are busy and don't have 30 mins to separate 5 orders. The only reason why the waitress didn't want to do it was because it was going to take extra 15 seconds to do it and she was too lazy. So after being fed up, I decided to do her job by spliting up the check into 5 different orders and while I'm doing that she looks at me and says "It's not that easy, is it" when it only took me 15 seconds to split the check. Next, after all the hassle I was getting from her I decided that it was waste of my time to keep talking to her, I asked for her boss and as I was leaving she says "I'm not afraid that you are going to call her" Most unprofessional, untrained, impolite, and disrespectful service ever.

we had 2 apps and 2 sodas, bill was 44. and some change us funds, i think we were charged 2 for something, husbands fault for not looking at bill

ordered chicken wings,,,,,,they were out...ok
ordered , i think it was the Cobb salad ,,,,,nope, couldn't do that either....ok
there was one other thing,,,,,out of that too....
hey, i know everyone has a bad day, but really!

We came to see what it was all about. Lots to lok at there. Very busy, but the service was pretty good. Prices were a bit steep. The gift shop was expensive, but had to get a Hard Rock T-shirt ($30)

Other than the decor, I have nothing positive to say about this tourist trap. Overpriced, forgettable food that may as well served directly from the "TV Dinner" package. We should have known better when there was only one other table seated for lunch.

To start, the bergers were burnt beyond recognition, this wasn't to be the worst problem however. Our waitress was nowhere to be found until she brought our check. My husband had to get up and have his drink refilled at the bar at one point. Upon complaining about our barely eaten food, she was very rude, no apology given, and got her supervisor who was even ruder. He said if we had complained initially, he could have done something. We explained that our waitress was nowhere to be found and about my husband refilling his own drink. Once again, no apology, acted like we were the parties in the wrong (and we were very nice about that whole thing) told us we should have gotten up and flagged down another waitress. I'm sorry, I've never been in an establishment where you're required to "get up and flag down another waitress" to get service! Ended up taking 10% off our burgers (about 1.69 apiece!) and acted like we owed him the world for doing it. At no time, did we ever get anything close to an apology. We'll never, ever go back there. Worst customer service EVER. We were treated with total disrespect and disregard!

The restaurant had really interesting displays and memorabilia from famous rock bands, and they played good music of course, but when it came down to it, the food was just your average pub/family restaurant food at inflated prices. Go for the atmosphere or if you're determined to hit every Hard Rock cafe on the planet, or don't go at all.

Had the renamed Pig Sandwich one of my favorites.  Fiancee had nachos which were very good.  Atmosphere was great and overall would go back again.

We stopped by after visiting the falls.  We were sat at "the Beatles Booth" and loved it.  We had Cobb salad and Haystack salad and both loved it.  The kids ran around and checked out the signed guitars.  The place was really hopping and we had a great view from our booths.  We love video's and the tv's in the bar were old.  They should update to LCD's like most of the other Hard Rock's. (F. Hunter, New York)

This place was really happening. My kids loved all the authentic guitars and the server was very friendly.

We generally eat at HRs and have been to about 15. WORST experience ever. Bad service. MUCH higher priced than other HRS (including Boston and Times Square). Really poor food. Ordered fajitas. 2T cheese, and about a t. of tomatoes. An entire place of shredded lettuce. Waiter never returned to ask if we needed anything. Store selection was miserable. No golf shirts, and no nice sweatshirts, only the ones that looked like they had been through the wash a million times. Plus, $19 USD to park. HORRIBLE experience.

Yes...Yes...I am a Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt collector. My very first shirt...Hard Rock San Antonio...since then...I have been hooked. This HRC is right next to Casino Niagara. Parking garage is right next to restaurant, but there are transports everywhere and it is walking distance from the nearest People Mover stop. I like the fact that you know what the menu is, but the look of the place is unique to that area. This particular HRC has a room completely dedicated to Elvis and another to the Beatles. Mon-Sun 11 a.m.-2 a.m. My favorite starter is the Southwest Nachos with guacamole and steak. I also like the potato skins. My favorite main dish is a toss up between the shrimp or beef fajitas or the grilled shrimp fettuccine parimesan. For dessert...the cheesecake...my daughter likes the hot fudge brownie. She will sometimes eat the cheeseburger here...but she prefers not to. Great frozen strawberry margarita.

We stopped here because we knew it from home. The service was horrible and the food was WAY overpriced. We waited a long time for simple meals and were not treated very well. Try to go away from the tourist area and you will find much better service, food and prices.

Nachos were good. Burger was good. Service was good. Enjoyed it.

Food was mediocre at best, grossly overpriced. My chicken club sandwich was $15 and was horrible, very dry, didn't even eat half of it. Husband had bacon cheeseburger/fries, they only gave him 12 fries, I gave him most of mine. The only thing that was good was the nacho appetizer. Bill was $80 - definitely NOT worth it. Won't go back.

Most people know the deal with The Hard Rock Cafe. With me being a souvenir and tourist attraction queen I had just had to eat here. We got to eat in the Elvis room, which was really cool. The food ranges from burgers, salads, pastas, and much more. I suggest starting off with The Jumbo Combo. This has Santa Fe Spring Rolls, Chicken Wings, Potato Skins, Onion Rings and Tupelo Chicken. I always get the classic HRC Cheeseburger(I know not much of a variety, but hey it's good!) And for dessert don't miss the HRC Hot Fudge Brownie!

Nothing.A peanut butter and jelly sandwich was over $7.we left. Terrible.The prices are outrageous! They should be ashamed.

One of the best Hard Rock's I've been too. Food was excellent and the servers excelled! Their host Brad was very welcoming. Even helped recommend our class to come here for school trips. Go!!! You wont regret it!

waste of time...waitress was rude to us ..took forever to take our orders (drink and food). When we recieved our drinks they were incorrect . my drink was not blended and when i asked why it was not blended she said i had to tell her ahead of time. I was not informed of this at the time of order ...nor did i know a typical blender drink could be served unblended. I waited for her to come back for 40 mins and gave up and walked up to the bar myself frustrated. the food was so -so but really expensive for what it was. the washrooms were dirty and I didn't see the need for a bathroom attendant should have spent the money they used to hire her on replacing the paper towels and toilet paper. I wont be going back to this place hopefully ever again .

Food is overpriced compared to quality.....not so great!


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