Hooters - Niagara Falls

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   6357 Stanley Avenue, Niagara Falls, ON, L2G 3Y9, 905-357-4668


A little pricey but good food and drink. Go Leaf. Go Miranda
Thanks for the good time.

My favourite Hooters girls is Emily because she makes me feel comfortable and she`s HOT!
The service is not at all like other restuarants in town or the girls do not look that they are having a good time work, but HOOTERS is pretty cool at that. She fun, ready to listen and great to have a picture being taken with her......
Go in and see for self.! I dare you to!!!!!!

Just like it is in Dallas. Watched the cowboys, ate some great wings, checked out the girls, and had a tonne of fun. If you like beer, sports and girls. You have to go. My wife and kids even enjoyed themselves, my wife was surprised they had a kids menu, and kids t shirts on sale. It is a family restaurant, but yes dad picked the restaurant.


I have my birthday party at HOOTERS every year because there is always new HOT Hooters girls around to take pictures with. Then I show it off at school. Hooters is like my second home away from home. I`ll be sure to go to Hooters again for my 23rd birthday this.
I can`t wait until then..... LOL

Excellen Service!!!!
Girls were very friendly and entertaining. Food was great, the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich (BBQ style) add swiss cheese and chedder cheese BLEW MY BIND!!!!!!!!!!
I`ll see ya again tomorrow.....!!!!!!

Girls are nice, but distracting at times. I enjoy watching the UFC, and hockey there but I find one eye on the televisions and one on the girls. Good time, good food, good girls, a little pricey but as they say, you get what you pay for.




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