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   5705 Victoria Ave Niagara Falls, Ontario  L2G 3L5 Canada 905 357 5220


We were at the restaurant a few years ago, and it was just excellent.

Best Restaurant I've ever been to in Canada. Seriously amazing. Coming from an Indian who's also a vegetarian, eaten in many definately worth your trip. My only complaint is that the food is a bit expensive...but well worth it.

From Chicago, some from UK, we enjoyed our food. I picked it up and had to park at the Days Inn next door because it's in the busy part of town (close to the Ferris Wheel on Victoria). We ordered Chicken Makhani (butter) and Paalak Paneer, 3 Naan, 1 Paraatha, 1 plain rice and 2 orders of Samosas ($50). Depending on where you are from, that could be cheap or expensive, we thought it was reasonable. 3 Adults and 1 kid shared it and had plenty. I am Indian the rest are not and we thought the food was excellent with a Northern Punjabi taste for those in the know. The restaurant was more than half full at around 10:45pm when we picked it up, can't comment on service. The food was ready in about 20 min. We relied on other's reviews, hope you find this helpful.

wah you cannt imagine you can find good indian food in nioagara falls yes guru fine indian has excellent food we ordered chicken platter was amazing ,I will definately recommend this place

best food . good location to find. must try dal makhani .
all the best for guru fine indian cuisine

Very expensive, rude/slow service, food could be better, small portions.

Worst Restaurant we had ever eaten in. The service was aweful. The hostess was rude. The food was low quality. We had asked for all white pultry & got thigh meat. Avoid this restaurant if you can help it.

 I have to say that I have been here several times. First time I went I never tried indian food before and fell in in love.
I have heard of butter chicken being a "must have" and was dining with two others, one being vegan. We all loved the food and found the staff very helpful in helping us decide what to try. We tried the Tandoor Chicken, Butter Chicken, Curry Shrimp, Garlic Naan, Yellow Dahl, Saffron Rice, Channa Masala, and Aloo Gobi. 
We got a little carried away and ordered enough to take home lunch for 3. But at that moment it became our favorite restaurant. 
I have been back several times since and am always bringing back friends who never been there. It has always been a hit. 
Since then I have tried Spinach Paneer, Samosa, Fish Pakora, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Vindaloo, all where excellent. 
For dessert I have had the mango ice cream (Kulfi) and Gulab Jamon (fried cheese with a sweet syrup) Good but different to my european/north american palate. 
I have been a cook in many restaurants over the years and cater small dinner parties, and have done 4 years in cooking school. This place has given me a love for indian food and now I cook it too. I have yet to still find the flair or flavors that this place presents. 
For anyone who has never tried Indian Cuisine I recommend the Guru Platter, it has a bit of everything. A great place for beginners. As with all their dishes they can be ordered mild (spicy, but not overwhelming) med (if you like hot chicken wings) or hot (which is too hot for me but suited for those who call this home cooking)
I highly recommend this place to everyone who likes more than just boiled potatoes with a bit of salt and pepper. 
My only complaint is that they close for the winter for a few weeks in January till February.

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