Keg Steakhouse & Bar - Niagara Falls

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Cuisine: Steak House
5950 Victoria Avenue, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada - (905) 353-4022



 We have been to many Keg's but this one by far was the best. The service was wonderful, the food even better. Everthing was to perfection!! We'll definitely go back again on our next trip!!

Very little portions, very expensive, alot of tax. Im a Canadian, moved to the USA. The problem is not the restaurants, its a socialized country. I moved to the US, to get away from that.

We live in the area and I'm never disappointed at this Keg! U have to be patient, but your meals are always done perfectly - not sure what these other ppl are talking about! My advice is go there to enjoy your meal, don't rush it and you'll have a great time.

NASTY !!! The prime rib was all fat and the food arrived cold !!! NEVER ANY KEG'S AGAIN !!

Decent, but other keg's I have been to we're better.

The Keg is an awesome restaurant to begin with! We were seated right away and the service was awesome. Was a bit leary of going here because the prices are jacked up in the area, but it was only about $4 more per meal. I got a TON of garlic mashed (my favourite) with my meal, couldnt even finish it all and the steak was perfect. The lighting in this Keg was a lot brighter than usual which was odd. We were originally booked for a res. at the Keg overlooking the Falls but soon realized the Victoria Keg was right across the street and we were not disappointed!!!

We have been to this location before and have always enjoyed the food and laid back atmosphere.
Went for an early dinner on a Wednesday night during the summer. Had to wait about 3 minutes before anyone even recognized our presence, and another few to finally be seated.
Once we were seated, the service improved. Waitress was attentive and took our drink order immediately. $7.50 for a draft beer was a bit pricey, but what do you expect in Niagara Falls? The bread came quickly, which was warm and obviously freshly baked. We ordered the Lobster Gratinee appetizer off of the Lobster Summer Menu. It was chunks of lobster in an herb butter with melted cheese that you scoop on some bread. It was pretty average and probably not worth the $12. We probably should of ordered the calamari. For an entree, I wanted the sirloin and lobster tail combo, but the waitress recommended I get the sirloin and half a lobster combo off of the Lobster Summer Menu. It was a few bucks cheaper and she said it came with more lobster. She was right, and this type of recommendation is what you expect of service at a fine restaurant. My sirloin was flaverful and tender, and cooked to a perfect medium rare. The lobster was perfectly cooked and quite big for half a lobster. The drawn butter was kept warm with a candle, another must in a nice restaurant. The garlic mashed potatoes were also very good, albeit a bit underseasoned. My wife ordered the prime rib and lobster tail, and reported both to also be great. My two year old son had the chicken fingers and fries, which at $9.95 seemed quite pricey for a kid's meal. However, it came with a free beverage, ice cream, and a little crudite platter with fruit, veggies, and crackers, which I thought was quite brilliant to bring this to a child in a slower, fine dining restaurant setting. It kept him occupied while we enjoyed our appetizer and drinks. The service was very attentive during our meal as drinks were refilled and we were checked on adequately. However, when dinner ended, our waitress seemed to disappear, and we had a hard time getting our dishes cleared and the check delivered. Overall, the bill came to $130 with tax. Although a bit pricey, I don't mind paying it when the food is worth it. The lobster and steak were both superb and filling, so the tab seemed reasonable. Other than the slow service at the beggining and end of the meal, it was a delightful dinner.

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