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Cuisine: Steak House
6700 Fallsview Boulevard, Niagara Falls, Ontario L2G 3W6 Canada   905-374-5170


This chain restaurant will pleasantly surprise you. Steak comes cooked just the way you like it it's their specialty. Choose from steak combinations with ribs and seafood or try the impeccable steak cuts such as sirloin, New York, and prime rib.


Fantastic view. Fantastic food. Competent staff (although no one came to our table for 5-10 minutes. Menu is no more pricy than the top steakhouses in any city $28-40 entrees and alacarte everyhing (mortons, Capital Grill). But the meal was fantastic, and the view, incredible. A bit noisy due to the packed house, and wall of windows overlooing the falls.

If you look for a place with a great falls view and good food and you are not afraid of noise, people in shorts and sandals, long waiting times and the total lack of atmosphere....the KEG could be your place

Maybe I should have known better, but there are no real options for a non-meat eater at this place. I understand that it is a steak house, but just because I don't eat steak it doesn't mean I don't want to eat a nice dinner in the presence of with my steak-loving boyfriend. I ended up with salad and garlic bread which was literally all I had for options. It didn't surprise me, but it made me sad all the same. Common, Keg, get with the times!
Although the ambiance was nice, it was SO So SO dim (they didn't turn the lights on until well into the evening) I couldn't even read the menu without bringing it up to my face. I found that the most irritating part of all. 
Our server was friendly, but way too busy with all of her other tables to pay much attention to us (no fault of her own, I imagine). 
All in all, it was okay and the view was nice but I'd never bother going back until they adjust their menu options.

The calamari was chewy and over cooked.

We have been going to Keg restaurants for over 25 years! Ottawa/Montreal/Hamilton/Toronto...but STAY AWAY FROM THESE LOCATIONS!
The view is grand and you PAY FOR IT!
We have a friend that works for the Keg and she warned us about the price gouging that goes on. An extra $5 per entree and an extra $3 per app. That was enough to make me turn around and walk right out the door. Think about it, that's an extra $16.
Don't know what the food is like at this location, but i hate getting ripped off! There are many OTHER restaurants that offer you a Falls view. Buyer beware.

The service was fantastic, and the food extraordinary. My wife and I were there on our honeymoon and the dinner there was one of the better meals of our trip.

We had an absolutely wonderful time, AWESOME food and BEAUTIFUL view of the falls. Thanks to our waitress, Lindsay, everything was quite delicious and memorable. Our martini drinks were great too! We can't wait to come back to dine here again! The experience all around was a 10+!

When we first got there, they sat us at a table overlooking a parking lot and we waited for over 20 minutes and still no one came by to even say hello, let alone take our drink order. The restaurant was not that busy, but the girl who was supposed to be our waitress seemed really stressed out and overwhelmed. 30 minutes had passed and still no greeting, and we saw a table with a view open up a couple of tables away. We asked the manager if we could move, told her that we had been waiting for so long and she was very apologetic. She moved us and within seconds our waiter (Brian) came by to take our orders. Even he was apologetic for the poor service we received. He was wonderful the whole night, one of the best waiters we have ever had. The food was great, cooked perfectly, and resonably priced for what it was. And having the best table in the house overlooking the falls wasn't so bad either. The poor service in the beginning worked out well for us.

While vacationing in the area, we had the chance to dine at The Keg. It was awesome. The food was spectacular. I had a great scallop appetizer, and we all had steaks. They were cooked to perfection. The view is amazing too.

My wife and I had an excellent meal at The Keg. The atmosphere is perfect. It is very comfortable and romantic. The view of Niagara Falls was beautiful. My wife was so pleased! We had a great meal. Steak and crab for me, and a chicken dish for my wife. It was very enjoyable. The service was very good too.

Not Busy and the service was the WORST I have ever had. Food was terrible-dont order seafood! and dont expect to get what you ask for.

Beautiful restaurant and view,but that is about all that it has going for them.
For the price you pay for food it should be exceptional food. Prime Rib was cold, shrimp was cold, rice was sticky.
Even got the martini wrong. How do you mess up a martini??
On top of all that I was apalled that you have to pay a tax for the view. Unbelievable.

Food was prepared exactly as we asked. Waitress was very professional. Restaurant wasn't too busy (ate early, ~4:30pm). Portions were plentiful (nice piece of salmon, 2 pieces of chicken. Plenty of rice and potatoes). Salmon was hot, glaze was tangy but not too sweet. Rice was hot. Chicken glaze was also tasty, potatoes were the 'new' type and very tasty.

Food was not too bad when it FINALLY arrived. It wasn't like the place was very busy either. We waited for 1 hour and 15 minutes after we placed our order to get our meal and the waiter didn't even bother to come the table to check on us in the mean time. The prices are rediculous as well.

So expensive that we almost left but the service was GREAT!

My boyfriend and I didn't stay at this hotel, but we ate at The Keg, and it was fantastic. The service was great. Everyone was friendly. The menu had lots of varieties, and the steak was the best we'd ever had. Try it!

I loved The Keg. The wait staff was so friendly and knowledgeable about the restaurant, and the area. The food was delicious, and they have a great view of the falls too!

One of the most amazing experiences I've had at any restaurant in the Niagara Falls region.  This place has the perfect view and ambiance.  Despite the noise of other patrons, I will remember this restaurant fondly.  We visit at least once a year and always make time for this gorgeous restaurant.  The food is absolutely perfect.  Despite the high prices, it's worth every cent to experience this restaurant.

Probably the best view of any restaurant in niagra(next 2 skylon tower) service sometimes good, and somtimes bad, the red meat is always very good and cooked well. the sides need a little work, and the ceaser salad would be the best ive ever had if they would just take some of the jesus garlic out of it..

The service is great and the staff is friendly however we made a mistake going there the second time. Part of my family is vegetarian and the first time we went there the food was great but the second time there was no vege food. if ur a vegetarian don't go there unless you like to eat garlic bread for dinner. If you eat meat, enjoy

The view of the falls was beautiful, but other than that, I do not recommend this restaurant. Our meal took 1 hour to come! When we finally hailed our waitress to ask why it was taking so long for our food to come, it appeared that they had forgotten about us! When we finally did get our food it was cold and we had to ask them to reheat it! Never go to this restaurant unless you want an amazing view of the falls and don't mind waiting a looooooong time for some cold food to come!

Great for couples, went there with my husband and the menu the same as others Kegs but the view is romantic.

June 2009.... service was so so and had long waits between servings. Meat was awful, tough and tasted like old cow.... the bill was naturally way out of line... never again

Do not let Gabriella (Tall, skinny, blond woman)the waitress be your waitress-ask for somebody else-she is horrible! She will shamelessly hit on your boyfriend, while treating you (girls) like garbage; and will talk to people instead of taking your orders or serving you. You will wait forever for her to talk to everybody, while you wait and wait and wait for even a glass of water! and if she messes up your order, she will be even worse!
Ask for another waitress-something tells me you will get an STD just looking at this woman-let alone letting her near your food!

We were really happy with our decision to eat here. We waited only four minutes past our reservation time. The food was served fast and was delicious. We would eat here again for sure!


Too Dark, and with all the comments, you can tell by now your going to have a long wait. Unless your buying bottles of wine, servers will ignore you. 1 hour wait just for take out. and the order was wrong.
Too busy to hear yourself or talk to anyone.

I had read good and bad things.We could only get reservations for 5 PM. Worked out
great. Was seated on 1st level. Beautiful.
Waiter excellent. Food excellent.Didn't
wait for anything. I would recommend eary
reservations. Drinks and food pretty steep
but the view and quality of food and service
was worth it. Would go back.

We have been coming to Embassy Suites this year in December will be our 8th year.We always dine at the Keg Steakhouse, nobody does it better!!!! So romantic, servers and bartendars are fantastic!! food excellent and of course the view is the best.Keep the good work up!! everyone has to try it, cause believe me you wont regret.Cant wait see you soon.

Wonderful view of the Falls. Try their King Crab. The legs are partially cut, so easy to get meat out. A bit pricey, but you are paying for the view.

Visited the Keg on Thur 4th August. We had reservations an requested a window seat, and was told it was first come first serve, (fair), we we given a window seat, not facing the Falls. Ordered or wine and complained how cold it was. The complained again to the Manager" he said that he was not cold". Nothing was done about it. I used the spare napkins that was on the table to cover my arms. The prices are so much more. It felt like being at a fast food joint. IT WAS A TOTAL WASTE OF OUR TIME AND MONEY. WE WILL NEVER BE GOING BACK, CONSIDIRING WE HAD A FULL VIEW OF THE FALLS FROM OUR HOTEL ON THE 46TH FLOOR.

Just returned from our 29th anniversary celebration with friends also celebrating theirs. We did our homework and purposely picked this location for our "splurge" meal. Reservations were for the four of us at 5PM. Seated immediately at the windows directly facing the falls..what a view! Greeted immediately by our OUTSTANDING waitress Kelly who took note that we were celebrating our anniversaries. Wonderful selection of entrees made it difficult to choose! Finally decided on salmon for my husband, porterhouse steak for me and shrimp and prime rib for our friends. Twice baked potatoes accompanied and were serverd hot and steaming! Mushrooms and crispy fried onions with the steak were second to none! Food arrived very timely but unfortunately my steak wasnt rare as ordered. Kelly sent it back and the Manager brought out the replacement meal which was PERFECTLY cooked. She apologized for the inconvenience and my having to wait and CREDITED my meal completely! Also, in honor of our anniversaries, they provided to each couple with their compliments a huge slice of mocha cream desert drizzled with chocolate sauce and caramel. Decadently delicious! Simply cannot say enough good things about the food, staff and ambiance.

Good food but service very slow. Other wait staff seemed to be getting help, not ours. Told the manager about slowness so maybe next time she'll get more than 7% tip.

Had a great time. Food was great and we walked away happy. Yes it was costly but we were on a holiday

I will always remember this first time to see niagara falls...was here on a very special vacation with a long lost friend ..he was wonderful to take me to this restaurant..the food was excellent we ordered a steak and lobster together,..the view was breath taking .....people are very friendly..I had a great time ...priceless ..!!!i would like to come back here again sometime...thank you from Lady in red of sacramento, california...

was there june 24th 2010....excellent view, good food, very memorable place for me....had a great time watching the falls.....thanks endangered specie...

the food was perfect and reasonably priced and the service was a++.i will defenitly be a repeat customer!!!

I was at this restaurant with my sis it was our birthday we thought it would be nice to go there for lunch. WRONG at that time we were there they had construction going on and it was so loud it was disgusting.
We complained and they put us in a spot with a shitty view very disappointed and the food was not great
The service was very very slow too and hardly anyone there.

we went for anniversary poor service waited so long for food and drinks. Not good service at all I eat at different keg locations and this was not good. nice view.

We visited the keg on August 12, 2009. We made reservations for 8pm, I told the person we had heard how nice the view is there and we were looking forward to a nice relaxing dinner with a view. I asked her what the average dinner for two cost. She said about 25-30 per person. I went ahead and kept the reservation. When we got there we were seated so far from the view we asked to be seated down near the window at an open table. We were told that a reservation only holds a table in the restaurant and if we wanted a view table we would have to wait at least 2 hours. There were 2 tables near the windows that were clean and open. There were over 40 people waiting outside and they still didnt seat people there. My friend was seated near a walkway where the waiters walk to cut through the middle of the restaurant. They bumped into him or his chair several times with no apology or even look back. We had to wait 15 minutes for our drinks then over 15 minutes to get our appetizer order taken. I ordered chicken which was burnt in some places but it was covered in a brown sauce. The bread was cheap and doughy inside and they gave us one small round loaf that was so small we asked for more. We had to wait another 30 minutes for our meal. It was so dark in there we had to ask for some candles to see our food when it started getting dark. It became so noisy with the music and people trying to talk over the music that my companion and I could not hold a conversation. My friend got the lobster that was so small it was comical. Then when we got the bill there was all these extra charges. It was $97 for two people. Afterwards I thought I should have went to the really famous restaurant with a view on top that rotates at least that place tells you up front its gonna cost you to eat there. Do not waste you money on The Keg

Cold food ,long wait!! POOR service no VERY POOR service food not as ordered and BAD ATTITUDE towards resonable complaints 
I eat at the Keg on a regular basis never this one again

This restaurant is by far the best Keg Steakhouse i've ever been to. The food was delicious with great size portions, the wait staff were prompt and very helpful. THe best part of the evening by far was the view of Niagara Falls from our table. You can't beat the view. It was absoluetly breathtaking. Spending a romantic evening with my loved one, enjoying great food, wine and having the most breathtaking views. I can't wait to go back.

My boyfriend & I were staying for the night in Niagara Falls & decided to try for the 1st time eating at The Keg. First & last time. We got there around 8pm, waitress was friendly & helpful, but food was awful. Potatoes were cold, my chicken has an awful pineapple dressing over it which was tasty but at the same time made the hot chicken taste cold. You have to walk so far into the hotel just to get to the bathrooms! Wonderful atmoshphere, but I definately won't be returning.

I really enjoyed The Keg. The steaks were amazing!! They were cooked perfectly-just how we had ordered them. The menu has a great variety of appetizers and entrees. The view of Niagara Falls is awesome!!!!!

After a night of walking and playing the slots, we decided to unwind and have a good meal. It was just after 11:00 pm when we arrived at The Keg. The staff were very prompt, courteous and friendly. The food was absolutely delicious! I had ordered my steak medium, but it was still quite rare inside. I notified the server, who was very helpful and had it cooked to my liking. It was brought out by the manager (with more fresh bernaise sauce, scallops and shrimp), who also offered to give me a new potato. Not only that, but offered us a dessert on the house (which we were far too full to accept). Very good experience, the food is SO, so good, and the view! Spectacular! We'll be back :-)

We live in the area and were looking for a new place to go. We loved The Keg. The prices were very good. The food was absolutely delicious. It came highly recommended to us by friends, and we are so glad we tried it. It is an excellent place. Great atmosphere.

My order arrived 40 minutes late, and was nothing as the menu stated. Waited another 15 minutes to get correct meal (salmon with rice). Nobody offered a discount for the inconvenience or an apology, extremely slow service, very cold temperature in the whole restaurant. Some customers asked for tablecloths to cover with, what a terrible image for a nice elegant dinner. Paid $200 for 4 people, worst money ever spent.Never going back.

I was in Niagara Falls for the evening (New Years) and managed to grab a seat at the bar prior to the clock striking 12. The atmosphere was fantastic, truly felt like a celebrity.
The bar staff took care of me as if I was the only person in the place...though they had their hands full. My Gin Martini's were made perfectly, and my meal (filet cooked med.rare/Chicago style) was made to order...and delicious. I love the Keg b/c you know what you're getting every time...and wow, what a view. It was a great night, thanks to the staff, especially Rick (bartender) and Lindsay (waitress)...great job!

It;s such a big beautiful restaurant but the service and food was not up to pare. and very expensive for what I received.To some it all up the place sucks

We came to the keg on a very busy saturday night. We entered in the Downstairs lobby bar and the host (Dave) was very helpful and had many things to say and to recommend to us...the wait was about 45 mins but we were just going to have a drink. The bartender Adam was also helpful he made our drinks perfect. The wait felt like not that long at all. Dave was able to get us a window table without even asking. and it was such a nice evening. I have never been to a keg with such good service. Thanks to Adam and Dave who made our night.

We had a chance to eat at The Keg on our trip to the Falls. We loved it. The steaks were excellent. We each ordered one, and shared some appetizers too. The atmosphere is warm and cozy. It was very comfy there. A perfect place to dine at. On top of that, there is also a really great view of Niagara Falls.

a steak the size of a childs hand,a small tastless potato and a piece of tomato with cheese on it,all for just $14o and we left still hungry! Yeah,i think not!!

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