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Located inside the Comfort Inn Fallsway and in the heart of Clifton Hill , this restaurant serves breakfast for the guests of the hotel (6:30am-10:30am) and then opens its doors to the public for lunch, dinner, and late-night snacks. There's an enclosed patio where you can look out over Clifton, Niagara's Street of Fun. The menu ranges from finger food and pizza to fajitas, and pastas. There's a kids menu and the restaurant is licensed.


4946 Clifton Hill  Niagara Falls, Ontario  L2E6S8 Canada 905 353 0051


Hardly no crowd there at 11:00AM got seated on the paito waited for wait staff for one came to the we left!!

I thought it was a great place to go. It was our last night in Niagara Falls and my boyfriend and I had already done the big name places to go so we were looking for someplace nice but different. The food was amazing, the drinks were very well done and the service was spectacular. Our waiter was very nice, quick and not pushy when we took our good old time with the brownie. The menu was a good variety with different options with something for everyone in my opinion. I would suggest this place for anyone staying in the area to go to. Made our last night here sad to see it end, but very delightful

it was awsome service was great . the parking was a bit of a pain in the ass but its ok .i recomend you come to this location.

Kelsey's is a great place to grab a bite to eat. The food is great (the drinks are better) and the atmosphere is welcoming.

Excellent restaurant. One of my favourites in the falls. A little bit of a pain to get to (directly in the middle of tourist central a.k.a. clifton hill) but definitely worth it. The spinach dip is amazing and I have it everytime I go there. When its busy, sometimes the service is a little slow, but that can be expected. Overall, if you live here, or will just be visiting, I definitely reccomend this place. :)

Kelsey's has a large menu with plenty of choices. They have everything from seafood dishes, to sandwiches, to pizza. It is a very casual setting. We all ordered sandwiches at Kelsey's and their burgers were excellent.

Kelsey's is a neighbourhood Bar & Grill. It was very busy when we were there. Kelsey's menu features more than 70 items to satisfy a variety of tastes--salads, pasta dishes, steak & seafood, ribs, burgers & wings.

I wish we could have been seated for a meal! Nobody came..the rock music was so loud you could'nt hear yourself talk..we went to Antica instead ..goodbye Kelsey's, stick with your lousy dump!

Loved it!  We had a sampler.  Had the cheese & spinach dip, onion rings and sliders.  The onion rings were the best I'd ever had and I love onion rings.  Everything was really great.  I guess it depends on what time you decide to go eat.  We had a great time at Kelsey's Ontario.

Terrible terrible service. My wife and I went to this restaurant during the lunch day rush. It was empty and it is not surprising. My wife ordered a pasta dish and a salad. The cucumber in the salad was spoiling and the lettuce was was old. 
The hamburger I ordered did not come with relish. I asked and they said they were out. Sorry. Worst restaurant I ever been too. If you want to go to Kelsey's, do not go to this location. 

Walked by this place it smelled amazing so we came back later for dinner. Very glad we did. It was very busy but only waited about 10 min for a table for two. The server was friendly and did her job well. The Food was wonderful. we tried the Buffalo pierogies very interesting and delicious. The main course was the Philly with fries very tasty as well as my friend who had a pulled pork sandwich. the Best food we had while on our trip. Must go in and Have a bite!


Good service. Don't try the ribs, even if offered for free. Worst ever, tasted like shoe sole.

Horrible service. the waitress touched our food with her fingers believe it or not.

Went at 5:00 for dinner, because where we really wanted to eat was closed, and this was close. The service was great, the atmosphere,pleasing and comfortable. He ordered a clubhouse sandwich with garden salad. The andwich was poorly constructed,the meat all in the middle, and little of anything on the other side of the whitish bread.The salad was limp and lifeless, served with crutons!!!Was this just to give the salad some crunch?? I ordered the bbq chicken pizza.Sickeningly strong and sweet bbq sauce on the bottom, a small amount of cheese on that, then unseasoned chicken breast strips, topped with a small amount of bacon, and I mean small. the crust was allright.When my dining partner asked how it was, all I could say was that it was HORRIBLE! I'm a big eater, but I could only eat a third of it before giving up. That meal really ruined our day at the Falls, and we will never return to any Kelseys, anywhere.

Great food, great service. My husband and I and my two kids (age 8 and 10) really enjoyed this restaurant. Great atmosphere and service. Food was very very good and my dinner was outstanding. Portions were good and price was reasonable. I has the lobster and shrimp pasta dish.. awesome!

The food wasen't that great,i pay 100 dollar bill,after i came home the waitress charge me 115...

Your typical roadhouse fare. Nothing special. Liked the outside patio. Service was okay. Food was average and bland to taste. Wouldn't go there again simply because:
1)it's a chain restaurant
2)there are so many other, family owned restaurants in the area to try.

Has a great Canadian/American menu, burgers, ribs, salads and such. Right on Clifton Hill in the midst of all the attractions. Open 11am to 1am

We attempted to visit this restaurant the day before my wife's birthday. We were checking it out to see if it would be a good place for dinner the next night. Two people were stood in the doorway smoking. Pushing past them, we found another couple waiting to be seated. They didn't look very happy and said they had been waiting several minutes to be seated. The bar was clearly visible from this area and the bartender was doing some sort of monkey dance to entertain the seedy-looking people sat at the bar. He had no interest in those of us who wanted to come in and spend some money. We also waited several minutes and then left. To the best of my knowledge, the other couple is still waiting for a table. I doubt it will be worth it.

My husband and I ordered the platters which contained fries as well as the sandwich. Both meals were VERY good and satisfying. We sat by the garage window (which opens to make it a dine in/dine out eating area). We enjoyed our visit there and loved the view and watching the cars/people go by. The service was great as well.

Great service, great food. I ordered the fried haddock with a caesar salad, husband had a burger and fries. My son had an individual barbecue chicken pizza. All were large portions and excellent! I would have gone back to try other things, but there were too many other places to try!

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