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Cuisine: Seafood
5845 Victoria Avenue, Niagara Falls Ontario, L26 2L6 Canada 905 357 4500


The food there was to die for. It was so delicious! I recommend this amazing little restaurant to any one and everyone! It was a little bit pricey, but then again, everything is these days! The busers + servers were especially good-fast, and kind! Keep up the GREAT WORK! : ))


Appalling! No other word can quite describe the experiences of my husband and I when we decided to visit this restaurant. We both ordered the traditional "English Style Fish and Chips" off the menu. What arrived at our table can only be likened to a serving of Captain Highliner fish. As far as the 15 or 20 french fries that came on our plate, well suffice to say I've had better french fries served with a combo meal at McDonalds. I am still toying with the idea of writing directly to the restaurant to lodge a complaint and further, copying my correspondence to the Niagara Parks authorities. There is only one positive comment that can be related from our experiences at this restaurant and that is that in my husband's words, the looks of the waitress should more than make up for any disatisfaction with the food. He was wrong and that's an opinion that we both share. Cute just doesn't cut it when your paying such exorbitant prices for fish and chips out of a box.

We ate at this restaurant almost thirty years ago for our honeymoon. It was great back then. We plan on going back there for our 30th in July! Cant wait!

Disgusting, dirty and the food service has been going downhillover the last 10 years. We visited this restauant often in the past and it was excellant. But our last visit was just that, our last. We had a group of 12 people, we were overcharged on the food and wine, the quantities were poor and the service was terrible. This place really needs a "Restaurant Makeover".

I think most people that write reviews on here are all a bunch of picky whiny people lol....this restaurant was amazing! It was quaint, cozy, nice music, excellent service, great food and greta portions and we would totally go again for sure. My husband and I picked a fantastic place to have our 10 yr anniversary dinner. Thanks to David our awesome server too! :)02/19/12

I think most people that write reviews on here are all a bunch of picky whiny people lol....this restaurant was amazing! It was quaint, cozy, nice music, excellent service, great food and greta portions and we would totally go again for sure. My husband and I picked a fantastic place to have our 10 yr anniversary dinner. Thanks to David our awesome server too!

Well I haven't even eaten my dinner yet and can say this place is horrible. The online menu is false advertisement as they do not offer most of the items listed and the actual prices are about 20% more than listed

Food was fantastic! My wife and I visit Niagara often and we've never eaten at the love boat before, being weiry about the reviews I wasn't very interested but when I had asked a local at our hotel he had nothing but great things to say.My zuppa was amazing and my wifes veal marsala was great too! We will return for sure! Our waitress and service was excellent.

The Love Boat has great food and service. Plenty of selection and a wonderful patio for dinner el fresco. It is worth the trip. Tip: Great Calamari and cappucino..

STAY AWAY!! Place was empty, rude staff syrupy pop that cost $3 each. I read the reviews and told myself to not go there, but somehow I ended up there-couldn't believe it. Bread was stale-My husband ordered the 9.99 pasta, it was DISGUSTING-one huge nasty looking meatball with Ragu poured over some dried up rigatoni. I ordered the linguini with clam, it was swimming in some salty soupy broth. Clams looked like they were from a can. I returned my food-they took it off the bill. But it ruined our entire romantic night out.

SUPER SHITTY service plus my wife and i had noticed the placd was freezing. We complained and the sever judt used the excuse the heater was broken. It was durring the slow season so we just assumed they turned the heat off to save money. The food was disgusting and WAY over priced. My bill with my wife was 145 and we didn't each much.
Go there if you just don't like the taste of food !

The food was amazing. Served family style with individual courses. The mussels were out of this world in a homemade tomatoe sauce. The pasta cooked to perfection and my tastebuds got to ride on a tidle wave of flavour. The seaffod platter was a large portion with a variety of everything. So if you can not make up your mind you can try a little ov everthing. The service was like I was being served by my own family!!! The dim lighting allowed my dining experience to feel as if I was actuaaly out on sea. It was an intimate and pleasurable experience for my fiance and myself considering we just got engaged that weekend. Well done Love Boat well done!!! I suggest everyone tries The Love Boat Way for Two leeaves you feeling full and satisfied.

the poor waiting quality is directly correlated with the pathetic managing skills. the man who enherited this company from his father has run it into the ground sucking every last bit of resources out of it and putting absolutely nothing back in. did you get a bad meal ? there was probably a lack of resources since nothing is ever restocked. there menu looks impressive until you realize that they only stock 5% of the wine list and 60% of the kitchen. this place has turned from a family friendly restaurant into a dump of a dining room that caters only to wealhy friends of the exclusively italian family. i suggest not dining here unless your one of rico's golf buddies because chances are you won't be treated with any kind of respect especially if your dealing with the owner. this place is a complete hole and it would do niagara falls better to burn it down and replace it with another hooters.

The food at this particular establishment was terrible. All of their fish is frozene even though on the menu it says flown in weekly. The service was also terrible becaus ethe server didnt come to our table right away and repeatedly forgot to bring us food and drinks. She was also making strange noises at the bar area which was weird and not to mention uncalled for as this is a supposed family/casual dining restaurant.

This meal was terrible. Our waitress was very nice and friendly, but while good food can sometimes make up for bad service, the reverse isn't true. The escargot was just the snails in oil, no cheese. The shrimp in the cocktail were the size of shrimp ring shrimp (SMALL) and only 5 of them for $5. Then the 'Prime' rib was tough and mushy at the same time (don't ask me how they managed that). Everything from the starter bread through the main course was terrible. And the meal for 2 people came out to $63 with no alcohol. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY, THERE ARE PLENTY OF GOOD RESTAURANTS AT THE FALLS!

we eat here when we come up north my wife enjoys the food as I do we have been eating here for the last 10 years A must eat when you are in the Falls area

My wife and I have visited the Love Boat with our friends frequently several years ago. At that time, we found it to be a pleasurable experience. On our recent visit to the falls, we decided to return to the Love Boat and celebrate our friends 25th wedding anniversary. Our visit this time was rather disappointing for several reasons: 1. We had to ask to adjust the air conditioning as it was very warm at the establishment (which apparentlty has been tempermental all summer-why wasn't it repaired?). 2. A simple table food, like the bread basket, didn't arrive for a very long time. 3. Some of our dishes were dirty; 4. My son had asked for the whole lobster, which was at market price. We expected a cost of $40-$45 for the meal, maybe $50 tops. This meal was $60.00. No attempt was made by the waiting staff to inform us of this outrageous price before hand. I guess the old caveat "Buyer beware" really applies at this restaurant. 5. The chairs we sat on had torn seats and some were unsteady. All in all, I would not recommend to anyone this establishment. The quality of the dining environment has significantly deteriorated.

this was one of the worst dinning experiences of my life! The experience did start out good though with a friendly server my scotch that I ordered was about a 1/4 of an ounce with ice that cost 16 dollars my girlfriend asked for a cosmopolitan and was given an apple martini the server was again nice and gave us two free drinks which were shit anyways. The seafood there was worse than a chinesee buffet I couldnt even finish half of my dinner without gagging on there expired seafood mussels = nasty lobster tail was harder than a rock and the rack of lamb also hard as a grizzle steak. The people were nice but the food blows horribly and so does the cost you might as well go throw your money in the sewer rather than come here you would probably get more enjoyment out of that!

By far the worst meal I have ever had! The pasta, ordered by my daughter, was tasetless. My husbands seafood, lobster, was like rubber. My fish, flat on the pallet. High prices for poor quality. There are many far better restaurants in the Falls at these prices...walk farther east!!!

my wife and myself felt like fish and chips.well it so bad captain highlaner fish and a kid's size macdonald fries. it was very sad never never again

by far the worst restaurant i have ever been to. cold bread at the start. overcooked escargot, just terrible. the steak was thin and fatty. the lobster tail was way over cooked. extremely over priced for the quality of that garbage food. i would of had a better meal at any fast food joint over this place.

the service was shitty the watress was a retard food was bland needed salt on eveything and i got the surf and turf and the lobster tail didnt even look like a lobster tail for that much money you can have alot better somewhere else.

My wife, my self and three kids went to the love for dinner last night. We were one of two tables in the restaurant so at first i wasn't sure how good the food was. We were served bread and butter and water right away before even asking, our server was a young man who was very nice and funny. My son ordered escargot, my wife had a cup of clam chowder and we split two orders of brushetta. All of it was excellent, we all ordered steak and lobster tail except my daughter, she had shrimp and scallops in a garlic cream sauce. All the steaks were cooked perfect and the lobster tails were excellent, for 29.95 we got veggies and potatoes to. you cant go wrong! We had cheesecake and creme brulee for dessert and we practically licked the plate. The decor in side is a little dated but i really dont care about those things. Great job Love Boat!! Compliments to the chef!

Well I haven't even eaten my dinner yet and can say this place is horrible. The online menu is false advertisement as they do not offer most of the items listed and the actual prices are about 20% more than listed

I do not recommend visiting this restaurant, unless you have the $25 voucher and are ordering on the cheaper side of things (so you wont have to pay out of your pocket). After reading the reviews I was hesitant in going but figured I will try anything once. I ordered the steak sandwich (which was OK) and fries. The fries came cold, exactly like the mcdonalds fries. My boyfriend ordered a dish with an assortment of seafood, served over vegetables or you could add pasta as well which he did, but turned out then he didnt get any vegetables with it. His sauce was watery. He was also served cold, stale, buns with it. We were the only ones there at around 430pm. There are two tvs in this restaurant. The staff were sitting down watching the movie, which was quite loud. As I am trying to enjoy a romantic dinner I do not wish to hear some woman giving birth and screaming at the top of her lungs. The waiter was a young guy, who was very nice!

Worst place I have EVER eaten! First we were not given any water or bread, but just as well as all the food tasted terrible! The crab cakes tasted like something you would get frozen for $1 and the rest of the food($80 worth) was terrible. Plus the service was cold and rude. STAY AWAY!

I LOVE the Love Boat !!! My fiance and I go there every year for our anniversary and have never had a problem!!! It is am awesome experience, the food is good and you get what you pay for... Big meals and full stomachs, I really enjoy going there every year for our special day and it makes it even more exciting each year that we know that we are going to the love boat. I would never go to anywhere else. 5 years in a row and I can't wait until this year when we return our next visit. The food has been so delicious that we are now going twice a year with friends to socialize and they all love it too !

The place was dead which made us wonder if that was a sign of some kind. We were the first and only table but people began to come after a short while.
Two of us got the prime special, which was supposed to be an 8oz serving with a baked potatoe and vegitables described as green beans and carrots...
The Prime was not what anyone would expect. Both our medium and medium rare prime rib servings were grey throughout, and had the 'au jus' poured all over it. Tasted more like roast beef than prime rib and between the two plates of prime rib we had one carrot and all green beans.
I had to make sure i was served the 8oz special because both of our servings were over 12oz easy, and we had read a review where a customer was told they didnt order the special and they had to pay twice the amount. But the server confirmed we were paying for special. Infact the male server that we had was very pleasant and even at as the volume of tables s picked up he was prompt to refill our drinks and check in.
One of the girls ordered chicken pasta and she was certain the chicken was 3 chicken nuggets.
The fish and chips special came was a very generous serving of fries and it was described as tasty so contrary to what we read the fish n chips werent bad.
But this resturant is 4/10 at best.
Our pop and waters tasted funny,
Its too bad but really if you're in the falls and looking to eat a decent meal you're going to have to spend the extra. 
I might suggest the keg or the outback or the copa cabana.
but not the love boat

Sucks ballz, Cheesecake fell apart, fries were cold and meat was undercooked.

One of the worst experiences of my life.
Owner's son/Manager had a hissy fit when I brought up unethical advertising about their specials
They mislead you with their special's advertised on the front. 
Along with 2 mains, we ordered the escargot app, with the impression that it was the advertised "special" price. When the bill came, it was not the advertised priced. He said he assumed we wanted the regular one b/c we had the menu on the table and we were ordering from that one. There wasnt even a "special menu" nor did we point to the menu. 
Then he said, "oh come on, your meal was a good deal." And I replied back, "it's not about the price, it's a matter of ethics." And then he said, "I cant believe you are fighting for such a small amount." And I replied back again, "it's about ethics."
And reluctantly he changed it,stomped away, only to THROW the BILL on our table afterwards.
Aside from that, our water never got refilled our water- as wait staff never came to check on us until our main was finished.
The place was dusty.I had noticed someone had previously wrote " DUST ME!" with their finger in the dust on this giant steering wheel.

My husband and I visited The Love Boat, and were sorry the second we did. The waitress seated us right against the window, at the World's Smallest Table, took forever to bring us our soft drinks, which was 2 ounces of soda, 10 ounces of ice, and $2.50 each to boot. Refills were extra, and took forever as well. The breaded shrimp were barely ok, and my husband's Crab Fettuccine Alfredo had imitation crab and a disgusting sauce. Awful is the only word I could think of, and the bill for two people was $62.00. Go across the border to the Olive Garden, it's worth it. Avoid The Love Boat at all costs.

We were lured in by the "free kid's meal" if you by an entree. Well, there were only 2 choices for the kids to chose from. Then, we waited for 10 minutes for someone to come and wait on the table and no one came. We got up and left!

The calamari was the best calamri we have ever had. The wine was resonably priced. the dinners were hot and fresh. The service was very friendly. I woould reccomend eating here!!

Prepare for one of the most intimate dining experiences in Niagara Falls. The lighting, food, and atmosphere combine to create the perfect jumpstart for an evening of romance. I realize that I ordered ham in a seafood restaurant, but that's only because i don't get out much and we had already eaten at Applebee's once that day.  highly recommend The Love Boat for something exciting and new.

Wow, I was so impressed, service, cleanliness adn food, was fantastic, I am coming back as soon as I can. Thank you for making my experience of Niagara FAlls dining, wonderful.
I have eaten at restaurants all over the world, and I am very happy with all.

The Crab and the Scallops were both excellent. We do NOT go to Niagara Falls without eating here. Consistently good food and service. Not cheap, but worth it.

This is the worst dining experience of my life. I have never eaten at such a horrible restaurant, ever!
The food took too long to come. The waitress was not attentive, took forever to take our order, water, and bill.
The food was ridiculously overpriced for crap. I never ate such crap in my life.  Our bill was $100 for food that tasted like it should be $10.
To start off, the steak tasted and looked like really bad hamburger meat. There was no flavour. My rack of lamb was tough and overcooked. There was hair in my mom's sole and there was no flavour in that either.  The baked potato that came with the food was just plain. No fixings. We had to ask for sour cream, and the waitress didnt leave it at the table. I will never go back again. If it was just crappy food, I could live with it. However I cant live with crappy food that costs A LOT OF MONEY. I am still upset over this dining experience

I've been to this restaurant a few times without any major issues. However, the last time I was there, when I received my order of mussels, I noticed that they had a bitter taste, and the smell became quite offensive. I told the waitress that I thought the mussels were bad, so she took them back to the chef, and returned about a minute later with them. She told me that the chef insisted that they were fresh, and that the mussels had just arrived from the coast. I rather reluctantly ate them (shame on me), and I paid for it by having diarrhea for almost a month.

My wife and I had an amazing experience with some friends at The Love Boat. We started the evening with some cocktails and then moved to a fantastic wine with our dinner. Our server was a young man who was very personable and extremely funny, he paid great attention to details and was always attentive even with a full section of tables. Our appetizers were some of the best Iíve ever had, we had the fried calamari, smoked salmon and steamed mussels. The portions were more then generous and the ingredients were simple, fresh and tasty. We all had a salad witch was full of freshness and a great balsamic dressing, but the best was yet to come. Our main courses arrived and I think all our faces lit up, the lobster was a bright shiny red cascading over the plate picked right from a saltwater tank, the New York steak and lobster tail was cooked to perfection, the seafood combo was full of goodies, plenty of hot butter to dip in and the lamb was amazing, cooked to perfection and covered in spices with this garlic citrus sauce. It melted in your mouth. This dinner was a feast for a King. We finished the evening with some coffee and we couldnít resist not ordering some dessert, so we split a deep fried cheesecake and a chocolate muffin filled with melted chocolate ganache. It was to die for. 
I canít wait to return. 

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