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Cuisine: Steak House
5759 Victoria Avenue, Niagara Falls, Ontario L2G 3L6 Canada      905-371-2273


Since we on a Sunday Night in March the restaurant wasn't really busy, which was good. The food was excellent and the service was good as well. Good location, and inviting atmposhere.


The atmosever was great i had an amazing time AT THE ONE THE ONLY...MONTANAS

Been making the trip to the falls every year since 99' every year my family and i eat at Montana's. don' get me wrong. Good food, but we were just there this week, this is the first time U.S. money was worth less, 95 on the dollar. all the other places we visited charged us even up, but Montana's did not. our bill was 74.00 Ca. and they charged us 85.00 U.S. The economy stinks and the place was empty at dinner time on a Fri. night. Not a smart way to do business. WE WILL NEVER EAT THERE AGAIN!!!!

This has to be the worst restaurant we have ever visited we were seated by a waitress who looked like she was on some kind of medication kept asking us if we needed menus which we already had our food took for ever and place was empty the restaurant looked out of date and dirty the place needs a good face well as someone who knows what they are doing dont waste ur money British Columbia.

No one greeted us when we walked in. In fact, we stood around for about 5 minutes before anyone showed up (right about the time we were ready to walk out.) The waitress was nice enough after a while. It took forever for our order to come in. It seemed like the people who came in after us got their food first (there were only about 10 customers in total.) The food was pricey considering that there nothing special about it.

This restaurant does not live up to the other Montana's (which have been very good)that I have been to in my lifetime.
Some of our food was under cooked and we had to ask twice to have these items removed from the bill.
The waitress made fun of the menu items by saying that they weren't top sellers anyway, so she wasn't surprised that we didn't enjoy them.
I would skip this restaurant in a heart beat.

I would have rated THIS Montana's a zero if I could. I ordered a large spinach salad (cost, almost $10) and got 10 leaves of spinach. It was supposed to come with mixed vegetables. I got one red pepper and one piece of zucchini. Each measured 1 inch X 1/6 of an inch!!! There were three wedges of tomato. I sent this insulting portion back to the kitchen. A second one came back that was marginally bigger but was still void of the vegetables promised on the menu. The manager refused to remove the salad from my bill. I have since written to Montana's head office to report this offensive offering. I have not heard back. I also let head office know that my guest and I waited at least three minutes just to get seated. We should have left. I would absolutely NEVER return to the Niagara Falls Montana. The manager there needs to be fired. He is putting his profit margin way ahead of customer satisfaction. In fact, customer satisfaction isn't even on his radar. ABSOLUTELY THE WORST RESTAURANT!!!

The server was extremely knowledgeable about everything on the menu, food was great!

I go to Montanas in St. Catharines and have never had a complaint. This Montanas was a total rip off. The portions were so small and was more money then the one in St. Catharines. The Ceasar salad was so small it was like doing a shot of the salad. I asked for my steak on my sandwich to be rare and it came out medium. They were lucky i was hungry and just ate it.

It was March break and I took my family to Niagara Falls. As we are walking up Clifton Hill we saw Montana's. We now wish that we never saw it. The food was awful, the service not exceptable for a Montana's. We always eat at a Montana's everywhere we go but never again at that one. Head office should peak in there once and a while!!!!

I was going to take my wife out for dinner and a movie. We have been to Montana's in St. Catharines and it was great. I went to this website to find the location in the Falls as that's where we were going to the movies. I'm glad I did. We are now going to Red Lobster instead. Thank for the heads up folks.

Not the best experience. Staff was very unprofessional. you could tell they didnt know much

what a dissapointment place was reccomened by a lodge we stayed at we had to wait to get served 15 min. the waitress was rude food was cold friutflies everywhere it was gross asked to speak to a manager owner came out instead we complained about the food and the fruitflies he did apoligeze but then he looked at us like is that all he reminded me of hommer simpson DUH not too bright how do u manage a restaurant if u cant keep ur staff and customers happy what a wate of money

well we came all over from mexico city one of the biggest cities in the world,we do have the most increibles restaurants and we found this montana very good , the food was very good and they serve fast,I don´t know what people is expcting , but I can tell you this,we were happy,thats all we need thanks

My husband and I visited this restaurant three times while we were in Canada. All three times were EXCELLENT!!!! My family is planning another trip and I will make sure we come back. The food is better than great!! I have never had that much meat on a rib!! and they were delicious!!!

I was there on march break with my family and had a WONDERFUL experience! The food was excellent and the service was great! alicsia i believe her name was, was VERY enthusiastic and personable! she made our experience a fun enjoyable time she even gave us complimentary playing cards! will definately be back, cant wait!

Recently visited Montana's and thought it would be a different place to try. Had viewed the menu online beforehand and looked good with much variety. The appetizer was very good, however, my entree of "fish and chips" was less than par. The breading was extremely greasy and thus the haddock fillets were not as they should have been. The staff was friendly and the restaurant was clean, but will most likely not go there again.

the camembert frites are to die for!!

Have been to plenty of montanas restaurants some ok some not bad but the one in Niagara falls is awful went there on May 20, 2010 for dinner food was awful the manager some heavy guy didnt know shit and then my husband went to the washrooms he said they smelled awful like they have never been cleaned.Our food took 4 ever to come when we asked about it the manager said patience i am short staff later we asked for wipes to clean our hands they gave us one we asked 4 more the waitress said WE ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO GIVE ONE PER CUSTOMER HOW PATHETIC ever will i go back head office will hear about this.

This restuarant was disgusting! My family and I needed a place top eat after we were at the casino so we decided to go to this restuarant! After waiting for our drinks for about an 1/2 an hour we got disgusted and left!! The next day our friends went their and ate, well lets just say that they weren't to happy!! When they got there fish to the table my friend started to eat it and found that it was hot on the outrside but frozen on the inside! And to think the restaurant said that they DO NOT freeze their seafood and that they get it fresh they found that to be a lie!! When my other friend got her washed potatoes she saw something crawling in it! Later after she ate it the chef came out and said that they found some small worms in the mashed potatoes! She said that it was the worst food she had ever eaten!!

We walk in on Jan 3rd, 2007 about 2:15 PM. Most of the Restaurant was empty. No one was there at the door or the reception. We waited for about 10 min. One waitress glanced at us several times while serving handful of existing customers but no one comes by. Finally we decided to take a seat on our own. A waitress comes by after another 7 min of taking a seat for our lunch. We had a coupon from our hotel "1 free appetizer with order of 1 entree". We presented it to her to know how this works. She replies to our astonishment “we don’t offer any free stuff, if you want you can talk to the owner, do you want to talk to the owner?” I was numbed. I said “We trust you, so that wouldn’t be necessary.” I had to take the opportunity to ask her if she is okay health wise as her behavior was quite unexpected. In our 4 min conversation she offered to talk to her owner several times, almost like forcing us to do so. This gave us a notion that this type of incident happens at Montana quite often. Finally, out of frustration derived from an unpleasant approach we ended up canceling the order we placed and walked out. I would NEVER VISIT this franchise of Montana again. Who knows what’s going to be in the food if their first approach is like this. We went back to Kelsey’s across the street. Kelsey’s were wonderful.


i have been to this montanas plenty of times and the last time was the best. they changed their menu and the server was vert knowledgable about the new menu changes. our steak was hte ebst it ever was and the portion size for the tender dinner was enough! i will come back to eat here again becuase service was amaziing adn the food was excellent! i love going to the cookhouse

Party of 5 of us, had an amazing time. Service was amazing, even though the restaurant was a little busy, all you can eat ribs were fantastic, huge portions! Highly reccommend

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