Monticello Grille House - Niagara Falls

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Cuisine: Fine Dining
5645 Victoria Avenue, Niagara Falls, Ontario L2G 3L5 Canada     905-357-4888


The food is amazing- best I've ever had. Service was excellent- always is. Have been several times and will be back for sure.

It doesn't beat Mcdonald's, Wendy's B.K, Harveys or Seductions. Trust me I should know, I am The Burger King! The Chef treated me great. He was always on top of me...sorry I mean my table. So I took him back to my beautiful hotel room overlooking the falls. We fed eachother. some great desert which we took out from the restaurant. Can't wait to go back and have dinner hopefully with him.

A very poorly prepared meal at an expensive price.
Steak was ordered MR when I recieved it, it was Well.
My husbands lobster was very boring and cold.
very generic food. no flare or effort put into it.
I would not recomend this restaurant to anyone.

Monticello’s setting has sounds that soothe the soul and set the mood for an unparalleled dining adventure. Possessing an original dinner Menu and flavours not before seen in Niagara Falls, Monticello is exactly what its name inspires, “a mansion of the south” or an older slang Italian meaning, “little mountain”. That is what the first owner of the Monticello Mansion (set atop a little mountain) in the old south desired, rich open flame cooking, fine exotic and intriguing wines that danced with the flavour of food and harmonize like a southern duet in the Dixie moonlight

We enjoyed our dinner at the fine restaurant. We have let our friends in London and St. Thomas (Ont.) know how pleased we were and they will be looking up on their next trip to Niagara Falls. I must say, we were so pleasantly surprised.

One of the better wine selections I have seen. We found the food to be of high quality. Atmosphere, wine and food all complimented each other very well. An excellent experience and we hope to have the opportunity to return.

Was very good the last time I went, This time it was quite possibly the worst restaurant experience I have ever had. The food was not only overcooked and very bland in flavor it also made us very ill. I had a mild case of food poisoning. I was sick for a day and feel others should know this as to avoid this happening to them. I wont be having dinner there again and will recomend it to no one.

One of the best I ate in the niagara region not just your average restaurant.

We had a wonderful Valentines at this wonderful southern charm steakhouse. I would have to say it brought me back to my honeymoon.

We were in Niagara Falls last winter and had the extreme pleasure of dining at your restaurant twice during our stay and so we would like once again to come for dinner.

We ordered Escargot, Prime rib X2
Crap, Totally Crap. Food was horrible, Service horrible. Wouldnt feed the food to my dog and I dont even have a dog. Better cooks at Mcdonalds. Dont go you will be sorry

the worst resturant ever. poor service and the guy that walks around yelling at staff very poor costumer service I feel sorry for his staff. not ever to return... not to recommend to any of my friends or family.

We had two different meals with chicken, one was much better than the other... but we don't remember what that was. Which brings me to the comment... once we were done eating dinner, we enjoyed the tastes of several different wines, which were amazing!!! The service was superb... Amy the hostest was very entertaining (we sat on the patio), Heather our waitress was great at the beginning of the night, but after a few bottles of wine she possibly became annoyed with us. And as good chefs & owners do, Gino, came out to mingle with the customers and was very friendly & kind. And lest we forget... the music next door was great!!

My boyfriend and I ordered wonderful drinks (Martini and Wine) and both had the prime rib dishes, which were fantastic. The service was wonderful, it wasn't too busy and the atmosphere was very romantic and beautiful!

French Onion Salty, Prime rib ordered Mr, came out Well Done.
Steak and lobster was bland. very basic food that couldnt be cooked right. Retuned the food and what was sent back was still overcooked, The server was rude and hostess no personality.
No one apologized for our bad experience. Not a favorable experience. I will not recomend this restaurant to anyone.

My wife and I and our many guests, from Oakville and Fort Erie have nothing but the highest praise for this establishment. The food is wonderful, the staff is fantastic, and management is always there to greet you as an old friend.

I am a overweight guy who loves eating great food and drinking red wine. I orderd for myself a bowl of gumbo to die for, fried calamari, and carpaccio and my entree was fillet and lobster. The escort I rented for the night and payed for dinner enjoyed the clams and veal. I would go back to this restaurant in a New York Minute.

Not A good experience,Bad food, Bad service.
Wont be eat there again.
Chef should take cooking lessons or watch the cooking channel for tips.

Spectacular wine list. Some of the best food we have had... in particular the steak. Atmosphere is most appealing. Best restaurant we have been to in the Niagara Region.

I enjoyed my meal and the service was fantastic. However, I did not enjoy the man that was yelling at his staff. That is not professional. The service was excellent but will not be returning.

BEST food!!! Beautiful interior, very cozy! Great wine too...a must if you've never been.

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