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Cuisine: Italian
6541 Main Street Niagara Falls, Ontario  L2G5Y6 Canada 905-374-2621


My friends and I love Vinny's atmosphere. The live music is lots of fun to listen to. The menu has a large variety enough to please everyone. The food is excellent and so are the drinks. As hard as the servers work they give extremely great service and are always happy and willing to please. We go here several times a year especially in the summertime when the band plays outside where we can sit and enjoy the awesome weather and great music.


Went to my cousin vinny's for dinner with 7 of my friends. The place looked nice but the food was not. I ordered penne with sausage. Sausage was terrible, I told the waitress and she said I have just never had real good sausage and its suppose to taste that way. Three of my friends tasted it and said it was horrible. Needless to say I picked it all out. Terrible terrible. Plus the manager yelled at the very nice waitress in front of the customers. Poor lady was serving like 50 ppl by herself. Get off you ass manager and help. Never again.

The worst restaurant in Niagra Falls,poor service,lousy food,and way over priced. We had food poisoning a hour after we left.Save yourself a night hanging over the toilet and stay away from this dive. Canada must not have a health department.

Staff was not familiar with menu or policies. They will not make any substitutions to their menu.
Food is horrible & overpriced.
Manager is mean & doesn't care about the customers at all, he just wants your money & doesn't care if you don't like him the food, or the restaurant. Obviously when they run out of 1st time suckers like me they will not have any customers - period!
Big sign inside says "ask how we celebrate birthdays" it was my husband's birthday which is why we were in Niagara Falls - so I asked, the waitress didn't know, she went to ask the manager, she came back and said "we don't do anything" lol...what's up with the sign then?

We just came back from a disastrous weekend in Niagara Falls. We went to My Cousin Vinny's as part of a package with the Fallsview Comfort Inn.
We went for dinner around 5:00 pm Saturday. That night I didn't feel so good and shrugged it off to maybe coming down with something. The next day I felt worse and really nauseous. All I wanted to do is get back home to my own house. I didn't know if I was going to make it for the 1-30min drive back without vomiting. When I did get home I started vomiting and getting chills with a fever off and on all night. It finally passed the next day, but I felt like hell. The only thing I put in my mouth that day was cereal at home and Vinny's Striploin Steak dinner. I HAD FOOD POISONING from something I ate there. I would NEVER GO there again and I would advise nobody else to either unless you want to destroy your vacation or holiday!!!!!

Absolutely terrible dinner...all of the reviews are spot on - tasteless food for crazy high prices, usless wait staff that don't know about Italian food and rushed service that makes you wish you were at a fast food restaurant paying way less for more flavour. There is no way anyone visiting this restaurant could say that it was worth while ever returning and since all of the positive reviews sound exactly like the description at the top of the page - I have to believe they were written by the owners....stay clear of this place and go somewhere else....they should stick with gardening since that was the only appealing part about this place.

This was my first time there and I was very impressed. The place was extremely busy and the service was excellent. We didn't wait long at all. Our service was prompt and our food was perfectly cooked. I would definitely go here again.

Rigatoni al forno..... I don't think the chef knows what "al forno" means because the pasta was obviously put in the microwave to melt the cheese...and the tomato sauce was watery and tasteless... all this for $18.95
salad was tiny

Santa fe pizza....not bad but too many hot peppers calamari rings... the dipping sauce was bland and no lemon wedges were offered. drinks (daquari and margharita) were good. $78 not worth it. service was slow and the restaurant was nearly empty

Silverware was dirty. Portions were smallish. The outside band was irritating if you were sitting inside because from there, it just sounds like someone's loud car radio and you can't quite establish what's being played... For the price, go somewhere else.

some things never change , they used frozen ravioli, and canned tomatoes they say are fresh, everything is frozen and cheap, how do i know this? well i not only ate there, i worked there too. Very Rude people to work for thats why you dont see the waitresses to long,

Oh my gosh where do I begin. First of all we waited forever for our waitress. Then after we ordered it was another 40 minutes for the food to come. Well needless to say the food was as bad as the service. My meatball sub was horrible. The meatballs had no taste, none. So I sent it back. They would not take it off the check. Said the owners don't allow it since everyone's taste is different. Well tasteless is tasteless no matter who you are. Then they charged us for each refill, didn't even mention they were not free. Shame on us for not asking but shame on them for not saying hey refills aren't free. The only way this place stays in business is because people don't know any better till they eat there and by then it's too late!

Avoid this place. We waited in a line-up for 30 minutes for a table only to wait another 25 for a server to take our order. After that, we waited almost an hour for our food. For those at home keeping score, that's almost 2 hours before we finally had food in front of us.I say the word 'food' as a substitute for what I really want to say, but there could be children reading this site. Everything was either under or over-cooked and had no flavour. The server was apologetic and told us that it always tastes that way. So, the manager knows the food is crap and nothing is done? When we spoke to the manager about our experience he didn't care. He told us that everyone has their own tastes and he "can't go discounting every bill where someone doesn't like the salad." Well, Mr.Manager, when your salad is wilted and your steak is the size of your wristwatch, there's more of a problem than just personal taste.Our server later told us he was sorry, and he told us that the managers are also the owners. He told us they don't care about repeat visitors and the waitstaff is told to get people in, up-sell the cheques, and get them out. AVOID THIS PLACE! It should be put out of business.

Most of the staff were not very friendly. The person who rang us up at the register did not say a single word. I am not sure about your soda refill policy if there is an additional charge which I think is wrong based on the price.

We went to celebrate my son's birthday. Our side of the restaurant had NO air conditioning, very hot and our table was in the sun. The other side of the restaurant was very cool. We complained about the heat to 2 different servers, only response was "yes, it's hot in here" No offers to change our table.The food was nothing special. Drinks were very expensive. By the time my son's meal arrived he was so hot that he was feeling ill and had to go back to the hotel room. We cancelled his birthday cake and asked to speak to the manager. She was totally unsympathetic. Would not even take the cost of one meal off of the bill. We boxed up my son's meal and took it back to the hotel. He ended up eating his lasagna from a styrofoam container in his hotel room where it was much cooler. I told the manager I would not ever return to the restaurant. She didn't seem to care.

First of all, it took at least 10-15 minutes for anyone to recognize that we were there and take our drink order. It was a very hot day, we'd been doing some walking and we of course gulped our drinks down. When we asked for refills, we were told that they were not free and we would be charged another $2.89 for each so did we want to switch to water, WHICH OF COURSE WE DID! What a rip-off - $2.89 for a drink and no free refills. Food was mediocre, at best, for the extreme price. Service was pathetic. We asked for bread when we got our salads as it looked like other tables were getting bread with their salads and were told we would get it with our meals. NOT! We had to ask for it again when our waitress finally showed back up and had to wait another 10 minutes to get it. VERY POOR & EXTRA SLOW SERVICE for the price. I can't believe this place is still in business.

when we informed the waitress that we were a party of 10, she wanted to seat 8 of us at one table and 2 at another. the restaurant was 95% empty. another waitress said that she could seat us all together then led us to the back room and pushed 2 tables together. we would have complained and asked to sit in the main (empty) dining room but we were spared having to listen to the band back there.our drinks arrived but the waitress forgot to bring glasses for the beer drinkers and said she would return with them, which she did after being reminded. she was, however, 1 glass short. when my friend asked where his was he was informed that since he had a cornona he didn't need a glass. she then picked up the wedge of lime that he had discarded and shoved it into the bottle, her finger going into the neck of the bottle, and told him that people drink corona out of the bottle and walked away.

This is the most unorganized restaurant we've ever been too. We travel quite often so we have our fair share of eating out and this one ought to be the worst. The service was slow, waited forever for drinks, food was taste less like canned sauce. No free refills on sodas, not straws or lemons served with waters unless asked for and even then it takes forver! When talking to server they blamed everything on the owners. The owner are losers!!!

The restaurant looks friendly and inviting the washrooms are extremly clean as is the rest of the restaurant. The food was very tasty and priced right. We tried some of the other restaurants in the area and were very upset with the service and prices. The other thing I really liked here was the entertainment that was playing. There was no extra charge for the entertainment which is unlike some of the other places I visited. Overall one of the best places to eat at in Niagara Falls

Has to be the worst resturant i have ever had the displeasure to visit, the fact that i was still charged angers me to this day. Food was terrible, the burger i had ordered was supposed to be glazed with a home made BBQ sauce and cooked medium. It was over cooked and wasnt glazed. It was so dry and so tastless i sent it back. I asked for som BBQ sauce and was brought ketchup. I asked again for BBQ sauce and was told that was BBQ sauce. So bad were the staff and chefs that they couldnt tell the difference despite ketchup being bright red and BBQ sauce being brown. Salad was fine if you like iceburg lettuce as the salad contained very little else and at $12 was not worth half of that. I have never eaten anywhere where a salad was beyond the skill of a chef. I would never recommend that anyone eat at any place with the "my cousin vinnys" name as it would be better to go hungry than spend money on awful food and leave still hungry and with the feeling of being mugged for your money. Awful awful place, never ever go there!

Hey! All you people who are dissing 'My cousin Vinny', I have something to say to you! If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all! I have a friend who works at 'My cousin Vinny', and she likes working there! She's always friendly! I'm thinking of going there one day to have dinner, but after this! I wish I was there to help with costumer satisfaction! So I don't what to see anymore dislikes about the restaurant!

Slow service, food was cold and blamed on the kitchen, server was distracted took over ten minutes for our drinks which were only iced tea, appetizer was good though, meal was dissappointing all together small hair on the chicken that i just cut off cause the wait for another would have left me starving,fries were cold, we had to wait for another ten minutes or so for ketchup for are already cold fries, seem very unorganized werent the only unhappy customers in the restaurant from what we could see. wouldnt consider it again. service is very important and it was terrible.

First off we have ate here before when it first opened and we were more satisfied then this time. We went on our anniversary and once seated were not attended for 15 min. We ordered and asked for a drink and it did not come for another 20 min. After another 10 min the food came, mine was luke warm and my wifes was cold. Our waitress seemed like she had no clue and watching all the staff i see they don't comunicate well with one another.

My son ordered cheese ravioli which were extremely tasteless and very overpriced! I have had frozen that were better!! His sala was partly frozen and very small. The portions were very skimpy as well for the prices they charged. The sauce is very tasteless--just like canned tomatoes. Would not reccomend this place to anyone. Only GOOD thing is the atmosphere! Place is a big rip-off and food is terrible!!

I went to the restaurant expecting a good meal. I was hoping that the place had changed since the renovation. I got uncooked pizza . it was lousy . almost as lousy as the service. Vinny. You should find a new career. Same with lance the pizza cook

We always eat here when we visit Niagara Falls. The price is a bit high, but everything in Niagara is. The only complaint we ever have is the slow service. We will always eat here. It is a meal we look forward to.

Our waiter suggested against the spinach and articoke dip b/c he said it wasn't good. Then when asked what the steak was like he said they weren't good and to order the pasta instead. 2 people in our party tried the steak which was a decent cut of beef with no taste...when the waiter asked how everything was, and was told that it had no taste....he said "well i told you to have the pasta!" who does that?!? the steak only came with fries when we asked for gravy, we were told they don't have any.... service was bad, it was the worst meal i've ever had, and i wanted to cry when we got the bill :(

This has to be the worst can I say worstest experience in my life. The chicken was pink and very undercooked in the middle. I asked the waiter to have it cooked to completion and he acted as if I was asking him to part the Red Sea - after consulting the cook he came back with the chicken that was now blackened chicken and tassted like softened leather. We asked for more sauce - figured we needed something to soften the leather and the confused waiter told us we could not get more - then I think he went to the cook (I use this term very liberally) and they sent the sauce (something happened with the sauce its way to our table - it was curdled). The waiter never refilled our glasses. Avoid this restaurant - even if the food is free avoid this restaurant the food is bad.

This restaurant is way overpriced for the poor quality flavor of the food! I don't mind paying high prices as long as the food is worth it. But $15.99 for a plate of plain spaghetti with sauce?! It tasted like they opened a can of tomato sauce and mixed it with a can of chopped tomato. I don't typically have to add salt to my food but at My Cousin Vinny's you have to add lots of salt and as much parmesan cheese as possible. I used at least half a cup of parmesan and still it was horrible. They don't use seasonings or herbs - obviously the cooks are amateurs. The ravioli was just as bad and the Lasagna wasn't much better, the bread was cold and stale. There are no refills on the drinks. Service is so slow! It took about 10 minutes before we were greeted by our server and everytime we asked for anything it was another long wait. I never complain at restaurants but I just couldn't leave without saying something. We left most of food untouched but the manager only wrote off one of the spaghetti plates. This is definelty a tourist trap. Your're better off going to a chain type restaurant where you know the food is good.
severs are very slow and don't seen to know what they's doing and the food was under cooked!

Where do I start? I have always been told...if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all! Well, I am afraid that I would be doing a great disservice by not saying anything. I must make it known that by choosing this restaurant you are choosing a horrible meal. Sticky table cloths, canned chicken, over cooked noodles, expensive drinks, the worst service I have EVER experienced......etc etc. I could keep going but I think you get the picture.

let me make this short. Me and my girlfriend waited in a lie up for 20 min to get into the place. and oh was that ever a waste of time. there were only 4 waitresses working and the place was packed making it extremely slow for us to get service. The pizza was not cooked enough and we we just not satisfied.

well as i was eatting the soup there was a small tail in my soup i asked one of the staff why it was there and he told me that in the basement of the restaurant there is a room where they keep the rats and the cooks go down and skin them and cook them in the soup this is the gross's thing i have ever heard i will never be coming back to niagara falls ever again in my whole life. :(

Probably one of the worst restaurants in Niagara Falls. The management and owners are some of the worst people you will ever meet. Terrible service. ALSO: It's really sad that all of the "good" reviews on this page are by the owners, employees, and friends/family. They must be struggling to get their rating up. Kind of embarrassing.

Horrible. Terrible Service. Food was awful. TOO EXPENSIVE. Put it this way OLIVE GARDEN is 1000000 times better

The worst experience ever!  The food is overpriced and bland.  Service was extremely slow.  This was a waist of time and money.  It looks good from the outside but once you're inside it's a real nightmare. The sauce on all the food is flavorless, bread was stale and there are no refills.  Stay away from this place or you will be very sorry.  Shame on the owners!

Since the meal is not bad in my cousin vinnys, but it is very bad, it is too much horrifying, and thank that the people they do not put complain in the city theirs entrance hall, or to the owners so that us money for treating of intoxication's with this food class with which they prepare his meals, I prefer the hamburger's of Burger King

Great Waitress, 
She served as well, we eat well and the PR excelled, hand off to her.
The food was good , most of all I am not sure of her name but she treated us well.
The owner should be proud.
Jam From Montreal, Quebec

Food was cold and ridiculously expensive for what you got - soft drinks were almost $3 per glass with no 'free refills' - this is a total ripoff - give me a break - what restaurants don't do free refills anymore and especially at that price. My teenage son was infuriated at this. The waitress was definitely one of the worst we have ever encountered - zero personality. The outside looked inviting, but this restaurant delivers way below the standard. You should avoid it.

The place looked decent so we thought we'd give it a go. I noticed a large bee buzzing around us that would not leave. Maybe it was attracted to our table due to the fact that I had eaten a large bowl of honey for lunch. Anyway, I asked for a fly swatter because I am deathly allergic to bee stings. The waitress laughed at me and told me "too bad" they didnt have one. I asked for the manager. He was surly and rude. Refused to do anything about the situation and threatened to put the bee into my mouth. We were not amused and left. I will never go back there again unless they get a new manager and fix the current bee problem.

I will be honest..NEVER ate there..however went there for a job interview with 20 yrs the age of 40 and was given 5 min. of the managers time..I think the manager/owner is not interested in customer satisfaction but rather making a quick dollor on a guaranteed summer matter how bad the food..too many unsuspecting tourist and cheap thrill by hiring very yuong unexperienced girls...the ad said no experience...who would hire someone with no experience in a VERY BUSY REST. and be worried about giving the very best customer service!!!!

Sat and waited for any kind of service (even menus) for over 20 minutes- 4 people in dining room including my husband and I.
Let without ordering but did get a dirty look from waitstaff on the way out.

After reading all the reviews of this DUMP it is obvious to me that the few good reviews have probably been writen by the owners. I work in the service industry in Niagara Falls and would never recomend this DUMP to ANYONE. Also Keep in mind that they also own the Breakfast buffet across the street.

The server was nice and attentive but the food was not good. One salad - Mandarin Asiago Salad with added chicken had wilted brown lettuce, maybe a teaspoon of almond slices on top and 1/4 cup of canned mandarin oranges. My husband's chicken ceasar salad had no bacon bits. Both salads, one glass of house wine, and one cappucino came to $53.55 cdn. tip not included. Way too much!!! Would NOT recommend! I think the price was so high because they had so many staff wiping tables and standing around but still my table was sticky??!!

The food was tasteless. The service was poor. Waited a long time for our food and when it came to the table it was cold.Would not visit this restaurant ever again. It was terrible and certainly not worth the money.NEVER AGAIN!

You know that feeling of being taken advantage of? That's how I felt leavin here. This restaurant is a fraud. My wife is Italian and just watching her I can make better sauce than these guys. Not a good thing to say about the place. This exPerience put such a bad taste in mine and the fiancée mouth that we smoked a cigarette! Anything was better than this crap. I told three people outside about my experience and they left thank God. This is American style capitalism at its finest. Screw the customer as long as we get paid. It's a trap stay away I am still mad at myself for getting hooked in

Save your money,this is the worst restaurant in Niagra Falls.The food is bad and the server charged us $5.40 more for using US money.The only thing good was the flowers outside.Stay away from this dump!

Nice building and location, but it all stops there......Lousy service, mediocre food w/ rediculous prices.....Prices would have been more "palatable" if the food had been better. The Olive Garden chain is a much better place to eat. 3 bucks each for very small soft drinks w/ refill @ full price. Again, rediculous. Just goes to show that a restuarant in a tourist locale do not need repeat customers to survive. Had I read the reviews BEFORE stopping by, I would have saved myself 156.00 for a dinner for 3.......
REDICULOUS......Avoid @ all cost unless you feel the need to get fleeced.
An american tourist from Kentucky

We stayed at Oaks Hotel nearby. The next morning we went over to take pictures of the magnificent gardens at Vinney's. We did not consider eating there as I have Celiac disease so much of the menu would have been unsuitable. Having read the reviews I see we made the right choice as they would not have been willing to adjust any of the ingredients to make a dish Gluten Free. We have travelled quite widely and find that eateries in tourist areas do not have to care about repeat customers.

The food is overpiced/ lousy calamari and pizza!!

After reading your reviews, we declined a special package from our hotel. After arriving, the manager gave us a coupon and assured us that it was a decent restaurant - so we tried it. The waitress was excellent; the portion was good and the food was comparable to East Side Mario. We enjoyed the evening and the meal (we followed another "good" review from this site and was disappointed.

Some of their meals are bought from frozen dinner boxes from grocery stores or canned. The restaurant is owned by Greeks -and there is only one Italian cook who has no time nor the means to actually cook Italian food properly. The owners are the same owners as Almacs, Bravo and Country Chalet across the street (which have very expensive drink prices). The owners are millionares by the way, so you are not supporting small business people.

The reality of the situation is we sat down to eat and were able to enjoy ourselves by watching the wait staff hanging out and gossiping with each other like high school kids.After and extremely long wait for the food which tasted of nothing bucause it was so bland but got raped by the bill. I couldn't believe what was going on until I found out the restaurant was run by Greek people who don't know what Italian is let alone cook like it, but the package I was sold by my hotel (which is right next to the restaurant) was sold to me because the hotel is owned by the same people who own the restaurant. Bad business practice fooling people coming to a beautiful city on a vacation you should be shut down.

In August of 2010 we stayed at a falls view hotel across the street from Vinny's and decided to eat dinner there. HORRIBLE FOOD IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT. The lasagna I ordered tasted like the kind you buy for $5 in the frozen food department in the grocery store. I complained to the waiter but he acted surprised that I was complaining about the so-called "delicious, home-made food". Anyway, the outrageous amount of $22 was ridiculous. I don't mind an expensive dish if it's worth the money. Highly recommend to NEVER go there, go to CASA MIA instead, classy and a little pricey, but worth it.

I'm usually positive about food but this place reminds me of eating glass

I loved the beautiful flowers and know that an authentic italian lady makes the lasagnas. all the waiters and even the dish guy was adorable. I loved the vintage newspapers on the wall, spaghetti cans and the washline which suggest old new york. a lot of atmosphere! We will be back again.

Decided on this place after a nice walk and from the outside the place seemed a good choice. HOWEVER, the service was beyond slow and terrible, and the manager was walking around and seen/heard us twice say that our waiter was completely unattentive. We werew sitting near the band canopy, and could hear the band members and manager complaining about the lack of people the past couple of nights. The band, Latin heat, was very good, but took WAY too long a break as they were talking to the manager when they should have been back to work. The food was average in taste, and overpriced for what you received for the money. A definite NEVER AGAIN!!!

I was hoping to treat my parents to an italian lunch at this dump, to no avail. My dad did not want to have italian, and asked if he could have the "kids meal" hot dog and french fries. Mind you, my mother and I were ordering an appetizer and each a full meal. The waiter informed us that the last time an adult ordered a "kids meal," that the manager "took it out of his paycheck, " as punishment for trying to please a customer. At this point, we had ordered 2 iced teas. We did decide to not eat at this restaurant. Upon leaving, the manager followed us outside, and threatened to call the police on us, for not paying for the iced teas. True, we did order the iced teas, but had not even had a sip. I went back in and paid for the iced teas. I have never been threatened by a restaurant manager in my entire adult life (nor my childhood, for that matter). My parents and I could not believe the beilgerent behavior of the manager. Note, this was the Niagara Falls location. TERRIBLE, AWFUL, AND NOT WORTH SPENDING YOUR BUCKS!

awesome the service i was quick and th waitreses were friendly. they had perfect food and so juicy. if i could i would live here!

It sucks!!!!! I order virgin pina colada and got alcohol one instead the alcohol cut the inside of my mouth ....SUCKS>>>SUCKS>> Service sucks then waiter tried to charge us extra

Horrible from start to finish. Table was sticky when asked the waitress to wipe it down she said well I will but it won't help that is just the way it is.??????????? Can you say attitude.
I had a chicken fettucine with mushrooms. The chicken was canned chicken as were the mushrooms...yet the advertise thst all their ingredients are fresh. Kids meal didn't even include milk. I had to pay almost $3 on top of the price of the meal.
This place isn't worth stopping. Try the Flying Saucer much better.

Staff was wonderful food was outstanding. Was one of the many great memories I will have of the Falls area. I highly recommend and would love to start a franchise


For anyone who enjoys food, they know that chicken florentine is chicken w/ spinach. When they brought the meal, I had to ask where the spinach was. The waitress said that it was inside. I saw a small amount of green, that looked more like parsley than any spinach. The chicken was dry, the sauce was tasty, with mushrooms in it. I requested more sauce. This in itself was an ordeal as we could not locate our waitress. I eventually asked another server. It took 30 minutes to receive additional sauce, and they charged an additional $4.00 for the sauce to put on overly dry, and now cold chicken. The entire staff is not concerned with customer satisfaction. They do have beautiful flowers all around their resteraunt. Perhaps they should change professions.

CHICKEN FLORENTINE(we both ordered this) Instead of the spinach,it looked like they used dried parsley. And the Ricotta was absent entirely. We asked if we could have a little more of the mushroom sauce ( this was on the outside and they put on about 2T.) since chicken was dry and we had 'naked' garlic potatoes. They charged us an extra $4.00. We did not have after dinner drinks or dessert / as we would normally. Nor did we return on any of the additional days we were in Niagara Falls. PLUS we had a hard time finding our waitress. She did not see if we needed more water nor ask if we wanted coffee etc.

Absolutely terrible food and should be avoided. The parmagiana's arrived just after we received our soggy and bland salads...and the parmagiana's were cold. This contrasts with the warm wine and warm salad. Our son's hotdog arrived within a loaf of bread accomanied by about 10 french fries. Service was fairly uncaring, but on the good side they do have a nice floral display around their building. We will never return and felt we should warn others. Encountered other tourists who also will avoid Vinny's during the rest of their stay.

Vinny's has the best food in the Falls! I love it here. The servers are very attentative and happy to serve you. They always remember me and know how much I love the chocolate suicide cake. The band always attracts interesting entertainment like watching people dance around the patio. When my aunt and I bring out of town guests to see Niagara Falls we always bring them to Vinny's and they just love it!

We were treated rudely from the start. We were told there was a wait, and to wait at the bar. I didn't want to wait at the bar with my children, so when we were waited in the entryway. The same greeter rudely said I told you to wait at the bar. (Hey buddy, I'll wait wherever I please). We were seated and waited at least 15 minutes before anyone even took our drink orders, then we waited and waited for our drinks, the food order, our salad, SILVERWARE ( I guess they expected us to eat with our fingers) then another wait for our lousy food. We were told that refills weren't free, so we could have water if we wanted. At $3.00 a drink for soda, they ought to be ashamed of themselves. When the food came, the meatballs were horrible, the boneless barbeque wings were chicken fingers with redhot sauce on them (No barbeque there). All in all, it was the worst restaurant I have ever eaten at. When I told one of the customers waiting to get in, that it wasn't any good, the manager got upset with me and asked who my waitress was and that most people are happy with the place. LIAR. Look at these reviews.
Then there is the music. They have a person playing music and singing outside and then they play different music inside. It is irritating to hear both playing at the same time. Kind of like putting the head set of a walkman in one ear and a different one with a different song in the other. I hope if you plan on going there, you read these reviews and think otherwise. I hope that you are not unknowing victims of Vinny like we were.

The Chicken parm was cold,
The Cesar salad was expensive,warm and soggy.
Very dissapointed with the food.
The only good thing was the cold beer.

Vinny's is my favorite restaurant in Niagara Falls. They have the best food in town! We live an hour away and sometimes go to Vinny's just for dinner and to listen to the great live music. I almost always order the Chicken Parm and it's always cooked to perfection. We go there so often that the servers know us by our first name and we really like that personal service. We always receive excellent service. During the summer season it is so nice sitting on the patio enjoying a few beverages and listening to the band. It makes me feel like I am on vacation. It is relaxing and so much fun to watch people dance to the great music.

If I could have given all 0's I would. We were lured in by the live band and close proximity to the hotel. BAD IDEA. We were seated immediately and that is where the good service ended. The host came over 5 minutes after we were seated to take drink orders, she was clueless...another person came to help her, we thought she was our server, got the drinks and appetizer ordered, asked for lemons with drink order. 10 minutes later we got drinks, no lemons. Yet another server came to the table, he said he would be our waiter. He was clueless and rude. When we asked for another plate as they only brought 6 for our party of 7 he ARGUED with my father in law and said that we had added someone to the party?? WTH? Nothing about our order was correct. We had to ask for lemons three more times before we actually got them, salad dressing was requested to be on the side and it was not. Kids meals were asked to be brought out as soon as ready, they were not. Drinks went unfilled for 10 minutes. An hour after we ordered we flagged down the server and asked about our meal. We were told that the kitchen was slow and that the orders go in order, so ours simply was not up yet? Like we were idiots or something? We asked to speak to a manager and the server that helped the host with our drinks came up. She basically reiterated what the server guy told us. Nothing they can do about it, she did offer a 10% discount. Then the food came. It was HORRIBLE. I make better sauce and I am just a white chick from Colorado. The baked rigatoni, not baked. All of the food was bland and tasteless. The kids were falling asleep at the table we had waited so long. We then had to ask for the bill. It did not have the discount on it. We demanded that and left, it was overpriced and horrible. WASTE OF SPACE!!!

We were looking for a good Italian "family" restaurant when we arrived in Niagara Falls. My Cousin Vinny's looked really good, including a good atmosphere (band, etc.)

What a tourist trap! Mediocre (at best) food for a ridiculously high price with GST/PST taxes on top of it! STAY AWAY from a couple of American tourists.

We had dinner in the terraze it was very nice and the service was excellent and tha food was very good, but I want to talk about something that happened to us: it was very late they almost closed and I forgot my purse in the chair I had there my passaport my american visa and the passport and visa of my husband(you know he wont forget this as long as he lives), I didnt realize this til the next morning I went in schock thinking I lost all my documents and in the restaurant not only they knew, they calm me they already called the police because they thaugth I woul be asking them and they stay with me until my purse arrived, not only all my documents and money were there, but they didnt accept not even a tip, because they said they knew how I woul felt all the girls were so nice I dont have enough words for them also the owener show up to be certain that all was well.Not only is a nice place but the people are they very best jewls thanks to Lisa F. Lisa N. Michelle and Erin God blessed them always and thanks for the good food and the best service.

We were extremely disapointed. Service was bad (3 servers talking to each other while we waited to give our orders, forgot to bring bread - hey lady, we are in an Italian place, where's the bread???, and we definitely waited too long for everything, etc.)
My veal was cold and was not tasteful at all. I was scared of eating it at this point.
P.S. We went to the Starbuck right after to get rid of the taste in our mouth. It is too bad we do not tip the cook or the owners for their work. I surely would not have given them anything. I definitely DO NOT recommend this restaurant to anyone.
Follow my advice or not, it is your decision... but do not come crying to me after.I should have read the critics before going there. Hopefully I will help someone with this critic before he makes the same error.

i had to heal my hunger i came to the right place servers are bubbly the elvis burger rocks im in the falls alot and ill always make a pit stop at vinnys

Stop trying to make your crappy restauraunt sound good when we all know its garbage. The food taste like its out of a can and the the service and band is horrible. WILL NEVER RETURN!!!! BEWARE!!!!!

One of the common complaints about this place that I've read here is the service. Too bad the managers of My Cousin Vinnie's don't see these reviews and act on them. We wanted to stop off for a quick bite while visiting the Falls. It was 2:00 in the afternoon and there was only 1 other couple in the entire restaurant. The waitress brought us our menus and that was the last we ever saw of her. We waited a full 20 minutes without getting served until we finally decided to leave. As we walked out the door, we had to walk past the bar and front desk, yet everyone was oblivious to our presence. Come on! Also, for added entertainment, during our wait, the manager (or someone) misplaced a key and was busy loudly accusing the waiting staff of having lost it on him. Turns out that the moron left if outside near a newspaper stand - someone off the street brought it back. For a restaurant in a city that attracts so many world travelers, they really should pay more attention to service. I know I'll never go back there again.

this was by far one of the best experiences we as a party have ever had in a restaurant. we visit the falls 3 times a year and have eaten at vinnys for the second time since discovering this place. the entertainment is world class, the servers friendly and knwoledgeble. the food was warm and tasty and above all else priced accordingly. We recommend this eatery to all of our family and friends. Also great place to bring the kids since its arelaxed and enviroment.

Loud, Loud, Loud, music
service was pitiful.
I am so sorry I visited the place.
But, they sure like to smoke around back!

Very disappointing fiancee's lasagna came out burnt.  My farfalae was over cooked.  No refills on soft drinks asked for water but was never recieved.  Had to go to hostess stand to finally get check.  Will not be going back

Waitress took about 15 mins to notice us sitting at table. After taking our drink order it took about another 10 mins to get the drinks. I do admit the salad was good. The Artichoke dip was cold, and didnt come with pita's as advertised, instead came with bread. When dinner came, my Lasagna was cold, after complaining, I was then cooked another lasagna. I then found a hair in my food! Not only that the portions are small, and very overpriced. They do not give refills on drinks, and make you pay 2.89 per drink. Total bill for two people was 70.00. Which would have been ok, IF the food was good, and didnt taste like it came out of a can! We will never go back again.

This place was actually a somewhat pleasant surprise. The food was decent (not bad, not fantastic) -- maybe slightly below Olive Garden quality, but the prices were the most reasonable dinner deal we found in the Falls area. And they had a live band playing on the patio, where we got a chance to sit. So, with a few beers, the music, decent food, and reasonable prices, I can't see how anyone would want to pan this restaurant. It did seem to take just a little long to get the food, but I think our waitress was trying to cover more tables than normal. And we weren't trying to hurry outta there, so it was fine. And, just to confirm for the other reviewers/readers here ... I have absolutely no affiliation with this restaurant at all. Just tellin' it like it is.

This place is horrible! Worst Italian I've ever had! The food is way to expensive for the quality! The service is an insult! DON'T EAT HERE!!!!! EVER!!!!

My fiance and I were in Niagara Falls the week of Labor Day - we were at My Cousin Vinny's pretty much every day - we ate there for lunch a couple times and also for dinner.  We went back in the evening's for drinks and music.  We love the place and the people.  The food was excellant and so was the service.  Our waiters and waitresses were wonderful every time we were there.  Made us feel quite at home.  I did want one of their T-shirts tho and they were out of them, but, other than that - we cannot wait to go back.

My daughter and I were at a CUPE convention in Niagara Falls, Ontario May 21-24, 2008. I have a hearing ear dog which I received in 2006; which was visible with her orange jacket on Crispy's back. We were denied access into the restaurant by staff/manager. We were encouraged to eat outside in the cold temperature. I told them no we wanted to eat inside but they tried again to get us to eat outside. I didn't want to waste my time and energy on this at the time as we were hungry. Needless to say I would never step foot in this restaurant and I will be letting my friends/coworkers know of the treatment my daughter and I had received from this restaurant. So thanks for nothing!! But right across the street there is a great restaurant with great food and who accepts a service dog, Applebee's

Let the buyer beware on this one. The pasta is way overpriced. The food at Vinny's is generic and mediocre. Also, there is no refill on the $2.87 drinks. As someone else noted you are better off at Outback or Applebee's. I would have never tried the place had I read the other reviews beforehand. The poor reviews are spot on. I'll be more careful next time. From the outside the place looks fine.
If you are American don't go there with cash. While we were in Niagara Falls CA everyone was taking USD at par. Vinny wants an additional 5%.
This place could never survive in a town where it needed repeat business. It is there to fleece the tourists.
We had a great time at Niagara Falls with the exception of this fly in the ointment.


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