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Cuisine: Steak House
6733 Fallsview Boulevard Niagara Falls, Ontario  L2G 3W7 Canada 905-357-6284


Way overpriced! Notice how they don't even put prices on their website menu compared to the US version which is reasonable. We walked in and no one was in the restaurant. Saw the prices and walked back out. This restaurant is now owned by the owners of the Keg across the street. So they raised their prices to reflect the overpriced meals at the Keg.

Terrible!!! Over priced and the food is terrible. Go to the keg, it will be cheaper and much better!

The food was not up to par of typical Outbacks in the US, and the prices were double. Would NOT recommend to anyone at any time. The Keg Restaurant had similar prices but is great. Worst experience in Niagra Falls.

A restaurant we really enjoyed is the Outback Steakhouse. This is a chain of restaurants, located mainly in the USA, but also in Canada. It was conveniently located next to our hotel, so a good choice for us. But I would make the detour to go here as well. It has as a theme the rustic Australian Outback. I liked it so much because of course of its good quality food, reasonable prices, but also its relaxed atmosphere and great service. It can be busy here though, so you might have to wait for a while before you table is ready. We had to wait for a while, but I didn't mind. We sat at the bar for a little while, nice and cosy, ordered a beer and a nice drink, relaxed, and before we knew it our table was ready. It was actually a great to start off with and enjoy our pre-dinner drink :-)

I thought that the food was excellent. The steak was so tender and juicy it melted in your mouth. The atmosphere is very pleasant and warming, the lights could be a bit brighter they were a bit too dark. Our server Cody was excellent a very kind young gentleman. He treated us like gold. The staff seems very outgoing they are on top of things by helping eachother out by bringing the food out. My overall visit was excellent and yes i would go again and bring many many other. I will definelty recommend this place! Good job guys! :)

Very pricy for the quality. And right across the street is The Keg Steakhouse. Which have better quality steaks and chefs. Dont waste your dollars at Outback if you are in search of a good meal.

The best restaurant we visited on our 15-day journey throughout eastern Canada!

When i had recently visited the Outback Steakhouse in Niagara Falls, Ontario, i had an excellent juicy steak with amazing fluffy, and loaded potatoes. Not only was the steak good, but the lobster tail on the side was exquisite. Aside from the food the employee's were also extremely friendly, and helpfull. As soon as i walked in they had kindly opened, and held the doors and welcomed myself and family, into the restaurant. I recommand that anyone in the falls, or even visiting to stop by the Outback Steakhouse and enjoy their wonderful service, and excellent food. 
Jane Smith & Family

I have eaten at roughly 10 Outbacks around the US, so that's my comparison. The food at this Outback was relatively comparable to other Outbacks (my steak was undercooked, but that happens). The wait staff and host were much less enthusiastic than any other Outback I've been to. BUT, the big issue in my mind was that the prices were significantly higher than any other Outback I've eaten at (the 7oz Victoria filet was $36 compared to $19 back home, and the exchange rate is roughly 1:1 today). For very similar money, I could have (and probably should have) eaten at The Keg across the street and at least gotten free valet parking and a nice view.

Had groupons, staff was very rude. Left before meal and will never cross through those doors again. For that kind of money I expect to be treated with respect, even at McDonald's you get a free smile.

Terrible!!! Over priced and the food is terrible. Go to the keg, it will be cheaper and much better!

Service was fine. Food, another story. My husband and I were in Niagra and after having a terrible meal at an Italian spot the night before, decided that Outback would be a good choice as we have always had quality food in the States. Rip off! Expensive and very poor quality. Loved the falls and views and a tour we took through Embassy Suites at the Hilton. We do not recommend this Outback.

We live in Winnipeg, Manitoba and visited family.
Even though we did not have a reservation they still treated us special and sat us in 9 minutes. The food was delicious and fresh!! We felt it was very reasonably priced. We would return to the Niagara Falls Outback in a heartbeat!! If you want good food and good service this is the place to go.
Thank you for the wonderful time with our family.

What is it with this town? are there any good restaurants here?
The service here was not too bad but they better hire some new cooks the food was terrible. One of the worst steaks I have had in my life. It actually seemed to be fried. The potatoes were cold etc. etc. etc.

Yes it is very overpriced for sure . The buisness is owned by the same owners as the embassy suites.


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