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Cuisine: Indian
5546 Robinson Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario L2G 2A8 Canada 905-371-3444


I ordered chicken curried rice. It was terrible it tasted like camel dung, the worst food ever, never go again, very expensive, stupid indian food, i hate it, never again!!!!!!
p.s service was good

as a certified european executive chef i really loved the food in passage to india i am from poland and i always take my polish friends there sometimes i have to wait for long time in summer but it is really worth to wait just seasoned right the way it should taste execitive chef niedzwiecka

I went to passage to india on May 1 2012 with my wife and 2 kids. Their Chicken Kababs are by far the best I have ever had. I would recommend this place to anyone visiting Niagara Falls.

Good food, good service and CLEAN!
I moved to the Niagara Region 12 years ago from Toronto and have been visiting Passage to India since then. It has changed management once.
The new management has a chef from India, who I have met personally many times. I have not only met him, but everytime I visit the retaurant, the chef comes out to greet me and asks if everything is okay. The food in this restaurant is good, it is fresh, it is tasty and it is authentic Indian food. If a patron wants more nan or tandoori chicken, they only have to ask for it and it will be brought in plenty.
There are a variety of vegetarian dishes and non-veg. dishes. An dish or two might be a little spicier than others, however, having taken many westerners there, it is very rare that anyone found it too hot. As a matter of fact, we have reserved the whole restaurant and organized events there.
Like many Indian restaurants, the noise level is high and there are children running around or crying. I might be old fashioned, but children should be in their seats at the table and not be running around.
Owning a hospitality business myself, I have noticed that patrons who complain rarely put themselves in the establishments' shoes. It is easy to complain, but do these same people ever try to see the positive side or just what their needs are.
I would recomment this restaurant anytime to friends and family and wish them well.

Passage to Nowhere; a.k.a Passage to India, was a horrible experience for myself and my 3 guests. I agree with the person who stated the Naan bread was the only food worth paying for. As an Indian myself, this restaurant is a pathetic excuse and an embarrassment to represent the Indian Cuisine. The food was tasteless and bland, with very little variety. The service was far below standard. We had to shout at the nonchalante waiter, who was sitting at a far table reading his paper, for water, food identities and drinks. To cap it all off they overcharged us for the Kulfie dessert, saying it was $1.99 when it was charged as $2.99. Buyer Beware! I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone, nor would I EVER go back there again!

We had the buffet. We were hungry, we went there and sat down before realizing the terrible state of this restaurant. The food was terrible. I've been to real Indian restaurants before and this one was definitely the worst. The service was poor and we didn't get water or naan for a long time since we were seated. I don't recommend this restaurant.

BULLSHIT!! who ever wrote the comment about passage to india being bad expensive and tastes bad is from pakistan and they just want to harm our reputation. they dont know how to use spices like we do. theyre trying to open passage to pakistan in the same area. Sincerly Raggi Ragga, mahraja, Calcuta. passionate admirer of passage to India.

great food anybody whos in niagara falls gotta eat here

Is it typical here in Niagra Falls that Resturant always looks good but teast auwful?
Expensive food but lack in quality.
Kid's pasta is $9.98 with one pieces of meat ball !!!
I do not mind the $20 Chicken Parm but at least give some something decent.  Chicken is dry and pasta souce is too sour.
Pop and Milk is $3, watch out.  Do not go.

I can't believe the other comments that I'm reading.
I used to live in India and I am very, very picky with the Indian food that I do eat. Passage to India had an absolutely fabulous lunch buffet - one of the best that I've ever had. 

The person who wrote they are from India has to understand most of the people making comments are white like me...we are only used to generic tasting indian food from the store in when they taste real indian food it takes getting used too...the place is not expensive and the goofball who wrote the pasta is terrible is obviously confused cause they don't serve that there...must be your typical small town redneck trying to discredit this place and probably has never been there is pasta and sandwich a few stores down sow the person could have possible been inebrihated which would explain his ramblings.

I have eaten hot curries since I studied in London England in the late 60s. I have also eaten Indian food all over the world.
I didn't mind the food at all. It wasn't the best or the worst.
One thing I know to be true is that Indians don't like Pakistanis and you won't get a kind word from them about each other. I admit that the restaurant wasn't the cleanest but again I have eaten in worse. The food was good enough to get your curry fix. I also eat at The Touch of India in St Catharines if I am looking for a dining experience.

Cannot believe people. If you can't spell, use proper grammar or know where to put apostrophes you shouldn't have the temerity to critique a restaurant let alone be near a keyboard.

The comments and reviews for this restaurant read like a turf war. None of the information is believable due to overt efforts by those meaning to sully the restaurant's reputation. I'll be avoiding Passage to Pakistan, if it opens, and having a meal at Passage To India to make up my own mind. If it's worthwhile, I'll post a comment.
I would hope restaurant owners will refrain from commenting on these pages in the future and leave the reviews to the customers.

Hi everyone please read my experience for this restaurant "Passage to India" or as I call it "Passage to the worst place on earth". Being a Niagara Falls resident I am extremely disappointed and disgusted by what we offer in a widely visited tourist area. I went to this "restaurant" to celebrate an important day with my sisters and our husbands. We had our 3 kids with us (between 2-3 years of age). 
First of all the buffet menu had very little to items on it...most of them I found tasted very similar, kind of like if they used the exact same spice blend for each dish. As a big fan of international cuisine, I have been to countless Indian and Pakistani restaurants and this one is truly lacking in many ways. 
Next there was no "child friendly" items on the menu because all of them were very spicy or greasy. The naan was great and there being 6 of us adults (and 3 kids) we got two baskets (1 naan cut into 4 pieces in each). When we requested more (thinking it is a buffet after all) the waiter ignored the request. We requested again and this time he went and told the owner (a woman who sits there and watches people eating at going up to get food, which I think is weird). The owner did not look to pleased at the fact that we made this request. Anyhow the waiter brought out another naan and this one was under cooked (hint hint to us I guess).
So whatever we shrugged it off, BUT THEN less than a couple minutes later (to make matters worse) the server came to us and asked if we could make the children sit down at their seat (my niece and nephew were walking around our table. I found this to be the rudest thing ever since the kids were not doing anything wrong. Had they been running around or touching things I would have understood but they were NOT. I felt like they were angry about our many naan requests so they took it out on the children. 
None the less we tried to ignore the bad food and service and focus of the celebration. AND THIS WE COULD NOT DO!!!! They told us they were closing. MIND YOU WE CALLED AT 8:30 MADE RESERVATIONS for 9:30!!! They took our reservation for 9:30 (we arrived at 9:20) and at 10:15 they told us that they close at 10. WOW!!!! Why the hell would they even take our reservation for 9:30, people do not finish at a restaurant in 30 minutes. THIS RESTAURANT IS A RESTAURANT FROM HELL!!! Please save yourself your money and your time. You are better off at a McDonalds or Wendys. If you have kids or taste buds or self respect then this place is not for you. Thank you for your time.


Three of us visited "Passage to India",N.F. last night.
We had the restaurant nearly to ourselves when we arrived, but by the time we left, the tables were filled; both with Indian and non-Indian patrons.
We had a very nice time; the cook was friendly-looking and very attentive to the buffet; which we chose.
We found the many choices of food available to be very good, nicely presented, and plentiful; a nice mix of dishes.
The Naan bread also was very good, and nicely warmed.
The wait staff performed her duties in a detached, but attentive manner; water glasses refilled and used plated removed from the table as we went again to the buffet.
The music in the background was pleasant, the colour scheme made for a warm and cozy atmosphere.
We all came away having enjoyed our meals there, and yes, we would recommend this restaurant, based on our visit.

I odered lunch from there today and was pleasantly surprised. I had the lamb biriyani which was quite good. I would eat there again.

I have visited this restaurant a couple of times. I had no problems with cleanliness, but quality of food can definately be improved. I found it a little pricey too, but I guess they probably make most of their business during the peak season.

do not ruin ur stay in niagara by goin to this restaurant. the service is horrible, the food quality is so poor. the chicken is not well made u could taste the rawness in it. there is no variety in the buffet. they will make u sit by the window to make the place look busy.the person bringin out the food from the kitchen to the buffet was wipin the sweat off his forehead while holdin the pan of meat ..a pic i will never forget ;(

I am from Montreal, Canada. I grew up in middle east. I had a great experience visiting this restaurant. This restaurant was very clean and waiters were friendly. We order food from the menu. We really enjoyed eating at this restaurant. After having visited this restaurant, my image of Indian restaurants has changed. I had the best Indian food at the restaurant.

Funny how Indians bash these indian food place....just be happy that us non indians are visiting them and did you even think to use your brains and realize they are catering to the masses and they are not gonna make super stinking indian food your granny used to make. What is bland to you is super spicy to others and so forth. So if you want food like that eat it at home where all your clothing and drapes stink like it. But to the rest of us we would like to eat Indian food where we don't stink like a pot of curry when we are done

My kid eats only Indian food, ate at this restaurant atleast twice. The taste is not bad, prices are reasonable, as Indian food is expensive in general. The staff are very friendly, even though my son made a mess. I would recommend this restaurant, for authentic Indian food.

We had a craving for Indian food and had entered this restaurant.
There were 2 tables of patrons in the establishment and finally a waiter came to the front counter. He told us the price for the buffet. We looked around the restaurant again and it's decor and told him that we wanted to see the buffet selection. He obliged. We saw and then we walked out.
It was not worth the price. 
And we all eat with our eyes first, don't we?

It was a buffet...but believe u me its not worth spreding those bucks on such a lousy buffet....out of all the plenty food...only the naan (bread) was good...

This place was alright, very friendly service. Lacked the "feel" of going out for dinner, no music playing, felt almost cafeteria style. Too much cilantro in the food which ruined it for us.

I'v had take-out from the restaurant and thought the chicken tikka was really good...yes, another dish I had was on the salty side, but that's the problem in areas like this...there's a lack of authenticity behind ethnic restaurants (perhaps they have adapted recipies to suit bland and picky tastebuds).  Considering the last statement, an individul has to consider what is the best out of what's here...Passage to India is not the worst and doesn't derserve to be labelled as such.  I also loved the cilantro in the dishes.
Anyone can tell from the outside that the restaurant is not a 'sit-down' and entertain type - go to 'Pow Wow' in St. Kitts or the Keg on Glendale Ave if you want ambiance.

This Restaurant was recommended to me and my family. We went for the Buffet and were not disappointed. You could have a taste of everything as small dishes were provided for this purpose. Then you could decide what you would like for your main course. The lamb and chicken curries were excellent. The water waiters were polite and friendly. I recommend the Buffet you won`t be sorry.

This restaurant is Horrible. I would never advice to go there again. The food is shame in the name of Indian food. And also the buffet rate displayed at entrance and actually charged is much more. They should not use name of India to sale their worst food.

I am a group leader of company bringing visitors to the US and Canada. My group from India eat at Passage To India restaurant every year in the spring and summer time. We have been bringing groups of people from India every year to this restaurant. This restaurant provides our groups one of the best quality Indian food.
We visit 15 different Indian restaurants during our trip of 15 days and I can tell you that this restaurant is probably in top 3 of the restaurants we visit each year. Buffet is always fresh and service is excellent.

I am not Indian or Pakistani. I am Caucasian and I love Indian cooking.
I have enjoyed excellent meals in London England and spent 9 months working in Brampton, ON so I have tasted many styles of Indian cooking.
Passage to India may not be over the top with Indian charm but if you want good food prepared very well, it is worth a try.
The Naan is generally excellent, as is the long grain pilau basmati rice.
The lamb curry is delicious and the management has refrained from using deboned lamb, which, in my opinion, makes for a much tastier meal.
The vegetable dishes are enjoyable too.
The service has always been friendly and attentive, in my experience.
The buffet menu is not as extensive as other places I have been, but restricting the items ensures a quicker turnover of food and, consequently, fresher food.
As far as price is concerned, if you want to go to Toronto, Brampton or maybe Hamilton, you can find lower prices and better selection. In this Niagara area I don't think you will find a better, more reasonable Indian buffet.
I hear there might be some good places over the river (USA - Buffalo) but I don't need the hassle at the border, thank you very much!

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