Peking Restaurant & Tavern - Niagara Falls

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Cuisine: Cantonese
5550 Stanley Avenue, Niagara Falls, Ontario L2G 3X2 Canada 905-358-6447


Best Chinese in town! If you like spicy food try the Chili Chicken you will not be disapointed. Nice family resturant, I don't stress about bringing my childern here. If your in the mood for Chinese definitly give it a try.

Excellent Meal, Will be visiting again next time in town.

This has to be the BEST place for Chinese food. The homemade plum sauce can't be beat! We are up to four generations coming here. I crave their food every day. You can't beat the Canadian egg rolls, plum sauce, won ton soup... Actually, anything on the menu. I'm hungry now. Can't wait for my next trip across the border - we like to go just for the Peking's food!

Best Chinese food anywhere!...especially the Egg Rolls and ... Plum Sauce...Won Ton Soup--everything on the menu is great! I started eating there in the 60's when it was the New Yorker and at a different location. Last time I was at the Peking was in July of 1998 two days before I moved to Florida. I haven't had any good Chinese food since! Consider yourself very fortunate that you can visit this great place.

I would love it if Peking would get a website, with a menu...........would really make my easier. Best homemade plum sause ever!!!!!!!!!!!

Great service, but why in the world do they close so early? Even on a Friday night?

The food was horrible. The egg rolls were still half frozen, food was greasy and luke warm. The worst chinese food I have ever had.

Excellent food. Had sushi and kids ate American Chinese food. Excellent service. I would not hesitate to eat there in the future.

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