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Eat, Drink and Feel Famous! Inspired by film and television, Planet Hollywood Niagara Falls is full of excitement and glamour. Enjoy a California-inspired menu of all-American favourites.
Dine in the Sci-Fi Room or the Adventure Room and enjoy your meal surrounded by authentic Hollywood memorabilia. Look up and see movie artifacts suspended from the domed ceiling including the Ferris Wheel from the Steven Spielberg film "1941" and many others. 


4608 Bender St (At Falls Ave) Niagara Falls, Canada L2E 6W7    905-374-8552


Our waitress was awesome. First time there. Impressive place. Food was not bad. Drinks were good, but a bit pricey.

Are you kidding me $10 DOLLARS FOR A HAMBURGER THAT was terrible . Remember it was before the taxes . Way overpriced and not worth it . Will not recommend it to anyone.

The food was not tasty,or well-cooked and was very expensive for what it was. We were totally disappointed and would certainly never go back. There were very few people in the place but we still had to wait a long time. Maybe the food is better and service quicker in Summer. Children may like the atmosphere.

My husband and I went there and ordered a sandwich and a hamburger. Mine(sandwich)was okay but hamburger meat was spoiled.
We complained to our waitress and she said it's not spoiled. And they use "cheap meat." That's why. (In my opinion, it was spoiled.)
Who would expect that you go to Planet Hollywood and they either use cheap meat or spoiled meat???
If you still wanna go, don't order burgers.

Got seated right away. Sat there for 20 minutes. Not one person came to ask us anything. The tables eating next to us were shocked and commented on our situation. Their servers even came by and refreshed their drinks. Made eyecontact with I think the manager, she never made any attempt to come over dispite our displeasing glances. Left and went across the street to Hard Rock. Told them the story, that manager came over and apologized and gave us 10% off! GO TO HARD ROCK!

Food very bland and not worth the expense. We ordered salads with our meal and the lettuce was stale and limp...I could not finish mine. My Husband had the Fajita dinner...not much meat came with meal. Wait staff friendly but not readily available. Location is good and ambiance is "cool", but I will not be going back.

Overly priced, horrible food and very slow service.

Despite the fantastic decor and interesting memorabilia, I would not return to this restaurant as the food was horrible, definately not worth the price. The service was less than average and the staff were rude. You are definately paying for the name here. We were very disappointed.

Overall the food was subpar and overpriced. I returned the hamburger because it was bone dry and tasteless. My daughter did not finish her cheese pizza because it lacked flavour and taste like cheap generic store bought frozen pizza. My wife's cheese tortellini also lacked flavour and was unimpressive. Not only did we not enjoy our food but we also paid a steep price which made the experience even more regretable. Aside from the poor food and service my kids did enjoy the "chicken little" movie that was playing in the restaurant. Spend your money wisely and go somewhere else.

Waited to be seated , had to walk across the restaurant to get somebodys attention . seated after 10 min of walking around . finally when we were seated , no one came to our table , waited 15 min . told a waiter no one has served us , he didnt seem to care . so we left .

worst food Ive ever tasted. Salads brown and wilty, lasagna old, just plain horible. horrible experience with service also. waited 20 minutes at the door and it wasnt even busy, hostess was not pleasant as well as the server had the personality of a door knob. must be ran by a kitchen manager becouse a chef would not put out that quality of food. would recomend this to anyone. will not return again. 

It is a very nice place to see but the service was very long. It took an hour for the bill only and there was a mistake of 2 fulls rib over on the bill.

This place is absolutely disgusting. It smelled old and musty and the artefacts havenít been updated in over 10 years. The food and service was terrible. Surprised this restaurant is still in business.

what are you guys talking about? it was the best restaurant ive ever been too!!

Rude and abuse from the manager. Was eating supper and noticed the manager yelling at server in front of us. Very sad. This manager (penny) should be under investigation.

The place looked closed when we went in they were not busy at all on a Friday Night at 6 pm. This should have been a red flag. Our Waitress was not very caring and quickly walked away after each time she was there. The Food was cold and was not very flavorful. I had the fajitas and my friend had the Chicken and Alfredo pasta we hardly touched our food. I can say the best thing about the time we were there was the Drink I ordered from the bar - Gorillas In The Mist. I reccomend not going here.

I loved it there, everyone was so helpful and for the first time i actually saw a clean bathroom.

Expensive and Bland food, bad service, lousy atmosphere....the best part is the outdoor entrance that you don't even have to pay to see...I will never go back!

We visited Planet Hollywood in the evening for appitzer and a drink. There was only about 3 tables. We were seated right away, but had to wait 10 minutes to be served. Another family asked a watress to get their watress. The family returned a hamburger. I had to get my watress to give us our check, while she preceded to sit down at a table with a group of young people. Another family came in after us waited for along time, untill an watress asked "Has any one served you yet?" They walked out. We will not be returning and will not suggest it to others. We did enjoy the things on the wall that represented different movies.


When we first walked into Planet hollywood the hostess didn't say anything at all. She just stood there. That never happens at other restaurants, they are suppose to greet you. The waiters were fooling around all the time and it took 10 minutes to clean up one single table. The hostess girl was standing around doing nothing again. Thats just the service. The silverware was dirty and sticky with water marks. Our server had to wash them for us because the rest of them were also dirty. We ordered a soup and they actually forgot to give it to us. It was even on the reciept. It was not busy or anything at all. The steak was okay tasting and the drinks didn't look like the picture or the discription. It was also very loud in there. The bathroom was dirty too. There were no paper towels in the dispenser. Overall I was seriously dissapointed. Lets hope other planet hollywoods are better. It was not worth the money and not so fun. I would not recommend it to others.

I had the L.A Lasagne which was extremely tasty, service not so good but I would return for this lasagne

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