Queenston Heights Restaurant

14184 Niagara Parkway, Queenston, Ontario  L2G 3L5 Canada   905-262-4274


Make sure you ask about the size of your order. What we thought would be a main course was the size of an appetizer, but the price of a main course. Disappointing.

My goodness, this was a lovely, friendly, and wonderful place. I have never had as good of service as I had at this restaurant--attentive, caring, and genuine. Wow--and the food and wine selections were just perfect. 
My husband, our 12 year old daughter, and her 13 year old friend dined there recently, and they loved the view, the food, and the service as well. Don't miss this place!

We have been there twice in 2008. One time for the wonderful Sunday Brunch.
The other time for the most delicious dinner. All 4 in our party enjoyed it very much & cannot wait until it is open for the season again in 2009.
The food, atmosphere & view are all very enjoyable. Our waitress at dinner was the very nice. Make sure you have a reservation so you won't be disappointed.

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