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Visiting Rainforest Cafe is unlike any other dining experience. Your adventure begins as soon as you check in! Entering the dining area is like stepping into the jungleóthere's a canopy of lush foliage overhead, wildlife along the way, and even a thunderstorm in the distance. Discover amazingly lush surroundings, cascading waterfalls, and beautiful giant aquariums. Begin your dining adventure with an exotic drink or smoothie from the bar.
When itís time to eat, youíll find our creative cuisine inspired by the flavors of Mexico, the Caribbean, and Asia, thereís something for everyone! After dinner, enjoy dessert or relax and let the sights and sounds of the rain forest surround you.

5785 Falls Ave. Niagara Falls, Canada, L2R6W7 905-374-4444


All these bad comments from people is the honest truth.I was their 3 times only because company wanted to go but all my experiences were crappy.The food is overpriced and terrible all times.I am going to 
Wendys next time and save 80 bucks I will probably enjoy more.So sorry Rain forest cafe!!

I love Rainforest!!!! People ONLY leave a comment when it's a COMPLAINT!!!!!!! We go to Niagara for the Rainforest. Go if u like a fun atmosphere & yummy "bar type" food. It has the best "chain" menu I have ever had. I love the salads, dressings & wraps.

The problem with a forum like this is that yes, sometimes guests have bad experiences but it can also be ex employees trying to ruin the restaurants reputation. I have been a bartender/server for over 20years and trust me , ex employee's rants happen a lot.
I personally think the over pricing is worth the beauty of the interior. It is an amazing place to take the kids at least once!

We are normanlly in Niagara Falls at least once a year, sometimes twice for a couple days at a time. We used to dine at Rainforest Cafe everytime we were there, sometimes even twice in on stay. The food used to be great! and there was an appitizer called the 'Tribal Platter' that was $15.99 for the small platter or $19.99 for double what the small platter had. The $20 platter was enough to fill 3 people without even ordering a meal. Unfortunately, I guess because of the economy, they had to down size the portions. Not only did they down size it, they changed the platter dramatically and the price was Jacked up.....way up!
The platter went from tasting amazing, feeding a smalll family, and a great price, to being dry, bland tasting food, feeding barely 1.5 people, and way over priced.
The service has taken a dive and atmosphere as well. They haven't kept the place as clean as it used to be and you can see cob webs with dust strining down from the trees and on the animals.(very dusty) not hygienic for a restaurant.
My over all view is now tarnished by the way it is run and the quality.
Like I said, I have been dining at the Niagara Falls location at least 2-5 times a year since it opened and have given them the chance the last 3 times I went to prove me wrong (like a break-up that dragged on), with no change at all.
I don't think I will dine there anymore. I'll still check the menu when I am in Niagara Falls though in hopes that something will change.
Experience it for yourself, just be cautious of the price. Also remember, to anyone who wants to try Rainforest Cafe in NF, like any restaurant you'll dine at for the first time, DINER BEWARE!
I've dine here at least 20 times since it opened and I'd say 85% of the time it way great. The last 15% of the time was my last 3 times there and it was horrible.
Enjoy.........or Not!!

This restaurant is consistantly Horrible in every city and Niagara was no exception. I begrudgingly went because my dinner guest wanted to eat there. He quickly learned when his salmon came out and was so bad tasting he had one bite and the bad taste ruined his appetite. They comped the meal but next time I think he will listen to my recommendation. Be prepared for one of your worst meals at a very high price!

The Service was AWFUL! I would definitly not choose to go there again! The food was overpriced and our greeter tried to sit us down at a dirty table and made us wait beside it while someone else to clean it off. The atmosphere is amazing but not worth the horrible service and expensive, semi-gross tasting food

If I were to chose a place to eat in Niagara Falls it would most definatly be the Rain Forest Cafe. It did take awhile to get in well 10 minutes but the employees were friendly and the food was good and i'm a very picky eater. My family and i went and we felt like we were in a real cafe because of all the fog on the ground and the thunder they have set up. The light up cups were cool. It was a little pricy but it still was a great place to eat and I definatly plan on eating there again. We got (3 kids chicken meals & i believe two steak dinners) It came to like $30-$40. It was the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When i went to the rainforest cafe it was our first time veer going i excpeted the prices to be high but they werent that bad at all for 3 people. it a nice and beautiful restraunt and waiters were perfect anbd made the excpertence good food was good and it was alot of run loved the thunder storm and etc i would go back anytime i love the food and everything about it some people just like to write bad thing on a awsome restraunt this reastrunt was awsome i go there over and over and over again.

I suggest that the employees get there acts strait because the food was YUCK the waiter was a horrible cuz she was know where to be found and we got our food like a half hour after we ordered it. The food is expensive and the place was just plain boring. The only thing that i liked was the light up cup and i bet that they have something wrong with them to. I AM NEVER GOING THERE AGAIN!!!!!!!! Get your acts together stupid ******* place....It was ****

Overall the experince was good, but the main issue was the price of food and inadditon to the quality. Everything tasted like it had been reheated and was cheap. Our server Kristen was constantly out of site and I had to ask one of the busser to get me a refill on pop and a side of ranch. She was extremely plesent and not only brought us the things we asked she even went to the extent in bring extra napkins and refilled everyone's drinks at the table. If it wasn't for her, which I beleive her name was Katrine I might have nver wanted to come back.

I loved this place. I found it very cool that there was actually animals and the cieling was suppose to be a sky with stars, and once in w while there would be a thunder storm. I had the pasta which was amazing! I even got to keep the plate!We also got these cool light-up cups that you get to keep.The service was good, but it could of been better. I would definatley go here again!!

This is a really cool restaurant if you have children, there is just so much going on that will keep them occupied. The food is pretty good too. We always start off with Rain Forest Pita Quesadillas. We always start off with Rain Forest Pita Quesadillas. They're loaded with chickens, peppers, onions, and cheese. For the main course I like the Big Islander Caesar Salad.

I ate at the Rainforest Cafe... Paid 100 bucks BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE. I almost cried. I think i did when I signed the credit slip. The only marginal thing to do here is the cosmic mini golf. 7 dollars US, that's kind of affordable, and it really screws with your head.

My boyfriend and I are regular customers to the Toronto location of the Rainforest Cafe, so we were prepared for a great meal based on our great previous experiences at our usual location, Unfortunately the Niagara Falls location truly dissappointed us. The service was bad, we waited forever to get our food, and when it arrived (our usual order) was totally different than from what we were used to. I thought this was a chain. I guess they don't use the same recipes. All I can say is what a dissapointment. Next time we will be sticking with our location in Toronto.

Everyone was crammed together, you had to ask other tables to pull in their chairs to walk past our table. Service was very slow. The menu is way over priced especially for the portion sizes. I would never go there again.

The atmosphere is nice and every inch is covered in greenery and wildlife, but the food is very pricey, so you are paying for this atmosphere.

We are local residents and are always looking for new places to dine. The Rainforest Cafe has come up a number of times and we have always decided to go elsewhere. This time we chose to take the leap and enter the jungle. We weren't dissappointed. The entrees we had were a little pricey but you don't go out to a place like this and just have a burger or a caesar salad. Our meals were very tastey and filling,(which is always a good thing). Our server suggested the signature drinks which we gladly took part.We were not dissappointed and when the dessert time came the place was electric with our sparkling volcano and the staff (in Tarzan fashion) yelling "volcano" until the dish arrived at our table. Absolutely two thumbs up to the environment and the staff which more than justify the prices even during the busiest time of year. A definite return in the near future.

The food was awsome-very different from any other place. Service was also excellent and the atmosphere was fun-prices were pretty high

The only thing that made this restaurant worthwile was the decor. The music was too loud, I could barely hear my friends over it. The food was terrible- and expensive. So expensive that the three of us got once variety appetizer dish. And the we didn't even finish it all, that's how bad the food was.

This restaurant makes you feel like you're actually in a rain forest...you can hear rain and thunder like a storm is coming in, and there are sounds of rainforest animals. It's an absolutely marvelous restaurant...but be prepared to wait in line. Trust me, the food is worth it. I had the skewered shrimp. I forget what it was called, but it was cooked on a wooden plank and was absolutely fantastic.

This restaurant was great! i defenitly recommend it, even if you dont have children. we had a great time and we even got souvineir cupps with our drinks. it is very expensivee though. we spent about $60 on 2 drinks an appetizer and 2 salads!! it was defenitly worth it though!! we had an appetizer that was to die for. i forget what it was called but they were described by our waiter as american eggrolls. very tasty and veryy filling!

Went for late night snacks and drinks. Atmosphere was interesting, servers were great, food was over cooked, prices were a little high.

the atmosphere and decor is amazing, i love it! its not loud at all.
the food is okay not the absolute best but worth the price, its not a fine dining restaurant if thats what your expecting.
servers are friendly and attentive but busy...
i'd go back again.

Went to the Falls for dinner. I love the look of the restaurant, although I could see dust everywhere and it smelled musty. Service was great, however, the food was terrible. I ordered soup, which tasted like something in a package from years ago that I just added water to. Salad tasted of plastic, and dressing no better than something at a fast food restaurant. Very stale croutons and bread that came with meal was too. The quesedillas we ordered tasted like kraft single slices were tossed into stale Wonderbread with some frozen chicken.

VERY EXPENSIVE! But it was worth it i loved it    about the environment for the kids. Food was fantastic.

I went to the Rainforest Cafe with my wife and two young children. The food quality was absolutely horrible and the prices high. Although service was prompt. Clearly the emphasis is on entertainment as the inside of the Rainforest Cafe is visually stunning. But simply, if you want to be entertained and watch animatronic animals in a jungle setting than by all means go. However, if you want to eat and enjoy your meal, stay away.

it was the best place! it was very foresty and the lighted cups were awesome. The souvenior shop was pretty cool too.

When I was there we got the worst seat in the restaurant, right between the exit and entrance to the kitchen. It was very noisy, and crashy. The service took a very long time and the food wasnt good. I ordered a burger and it was so burnt it was black, and they still served it to me. I will never be going back.

we went here 11-13-08 for lunch. It was off season and not busy. The place itself is fun. Our lunches were very good. (fish and chips and roast beef sandwich)

This place was NASTY...i would never go back there. i watched a cook and a waitress use the bathroom and not wash thier hands (#2).i also watched the waiter pick her nose right infront of us at the table.WE GOT UP AND LEFT IMMIDIATLY

Can't beat the one in Disneyland...I went there about a week after Animal Kingdom opened but the one there was fantastic...the Toronto locations were mediocore....


too expensive do not drink thier milk i got food poisoning from the milk and i had to go to the hospital and i could not enjoy my trip to niagara falls i was so upset to not go on the rides i wanted to go on because of the milk the food was tooo small for the kids and the grown ups that we needed to eat at our hotel and we had i coupon for a free gift if we spent like 30 dollars or over at the gift shop but the free gift was a 3 dollars plate too busy and not enough space to walk aroud the did what they said they would do like the strom but it was just like having lound music going on i would nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooottttttttttt go there again 
ps sorry if my spelling is bad 
the volcano never came on

Expensive and Food has gone downhill since last visit. Our kids love the atmosphere but for the cost and quality of the food i think we will just be grabbing a drink from now on.

Great service, great atmosphere, good food and decent value. Will be returning with my young family.

I ordered the clam chowder and bruschetta. The chowder is a CUP -- for $5.99! How can they not serve a bowl of soup for that price? And it was barely luke warm. I took one sip and told them it was cold and to take it back and take it off my bill. The bruschetta toast was OK, but the topping was tomatoes ... and more tomatoes. Virtually no spices, cheese or anything. The most boring bruschetta I ever had. I guess at the Rain Forest Cafe you are paying for the ambiance, not the food. Except everything in the place is fake -- there's not a real plant in there. Well, the fish in the fish tank were real. And beware of taking small kids there; many of them get scared by the darkness and the "thunder storm" and the roaring gorillas.

I actually loved it....... NOT the meat is dry, the fries are soggy the price is CRAZY and guess what the food isn't good at all. Yeah its a cool place but u wait in line for a long time to get gross food. Sorry rainforest cafe but i will never go back again !!!!

The food was good but the service was horrendous. We made a group reservation, and with the size of our group required a $70 deposit (% of minimum order for each person in the group). It took a very long time to get our food, we were all tired and the kids fell asleep at the table from waiting so long before the food even came. We waited for our check for what seemed like a very long time. When it finally came they had not deducted our $70 deposit. It took them an addition 30 minutes (this time we timed it) trying to find our deposit to deduct. We spent at least 2 hours there trying to eat and get out of there - a waste of our time. All we got from the manager was a sorry. My question is, if they require a deposit for a group reservation - wouldn't it be obvious we had to have paid it to be there and sitting at the table? The total check for our group was $400. I would expect much better service and will never go back to a Rainforest Cafe again.

Awful, overpriced food...displays 50% out of order..no live dispalys other than fish tanks.
Don't go!!!!

im my opinion you guys are full of crap and just want attention i loved the rainforest cafe and i will be going back if you dont like it then dont go you really dont have to be a**es about it

I'm not sure why people claim to like the food. I suspect the management posts here often. Every dish in our party of 10 was terrible. Some hot food was served cold and the salad was gritty...like there were sand particles inside. The atmosphere was cheesy and the kids were bored with it within minutes of sitting down.

Great atmosphere, Great food, Great people. The fish tanks were absolutely amazing, starscape was awesome and the animals were dynamite. We will see you again next year and in the winter months.

Although every location of Rainforest Cafe is good, this one has an animal encounter many times a day where you can have your picture taken with a boa. They also have a large tank full of small sharks - about 2 feet in length, that they don't have at the other ones I have visited. As you can see from the photo, my daughter loved the fake crocodile display. The menu changes all the time, but the food is very eclectic. The one thing that doesn't change is the great soup that they have. They have a version of vegetable soup that is the best!

My friend had the appetizer sampler and that was okay. We had a good waitress, but the rest of our food was yuck. I could have gotten a better chicken caesar salad at the Wendy's across the street. Way too expensive.

The billboard advertisements for Rainforest Cafe in Niagara Falls sport a huge cutout of a great white shark, exclaiming about the free shark exhibit, but I knew they would not have any large sharks, and when we got there, I was right there were some wee little sharks swimming around! Anyway, the overall atmosphere is neat, with every inch of the place covered in greenery and animatronic wildlife, but the food is on the pricey side (and not as vegetarian friendly as I would have liked). This is just a really neat place to eat.

Horrible experience from begining to end.
Worst food I have ever eaten.
Everything overcooked and volcano came out 15 minutes after we ordered it.
Will not be eating there again or recommending it to our friends.

The Rainforest Cafe` is always such a fun place to eat. I can never get enough of the thunderstorms they have or the moving animals surrounding you. But dont worry it doesnt distract you when your eating because they only turn them on about every 10 minutes or so. It also wasnt that expensive. on average about $12 a plate and the food is very good. Probably the best place in all of Niagara to go if you have smaller children. I ordered this salmon on some kind of wood. Im sorry i forgot the name of it, but it tasted absolutly amazing! They brought it out on a piece of wood and you get so many flavors- i really cant describe it, but the best i can say is that it had this flavor that came from the wood. If anyone has had this before you know what i mean.

They post two prices on some, not all, of their items. One price is Canadian currency, the other is posted if you are paying with the US currency. My son was purchasing a sad eyed toy monkey, it was listed at $17 and some change CAN, and $14 and some change US dollar. When my 10 years old son was cashed out at the "oh so long line at the register, the sales clerk told my son it was $25.00!!! I asked her why so much, when we were paying in US dollar, and it was listed at $14? She said oh, that's the 15% tax. I instructed her that this was way more than 15%.... it was nearly double the price. She said..."Well we can't go changing the prices every time the US dollar decides to change!" I'm sorry, but hasn't the US dollar always been stronger than the Canadian? So why would it be MORE than the Canadian price? So he forked over his own money and bought the item. I premised him that I would call the corporate offices to let them know what happened. I did just that the following Monday. At the "Café" they had given me their corporate phone number... in Texas!? When I called they said that they did not own or run that restaurant, and gave me another number to call, who gave me another number, and so on. Eventually, who returned my call was the store manager... not my purpose for calling them! Anyway, I decided to give them one more chance. I explained what happened, again, and I asked if there was any way that my son could get reimbursed for the roughly $10 he was out. The manager said he could do even better... He would send us free meal certificates for our whole family (5 of us) for the next time we come in. An OK option, I figured that I would just give my son $10 so he would be compensated, since he would not be impressed with this option. That was the end of July, I have yet to get anything.

When you walk into the Rainforest Cafe, you notice fake animals perched everywhere, and leaves all over the place. The ceiling also goes through a rotation to simulate between night and day. Speakers will rumble sounds of thunderstorms every once in awhile, to make the feeling of being in a rainforest complete.
The Rainforest Cafe in Niagara also advertises a free erupting volcano, and a free shark exhibit. So if you're hungry, and wanting to be amused, I suggest you give this restaraunt a try, I'm almost sure that you won't be disappointed.

A truly sad and expensive experience. It would be better listed as a tourist trap that has a terrible snack bar. The displays are cheap and ugly, the whole place dusty and "basement", ala single guy 70's. The food is horrific and expensive. The menu prices are confusing and demeaning. It's really not a restaurant, it's a marketing dream come true. And, of course, no way to contact anyone outside of the restaurant. I wouldn't if I were you! 

I loved this place.....even though the price was a bit expensive. Great for birthday parties and loved animals.

It was the best restaurant I have been to. My children actually ate there food the staff was excellent and the scenery was amazing. Thank you for making my daughters wish an excellent one she really loved it there she also loved Cha Cha the tree frog. We will defenitly be visiting again

some people r stupid because the rainforest cafe's food is delicious. so dont talk what the disagreeing people say they probably dont like nothing.

he food was way overpriced for the quality. The restaurant was not even busy and there was still a wait. Do not waste your time or money here!

My wife and I eat there every year we visit the area on Vacation. The food is good, service is good, the atmosphere is nice. The prices are high for the same food you can get anywhere else but if your on Vacation and want a differant experience, I suggest you give it a try.

very cool atmosphere with very good food would recommened anyone thinking about going here to eat to do so. Would love to come back!

Disgraceful! $100.00 for 3 burgers and a kids pizza. Burgers dry as sawdust and had to be sent back to be re-heated! I realise this is expensive real estate and obviously the animatronics cost money, but if you are going to charge $17.00 for a plain hamburger it sh

My daughter is 8 and loves it the atmosphere but everytime we leave we understand why we hate it. The food is awful and it is a shame because the kids love it. My daughter did not even like the selection of the kids menu. I honestley not reccomend this to someone. It would be fun to get a desert as they are good but not for a full meal.

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