Red Lobster Seafood Restaurant- Niagara Falls

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   6220 Lundy's Lane, Niagara Falls, ON, L2G1T6, (905) 357-1303


Me and my family use to go here every sunday . We loved the food and the service. There is food for older people and the kids as well as a treasure box for the kids to get toys. We don't go anymore just on the odd occasion, the service is still good but the food isn't that good anymore. On a good note they have really good biscuts!

Amazing biscuits and nice waiters. Don't order the macaroni and cheese from the kid's menu though, as it is literally just Kraft Dinner out of the box. Food overall isn't anything special. Everything looks like it was just nuked in a microwave.

We visited on 07/24/10 a Saturday night at 5:30pm. The parking lot was full, but we were seated right away and the service was good. I had the Ultimate feast and my partner had the Crab Trio, we thought the food was amazing! And the biscuits are famous!

excellent restaurant.. i love their prime rib and lobster....i can always go back their...

Me & My boyfriend go there once or twice a year to treat ourselves. I always get the king crab legs which I think are delish!!
No complaints on our end.

I too used to frequent this place often, but as another reviewer wrote, the service was good but the quality of the food went down. After about 5 times of sub-standard food, I will have to crave crab really strong to go back again. Too bad, it's the only Red Lobster in the local area..




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