Remingtons Of Montana - Niagara Falls

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Cuisine: Steak House
5657 Victoria Avenue, Niagara Falls, Ontario  L2G 3L5 Canada 905-356-4410


Everything from the front of the restaurant on in and until we left was amazing. Had intentions on going to the Keg, thought we would check out the menu at Remington's instead and will eat there every trip to Niagara from now on. Excellent service from the Manager/Owner right on down. The staff felt like they were friends and the food and drinks were second to none.Can't say that there was one bad thing about this place.


This is place is always in our vacation plan since finding this it. The food is OUTSTANDING. Try the Caesar Salad or escargot, along with your meal. Both are great!! You cannot go wrong with this place -- its a must!

My wife and I went there for our 25th Anniversary (part of hotel package). Worst meal ever.
My wife ordered the Steak (and added lobster for extra charge). I ordered the Prime Rib. Her lobster was ok (can't really mess that up). But, her steak was bland and tough.
Typically, prime rib is suppose to melt in your mouth. Oh my gosh, my piece must have come from rump of an old ox. It was SO tough, and it took a LOT of strokes with my steak knife to get through. Yes. It is our fault for not sending it back. But, after all the hype, I figured we shouldn't be wrong.
Other than the friendly waitress, there is NOTHING we'd go back for. Never returning.

We loved Remingtons of Montana! The decor was beautiful, the staff was friendly and efficient and most important of all, the food was fantastic! We had the prime rib and it was perfectly cooked and the wine complimented it perfectly!

It was excellent! We will be taking another trip to Canada just to come to this restaurant again!

The food was really good! the service was just that much better! the only reason I rated overall a 2 out of 10 is because we didn't appreciate the manager!!!! He didn't want to give us the time of day that we thought we deserved, especially after all the money we spent! We watched him trying to run this establishment and guide his staff but you can tell he had no control. BOBO the Clown would've done a much more superb job!!! His own workers mentioned that he shouldn't be in charge. That came from more than 3 staff members mouths. My husband is a CEO of a company and we make frequent visits to Niagara, we also bring people and we recommend to people where to go and I'm sorry that this restaurant won't ever be mentioned. It's too bad to because the food was really good!, and the waitresses were lovely!!!
My suggestion to the owners is simple make management changes quickly!!!!!!!

We loved our expreience at the restuarant. Our food was excellent and the service was great. We defintely go back.

was very nice setting the manager was really rude but the servers were great i woyuld return but i would recommend change of management

The steamed liver on cabbage with garlic sauce was very tender!!!

I booked a package through the Days Inn for a party of 12 because the package included dining @ Remmingtons. Never Again!
We were celebrating a big birthday for one of our guests, reservations were made for dinner @ 7:00. We dined for 21/2 hours with little or no attention to the table. The food as always was good, however it was served cold.It was a total let down! I arranged the surprise get away for all those people, I was extremely disgusted with the whole experience.


-Great food! Wonderful flavours on the escargots and seafood pasta.
-Creme brulee cheesecake was very tasty! My husband practically inhaled it.
-Spiced ice tea was okay (it's just me though, I'm not fond of being able to taste alcohol in my drinks).
-Waitress was very nice, she even had the bartender make me a martini (candy apple) that was not on the menu. Impressive!
-The atmosphere was warm and inviting - especially the fireplace. The hostess walked around and sang a few songs - very different and interesting. The kids were tickled by it!
-The only things that may have marred an otherwise perfect dining experience were: the tables seemed too close together, even though it was not that busy, we felt kind of cramped; very limited kids' menu (and expensive for what it didn't offered).
-Overall, it was a wonderful dining experience. The reason I didn't give it a perfect 10 was because my daughter didn't like the milk! Ha ha. Pricey, but worth the experience!

We have gone there for the past 11 yrs and NEVER EVER had a bad experience. :) It is also the best we've ever gone to.

What every rest should aspire to be! Great food, HUGE portions, so much so I had to pack one of the desserts ! My wife had the prime rib set dinner, 12oz of tenderness and she only finished 70%. I had the atlantic salmon which absolutely didn't dissapoint!! Our server Ashley was attentive and made our first time seem like we were long time customers !! This is a must visit for anyone who hasn't been her and will surely keep them coming back !

We just had dinner at Remington of Montanas after reading the many postive reviews. It was a slow Friday night so the service was great. John mixed us up some great cocktails and made some dinner recommendations. Kelly was delightful & punctional as a waitress. My wife & I ordered the prime rib dinners which was cooked to perfection, my garlic mashed potatoes were the best I ever had. The atmosphere was cozy but I can see what others are saying with the tables being close together...luckily it was a slow night where this was not a concern. Overall I would rate this dining experience a 8.5 out of 10.

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