Ruby Tuesday - Niagara Falls

Cuisine: Casual
4943 Clifton Hill
Niagara Falls, Ontario  L2G 3N5 Canada    905-357-4330


My daughter and I ordered broccoli soup and a double chocolate dessert. My son was there and wasn't hungry, so ordered a coke. The waitress brought my daughter and I a bowl of soup (very thick and lukewarm) and put a dessert in front of my son. Since he has severe learning disabilities, he didn't know what to do. I started to take it away and he got upset. Fine. My problem. I then went up to her and told her about the miscommunication. I said my daughter and I both ordered the soup and the double chocolate cake. She said she'd get it. She shows up will one piece of cake. I'm pretty sure one requirement of a waitress is to listen and pay attention. I got no dessert, and this ruined the treat for my daughter as well, who wanted to eat the cake, but didn't want me to have none. I could have clarified it again with her, but spending my evening in a restaurant ordering one thing at a time is not my idea of a vacation.

We stopped here, on Aug. 12, 2009, to save some money because we had booked at an expensive dinner that night. The waitress told us that the special for a 6oz burger was $6.99 and a ceasar salad was $10.99 during her opening. That is what we ordered. The burger was one of those premade frozen small beef burgers not great. The ceasar was ok. We get the bill and she charged us $9.99. On the menu we could have had a 10oz burger for $10.99. When I pointed it out to the waitress she tells me that she said $9.99. the thing is when she said it the first time I asked her "how much?" and she said again "$6.99" Her mistake and I get to pay for it. the bathrooms were dirty and unkempt and the A/C did not work near the windows so were hot too... I would reccommend the salad bar you get more and you can choose how you like it.

We went in for a late lunch.. The waitress was very nice. She more than made up for the bland food. The food was nothing to rave about - very middle of the road stuff.

Food was nothing to speak of compared to other Ruby Tuesday's we have been to. Prices out of sight even for the area. Service was fair...

All the food items poorly seasoned and the flavor was missing. Thw service was so-so. Don't waste your time and $$$.

I was on vaction on the Labour day weekend and I loved our experience at your restaurant. Jennifer was our server and she made our experience Great. The food was good but it was $$$$$. Loved our Server!

I found the food to be fried and greasy and bland. I don't mind trying a new restaurant out but I know I wouldn't come back here.

Ruby Tuesdays served us the most vile meal
We have ever eaten. The food tasted like cheap tv dinners served on plates. The kids wouldn't even touch their Mac and cheese. It was overpriced, fatty , tasteless,
And I would recommend avoiding that place. Even fast food would have been better than that garbage, and would have costed a third of the price.

I went here with a friend after watching the man walk the tite rope across the falls. I ordere an apple martini for 8 dollars. it was so bad I couldnt even consider drinking one more sip. It was over the top sweet and had ice cubes floating in it. I have never had a martini like this. i explained it to the waitress. she said she couldnt take alcohol off the bill but that she could get me a different drink. i said ok and asked for a long island ice tea. well this one was as bad as the first but i suffered through it. when she brought the bill i see she charged me for the martini as well as the long island. when i questioned this she informed me she had to charge me for a drink i didnt even consume. i asked to see the manager. while waiting for the manager another waitress told me she could take it off my bill and was about to do so when the manager finally showed up after my 2nd request to speak to her. the "manager", Michelle, was rude, nasty, and confrontational with me. she told me this wasnt a taste testing event and i had to pay for the martini. after a lengthy debate with this "manager" who has zero customer service skills, I paid my 94 dollar bill and left. the manager refused to give me her supervisors contact information and the waitress definitely got no tip from me. The food wasnt as good as other ruby tuesdays ive been too either. the waitress greeted us with a dirty look and no welcoming words when we first arrived. that was a sign and we should have left at that point but we stayed and got the worst service we have ever experienced.

We were wondering that why they charged a DPF 3% on our bill ( 2010 summer July )...our bill is 87.01 ,HST(13%) is 11.31, DPF is 2.61 (3%)..what is DPF ? We discovered that when we drove back to our town....their food is pretty good but really expensive ...all main entree are around CAD 24- CAD 33 ...coke CAD 3.30...small burger with fries and soup is CAD is not a best choice to eat now !

If you are in Niagara Falls, my friend Susan and I highly recommend the food and the amazing, friendly service at Ruby Tuesdays in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Its located on 4943 Clifton Hill. Ask for Phil. He's the best server there. Phil is not just the best server, but he's extremely friendly, easy to talk to and not to forget gorgeous as well. Trust me you'll be extremely happy when you go there.
Susan and I really wish that Hamilton, Ontario had a Ruby Tuesday Restaurant as well. We would love that a lot. The food is fantastic, the service is amazing, especially Phil the server was the very best one. If Ruby Tuesday was in Hamilton, Susan and I would go there all the time, especially if Phil worked there, that would be wonderful. Hes fantastic and amazing. We love Ruby Tuesday in Niagara Falls, Clifton Hill. Go there, you'll be very happy. Trust us.

This excuse for a restaurant should be banned from any place humans frequent!! The burgers we had from there could have been purchased at any chip wagon in the country and would have been better quality and less expensive.The chicken tenders could pass for chicken feet,thank god it came with some brown and green broccoli and a handfull of soggy fries to fill up on.The chicken parmesian pasta we ordered was inedible and was returned.If you are in that vicinity and hungry pass this place up,go somewhere else or look for some chewed gum on the street,it will be better than eating here.....

Visited it in the summer. Service was so-so. My 3 year old son had the Hot Dog on the children's menu. It was inedible and the fires were tired. My wife had the sliders and they were tasteless. I ordered a crispy chicken was basically a plate of cheese. We left and went to McDonalds. The place is pricey and the food is sub-par.

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