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Cuisine: Bar and Grill
5026 Centre Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario L2G 3N7 Canada 905-371-2323


I would definetly reccommend this restaurant to anyone. it has beautiful decor and great prices. it is worth every penny because the food is amazing. the service was okay, not that great. i spilled my drink (coke) and the waitress came and didn't even refill it. i was stuck with that drink the rest of the evening. my father ordered a wine, white wine by an accident and the waitress made it such a problem to change it to red wine. We got bruschetta instead of garlic bread and since it was such a problem with the wine, we didn't even bother changing to garlic bread. not a long wait for a table and we sat in the front with the open windows which was beautiful. in the beginning of the dinner, the waitress came and ask us what drinks we wanted. we asked for a minute and then she left. in that very second, a different waitor came and asked us for our drinks. it was all in a split second and we still weren't ready. the service wasn't all that great but the food was amazing!

I recently visited spicy olive for dinner with my husband due to all the positive reviews and the reccommendations from the hotels.
My husband and I ordered calamari to start, along with a caprese salad which were both delicious. I followed with the stuffed chicken and my husband had the veal parm. The sauce tasted homemade and like an authentic italian. I have tasted sauce from a jar and this by far was not that.
It tastes fresh and breaded right in the establishment. As a mother of 3, i have breaded many chicken cutlets and veal and that is not breading that comes from a manufacture.
Also, the prices were reasonable. Having had 2 apps and 2 entrees, 2 glasses of wine and a dessert and only paying $70 is cheap to say the least.
I am from the U.S and any review that is negative must come from people who are use to canned sauce therefore when they have homemade food, it does not taste good to them.
Keep up the good work, we will return with the children in June!

We've been travelling to many cities and countries, but my family and I have encountered the worst service ever in a restaurant in our own backyard (Niagara Falls).
Last week, We sat at spicy olive bar and grille and waited to be service for almost 20 minutes.:mad: We were ignored for no apparent reasons and they lack in servers on a weekend. (No wonder it was so quiet:D)
If you don't want to waste your valuable time and be upset while at the Falls, there are plenty of restaurants on Victoria Ave. 
Fortunately, we went to another restaurant 20 seconds away from spicy olive bar and grille to fill our tummies.

Penne alla vodka was really good, a little too al dente, and really affordable. The food was good but even better was the dessert martinis (yum!) and the lovely intimate atmosphere. Compared to all the restaurants around this is really really relaxing, good wine selection, and alot less hectic than the rest of the city! Thank you for enhancing our trip!

really great food at an affordable price.

This place is incredible, The decor is just so warm and excellent colors and styles are used. The staff is very professional in dress and in manners. Food is fantastic, and the entertainment on thursday and fridays is just fantastic. We live approx. 200km to 250km away from Niagra falls and although there are many great sights to be seen, our biggest reason for ever going is to go to the Spicy Olive, I am planning to propose to my girlfriend there, we have gone there several times and both love it.

We were only going to stay for a few drinks but the band they had entertaining that night was amazing! They were called "Hemitone". We ended up staying the whole evening. Cudo's to the Olive for the great food and great entertainment. We will definately be back..hopefully Hemitone will be playing again soon.

Great food, great service. Had to wait a bit for a table though, then again it was Canada day. I would recomment this place. Looking forward to visiting it again in the future.

My husband and I stopped in a for a couple of drinks (around 5:00 pm) - we were killing some time before heading to an event in NF that we had tickets for.
We really enjoyed it - the atmosphere was fantastic. We sat at a table in front of the open windows and enjoyed the ambiant nature of the restaurant.
We would have liked to eat dinner there - but prior engagements prevented us from doing so.
Friendly staff and very cool environment - will definitely return when we're in NF again.

Great food...as well as very reasonable prices in NF. I also really liked the atmosphere, and I also really likes how the windows were open in the front.

Calamari was the best I've had since Vancouver!
Pasta was fantastic also.
Prices are not inlfated like most places in NF.
Great atmosphere with interesting architectural elements -only thing ruuining it were the flat panel tvs. I would opt for Tvs only in the Bar area -but maybe that's just me.

DELICIOUS. FRESH. INSPIRED. AFFORDABLE. Great service. Beautiful environment. We are thinking of making this our once-weekly lunch spot. A gem in Niagara Falls where locals and tourists are usually ripped off. My favorite table is on the railing near the sidewalk. Great ambiance.

Fabulous meal. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this establishment to friends or strangers. My wife and I have will refer to The Olive as our favourite place to eat and to enjoy a few beverages. Keep up the good work Pat.

-Great decor! My family (esp. the husband) loved the look and layout of the restaurant.
-Waitress (Amy) was very nice, offered to make me a drink that wasn't on the menu if I could tell her what was in it. She also recommended a nice martini (and gave me another one free of charge when I spilled the first one!).
-Food was good (the spinach and artichoke dip I wanted was out).
-A bit pricey for a bar, but not too much that we wouldn't go back!

My wife and I visited the Spicy Olive in July 1012. We were told by a man standing outside the store front (who worked there) that it was delicious, fully guaranteed, and the prices were good. We looked around at other menus at other restaraunts and found he didn't lie about the prices. They were better. We sat down and ordered bruschetta, drinks, and fettuccine and their spicy sausage penne. DELICIOUS as promised. My wife and I highly recommend this place, and it is a short walk off of Victoria near Clifton Hill! Great job!

food was authentic ,extremely good ,owner was polite,sevice was extremely sub par.i would go back anyway because the food outweighed the poor service

food was delicious! best meal we had all weekend. we had bruschetta, bianca pizza, and penne vodka. Would definitely recommend this place. Thank you to Mario, at the door who convinced us to try it.

My boyfriend and I have gone there 2 years - both times the food was excellent i ordered the Penne Alla Vodka- and both times we both enjoyed our time there. The servers could be much more pleasent - but its who i was with and how the food tasted in the end that really mattered. Overall i'd rate this restaurant 8/10- service could improve...Great price too!!

My family and I just love this restaurant. My (grown) Children live in Canada and I across the boarder in the States...we meet at this restaurant frequently, yes we have tried other restaurants but always go back...the food, service and atmosphere are what make us keep going back... 

We were at the Spicy Olive for dinner. The service was great and friendly. Prices for drink were very reasonable ($6.00CAD for a glass of Yellow Tail red wine). Food were very good.

The ambiance was nice. There was a candle on our table. The service was fine. Crowd seemed younger and so did the wait staff, early twentys probably. Food was very good. Gnocci was cooked perfect and the sauce was great. The Seafood Linguini has a nice wine sauce. The cheesecake was FROZEN when it was served to us, but it was such a good meal that I was not too bothered by it. It still tasted delish!

My friends and I had a great time and would love another evening of great food and dancing.

The place is awsome great service and friendly people from servers to bartenders and even the barback Darren was unreal..lol but yah its the classiest place ive been to in awhile!

Excellent food - my wife and I have eaten here numerous times and every visit we enjoy.

As a chef, I am always looking for quality food which is not often found in most places.
My Wife and I passed this place one evening and their front door man kept trying to get us to stop in. We explained that we already had dinner, but I looked over the menu. It was refreshing to see real food not the typical pull from a package and heat up style.
We decided to go back the next nite for dinner. The food was great, the waitress was charming and knew the menu. I had a question about the ravioli and the young lady knew the answer right away. Cudos to a team from the front to the kitchen, first class all the way.
Bottom line I highly recommend The Spicy Olive when you are in Niagara Falls.
I know that we will go back every time we are in the area. 
Chef Marty Grams

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