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5355 Ferry Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario  L2G 1R8  Canada    905-371-8255


Recently visited Taco N Tequila and was much surprised that this was very good mexican food. Small establishment, but fast service and everything was prepared as ordered. Fried Ice Cream was especially good. Will be sure to go back on our next trip for a quick bite.

Walked into a bad b-rated Mexican movie on this one....Everyone in the bar area stared at us as we entered and the woman behind the counter gruffly instructed us to "find a seat in the back". The place was filthy, our arms literally stuck to the table and the floors looked positively grimy! Although there were fans overhead, not a one was running and the place was stifling. We waited way too long to be waited on and then the alcoholic drinks were tiny and overpriced. One tasted strong and the other (identical drink) had little or no alcohol in it. The food finally came and I have to say tasted ok except very skimpy on the meat portions and way overpriced for what we got. Will definitely skip this stop on our future trips to Niagara--if you are smart you will too!

Such GREAT food!!! Even after reading some bad reviews. Let me tell you, best enchiladas I've ever had. (my husband LOVED the chimichangas) We are coming back for more this summer.
New owner was bartending and he is the nicest man I've met. Props to you and your restaurant, I will be telling my family and friends.

Wicked place, food was excellent! Damn good burrito and even better it was served by a beautiful tall spanish mamacita hot hot

Honestly..this place has really good food.
Very tasty and prices are on the fair side...it is Niagara Falls! Service was not the greatest but I noticed that has changed the last couple of times i have been there...apparently they have a new owner so he probably got rid of all the bad servers :-) I know many people who love going there as well. The food is for sure one of the best I;ve had so far@

I can't believe there is a positive review for this place.. My brothers and have visited Taco n Tequila every year til 07'. Why? We are gluttons for punishment. Ok the real reason is my brother won 150,000 at the casino just after the first visit to TNT. Why change a winning formula? 
The actual service has never been that bad. In 97' the year it opened the service was excellent. The food however was horrible. The server did a great job so she still got a good tip. 
In 98' the "owner" served us and worked the bar(owner is in quotes because a totally different person served us the next year that was the "owner"). The food was still horrible but the service was good. 
In 99' the "owner" different guy served us rude as hell. Horrible food and overpriced. 1¢ tip.
It is possible that the ownership changed since our visit in 98'. 
2000 food was actually ok. Service was good still overpriced. 
2001 and on... What a difference a year makes!!! In a bad way. 01' overpriced horrible food. We did get a good laugh out of the "owner" (yet another "owner" I think the bartenders are told to act like they are the owner don't know why) getting shot down politely by the 18 year old waitress. 
02' Terrible on all levels.
03' acceptable food, waitress was good.
04' Worst ever I'm pretty sure 7-11 delivered our food although wait staff was good.
05' we missed it was closed our traditional weekend to visit.
06' not bad but too expensive, might as well have eaten at the skylon for the price.
07' See 99% of Al Mac's reviews. I'm pretty sure the owners of Al Macs own this place. if they don't they are following the same business model.

My girlfriend and I had a one night stay in Niagara Falls and during one of our afternoon walks around town we just happened to walk by this place, I was in the mood for a few drinks and it seemed like a nice place. We weren't hungry at all so we didn't order any food, although the restaurant had a delightful mexican aroma to it..the food smelled delicious. I had my drinks, the gf ordered something which she didnt like, the bartender (who is actually the owner of the restaurant) gladly replaced her drink without charge and said we could still keep it. As the girlfriend went to the bathroom, the owner and I struck up a little conversation about random things, about his background, how he started the business, amongst other things. He came off to me as being a wonderful host earning an honest living and a very nice person to talk to..perhaps one of the nicest owners I've met. Me and the lady had such a great time just having a few drinks and chit chatting with the owner that we decided to come back the next day and do the exact same! I will definitely give the food a try next time around, hopefully it tastes as good as it smells. We will be visiting Taco N Tequila whenever we visit Niagara Falls, it's an extremely welcoming place, very relaxed atmosphere with a great owner. I'm giving the food an 8 ONLY because i havent tried it yet. Highly recommended.

I attended classes at the Lifetime learning center where I met mike the owner of Taco N Tequila he invited the entire class to his resturant and the  chicken quesadillas are awesome later On I was asked to repair his point of sale computer system and tryed some soft shell tacos and they were also verry good

I went to this restaurant after reading great reviews about it. Frankly speaking, I was disappointed. The quality of food is okay, not extraordinary. Secondly, the prices are on the higher side. I ordered a fajita and it came with only lettuce and a small quanity of salsa. Sour cream/guacomole were about $4 each. And mind you the fajita cost nearly $20. I guess considering the paucity of Mexican places in the area, the food is okay.

I love to go there when I'm in the area.  I've referred many people and they have had good responses.  The owner is a very nice gentleman.  Great food!  I will continue to go there.

The food is really good.They do need to serve salsa and chips (Free) before your meal comes though.I have always had that at other Mexican Restaurants.That's my only complaint.

SO much fun! loved the food!

The food is great, the people are super, i love this place!!!! i recomment everyone to go there. Greets from Belgium, Europe

I have to say the place looks pretty old school.With up to date music,On the other hand The service is really not good,We sat ourselves,waited so long we went ahead and got our own menus then just waited till a server came(finally),Got our orders and i must say the beans was soooo dry,it was like it was just sitting in a pot waiting for it's next victim,RawNerve

Traditional tex mex, not really mexican.
Food is very basic tasting. It misses the mark for mexican cuisine.
It really is too bad that Niagara falls does not have a real mexican food joint to eat at. But I guess for some, ignorance is bliss, for me, well, Ive been to Mexico too much and know what the populous is missing out on.
Your best bet is going online, looking up keyword "real mexican recipies", and have at it. You will definetley do a better job then these guys.
Chorizo and eggs anyone?

I have been to the falls numerous times. Each time we always make a stop at this place. The owner is delightful and friendly. The food is icredible. Especially the enchaladas. The margaritas are to die fore.Makes the trip....

Awesome Food. I always feel welcome when I go there. Staff is friendly and accomodating, They have lost of vegetarian options and were able to suggest glutten free options as well. (can not find that in many restaurants) I cant believe people have bad things to say about this place. The food is AMAZING - the place is so unique and clean - the staff is so nice and the music is so good. I love Taco n Tequila. I go there every single time I need a Mexican fix!

I am Mexican so I decided to give this place a try and well, this place is a joke! Saying it's authentic is such a lie. Service was horrible and prices are way too much. Only good thing is the music and beer. Learn how to run a business people!!! Girl at the bar was so unfriendly it's like she didn't want to serve us. Not one smile out of her while we sat there for a beer. Change your staff!

Just got to say....DAMN GOOD CHIPS!!!
We were just there this Past Saturday night. Everything was FANTASTIC! Good food, Good Times! We even went back to dance salsa with some hot latino girls.

hey, did not know Taco N tequila offered a 10% discount to locals...Way to go! Makes a different when you are on a budget :-) 
Food is Delicious and I am in love with their margaritas! What do they put in that stuff anyway?

Food is good, but they should have more variety. Everything on the menu is basically the same thing. No real variety. Chimichengas and burritos are same thing, except one has sauce, and the other doesn't. My husband and I love mexican food and travel to mexico ofetn. I've been to this restaurant a couple of times and am bored with the food. Wish they sold other things too.

LOOOOOVED the food here!!!
It was empty so I panicked! But no dissappointment here. The entire Niagara falls was empty!I guess it's winter...brrrr Taco N Tequila serves the best margaritas EVER and the food was SUPERB!!!
Bartender was a hottie (my sister's words)
Viva Mexico! lol

I just went to the restaurant (September 2010) and I must say, I loved it. It is under new ownership and the food is amazing. Compliments to the cook. I had been there a few times before, and I was very disappointed with the food and the service. Since the new owner took over, it has become my new favourite place to visit. The service is excellent and the food is AMAZING!!!! People who went to it before and were disappointed, should really give it another try. You won't be disappointed!!

Although it says everywhere that this place has a take out menu it actually does not. I asked for a take out menu and the only response I got was "we don't have"

My boyfriend and I strolled by T&T during the day Friday, and saturday night we went for some Tequila of course!! We met great people there, the bartender was awesome, the atomosphere was perfect , later that same evening we went back at 2am, more tequila more great times!! Definatly my fav place in Niagara

This was our find of 2006. We were looking for a place to eat in the falls, and just happened upon Taco N Tequila. We've since been back at least 5-6 times and I've loved it every time!!! For me, the sangria just sets the mood so I get it every time. Everything I've tried on the menu is excellent. I'm on my way back tonight cause we can't get enough of the place, and it's only a 45 min drive from Hamilton.


Superb restaurant, the food and the service was amazing. Authentic mexican cuisine, we will definitely be going back!

Service was poor over an hour to wait for our food and the place was only 1/4 full. Salsa and chips you had to pay for and the salsa was dumped on top of the chips, so after a few minutes the chips were sogy! YUK!!! The Marguritas were very poor for $7 for a small. Since I was ther for about 2 hours with 2 small children we had to use the bathrooms way too often and they were GROSS!!!! Finaly the food came it the quality was very poor. So with 4 adult meals and only 2 drink (the rest were water) no deserts the bill came to $80. Not a good value in my book. If you come walking to this place I suggest you hide your money and run for the border!!!!!!!!!!

Being Mexican, the food was terrible. How can a Columbian cook prepare Mexican food. $14.00 for nachos? A half kilo of tortillas cost 1.25, deep fry them and 12.75 profit, pinche cabrones. A large Margarita $25.00 esta mierda

Loved the food, the service was great. This is a simple restaurant but big on taste.

My stepdaughter and I visited this restaurant on a Saturday afternoon girls day out. We are locals and we were happy to see that we finally have a great Mexican restaurant in Niagara Falls. The atmosphere is awesome the wide open windows gave the feel of authentic Mexicana ! The music was delightful and cheery and we felt as though we were on vacation in beautiful Mexico ! I ordered the taco salad and my stepdaughter had a chicken Quesadilla. The food was awesome ! Service was great. The server was an older woman who was very friendly and provided us with everything we wanted in a timely manner ! Fantastic food , service and atmosphere !! We will return ! 

Horrible service food wasnt authentic mexican. refried beans are not kidney beans. service oh my goodness where should i start. we entered no one helped us i asked bartender where to sit he said go upstairs were looking for upstairs i ask a server she said anywhere so we grabbed 2 tables to push together bc other booths were too small or just dirty. we sat there which seemed like forever waiting I got up and got menu's still waiting no one came to our table to assist us. i finally got up again and told server we were ready to order. we ordered our drinks and food. of course took forever for water and were a group of 6 u bring us 3 cups she looked at me like i was asking for too much for the other 3 cups. food wasnt even room temp. felt like it was sitting waiting to be picked up and the restaurant wasnt packed or crowded. what mad me more upset was that her tip was included in the bill and i did more work than her. i dont recommend this place food and service was horrible get better deals at mcd's

Finally a good Mexican restaurant on town. I have heard mixed reviews about this place so I decided to stay away from it but someone told me they had different manager or cook and I decided to go give it a try. I was impressed with their food . It was delicious. Every single item order was just as tasty. Chimichangas are a must if u go there....whatever sauce that is it's delicious. Service was great and the place is just gorgeous . We even got a discount just for being locals! Awesome

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