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This restaurant might be the oldest Indian eatery in Niagara Falls but it definitely doesn't rest on its reputation. Instead, it thrives thanks to traditionally-made dishes that attract both regular customers and newcomers. Located within walking distance of both the Falls and Casino Niagara, the restaurant has such classic Indian dishes as Channa Curry (chick pea curry), Begnan Bhartha (eggplant), and Chicken Vindaloo.


5780 Ferry St Niagara Falls, ON L2G 1S7 Canada


We had the buffet. the restaurant was very nice. we enjoyed the meal and the service also .next time we are in niagara we will eat there again.

This place was not just the worst Indian restaurant in Niagara Falls, I would argue that it is simply the worst restaurant I have ever been too in North America, if not, North American and Europe. I have never tasted food from a restaurant that I would describe non-authentic and probably prepared and reheated many times over the course of at least a week. The sauces were sour and the chicken was tough and there were many bones. The Basmati rice was not only discolored, broken, and oily (and I do not mean when some restaurants use coloring to brighten the rice; I mean brownish), it tasted old and putrid. It was a disappointing dinner for my significant other and I in Niagara Falls.

food was nasty.every dish we order we did not like it.even children did not like it.we went for dinner together as three family.overall experince was bad.there rogan josh dish has so bad smell and taste after one bite i never touch it.

We ordered Butterchicken Vegetable biriyani. It was awesome food and service. Butterchicken was mouthwatering. Just thought it would be nice to write a review for the place

I stayed in India for over two months, and I have to say that the food at Tandoor Hut is as close as it gets to authentic Indian cuisine. The owners are polite and the service is excellent. Tandoor Hut is a restaurant worth vitisting if you want authenticity. I would recommend ordering the Thali, there is an option for non-vegetarians and vegetarians.

just had dinner. the restaurant was packed with people. the food was freash and servered in a fast service even when the restaurant was full. we had butter chicken/ naan/ thali/ chicken tikka/ dal/ veg/ rice the food was outstanding. we would go back any time. nice service and hosts. check this resturant out you will love it.

Very disappointed with the food and service.
Food was uncooked. Napkins were half. Half glass of water and no refills. Tip was already forced on the bill as service charges and again requested at the end of the bill. Pen to sign the bill was as good as their food. Over all cheap people running the restaurant and we should have left when we saw other leaving. Will never go back.

just ate there on oct 31st 2010 not too busy at the time. we hade good time. food was great and service.
next month when in niagara will go there.

I should have turned around and walked out after seeing how filthy the dining area was-- I can only begin to imagine about the horrors one would face in the restrooms and kitchen! Anyhow, the food (yeah, I still ate it... after all, I did pay for it) was sub par at best. The quantity and the quality did not in any way warrant the price that they were charging. I just moved into the area from the GTA and it looks like I'll have to stop getting Indian food until I go back to visit (too bad since I would have it for about five to seven meals each week from a variety of places).

one of the best kept secerts in niagara. had the thali and it was just enough for me . my son had tandoori chicken. it was mouthwatering. wife had matter panner- great.overall a good place to go and priced less thsn thr other indian restaurants in the area.

we just ate there last night 
food was good and service also
the food tasted like home style.
we were traveling with my parents from india and they felt right at home.
a place worth checking out.

I was extremely disappointed with our meal from Tandoor Hut in Niagara Falls. We ordered appetizers and two entrees and bread. The meal was poorly prepared, and a poor value for the money. I am willing to shout from the rooftops if I have encountered a great restaurant in my travels, but unfortunately this simply was not one of them. We ate at a variety of restaurants while in Niagara Falls. This restaurant was the most disappointing. The rice was broken, rancid and brownish tinted. The lamb and the chicken were tough, and the lamb tasted particularly old. The service in general was also not very attentive. We were not offered a refund or another substituted meal when we complained about our food.
I would definitely not recommend this restaurant, particularly because of the poor quality of food and the poor service. This made it a poor value for the money.

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