TGI Fridays - Niagara Falls

Cuisine: Casual
5940 Victoria Avenue, Niagara Falls, Ontario L2G 3L7   Ņanada  905-357-4774


WALK ON BY! Overpriced. $50 for my 3 year old daughter and myself (one adult meal, one child's meal, no alcohol and no dessert). She had a frozen pizza that was microwaved and soggy. Nothing came with the pizza. Two people in my party were very unhappy. THe chicken was dry and very unappetizing - nothing like the picture looked like. What a disgusting ripoff. So disappointing!

I went here about 2 years ago with my boyfriend. We had 1 of the most amazing waitresses ever! She was a bit older but was full of life and energy and kept checking up on us..I would definetely go back again...So a year later we did...we had a young server, she gave me the wrong order, she was rude about it and my food was cold while everyone at my table had warm food. I think its the young stuck up staff that have no desire to give a crap.

food sucked i got the steak it was hard and cold it cost me 50 dollars for that and a coke

This place was horrible. The wait staff were very unfriendly, like you were bothering them by being their. The food was so expensive and it tasted horrible and over cooked. And after we got the bill. Over $50.00 for 2 pops and an appetizer to share. Whould I ever go back, why whould I waste my time.

Nothing like the American TGIFridays. The food is overpriced & service is bad!

do yourself a favor "DO NOT EAT HERE "!!!! appetizers came to the table 30minutes after ordering ,and started to notice a black spot on the tomato on my burger,it was dirt !!! called the manager(clown with a title)and he goes on telling me that they get their produce "prewashed" from the market!! so what he was telling me they don't wash anything before cooking !!! tgif in the u.s.a anytime but not this germ pool ever again !!! CAN'T SAY YOU WERE NOT WARNED !!!

My boyfriend and I came down for the may long weekend. We had never been to TGI Fridays but had seen all the adds on tv, and thought it looked good. We thought it would be like any family Kelseys or Applebeys..We were VERYYY wrong! When we got there we were seated within about ten minutes, which was fine. Our waitress was friendly. But when we saw the prices of the meals we were shocked!!! We ordered pretty much basic pub grub, but you would have thought we had gone to some fancy place! Our meal in the end cost us $70.00 and it was'nt even that good. It was average! DO NOT waste your money there! All we had was chicken strips, fries a burger, salad and 2 which was just a soda! Rip off!

First thing..You need to get over the smell of the mildew. Dated and dirty with a price of a 5 star restaurant. Limited wine list and menu. Also you couldn?t use Friday's points in this restaurant "we don't do that here". Recommendation: STAY AWAY!

This was the WORST restaurant that i have EVER been to!! My boyfriend and i went to Casa Mia the night before for a fine dinning meal, (it was amazing!) so we wern't expecting anything great. However, the prices were outragous, the food was "un-eatable" and the service was horrible. The only reason why i gave this place a 1 is beecause there was no 0!! WE left TGI's and went to a place called the Spicey Olive because we were still hungry. This place was AWESOME!! So if you in the falls and you want a casual place to eat at, go to the spicey olive!!

My fiance and i had ordered the same dish(a chicken dish), and let me tell you, the chicken was warm and rubbery, and everything else was cold. I sent both dishes back, the waiter returned about 3 minutes and 50 seconds later with our dishes fresh from the microwave. The salad was alright, my fiance got a tomatoe soup instead of the salad, and i swear to you, we both thought it was marinars sauce. We got all of this and two sodas for rougly $68.00 American. I will never eat at this place again. Do not eat at T.G.I.F.'s in Niagra!!!!

This had to be one of the most overpriced restaurants I have ever been to.We only had two hamburgs and one drink Price was 45.00 Plus tip.The burgers were nothing special.All I can say is do not go unless money is no issue.

Do yourself a BIG favour. Do NOT eat here. Terrible service, with a side of overpriced items all served up piping cold. I ordered a hamburger, fries and a beer. The burger and fries showed up ice cold. When the manager returned with a new one, it had onions on it, which I expressly did not want. By this time, my wife had completely finished her meal. Although the manager did not charge me for the meal, it will never compensate for the disater we experienced at TGI Friday's. We should have waited for the Keg, which does not have a parking lot view, as does TGI Fridays. Isn't it interesting, that there is NOT one good review of this place on this site??

After getting ove the sticker shock of everything, we ordered chicken wings, one pop and a mudslide...the bill was almost $35. WAY overpriced. The chicken wings were had too much jalapeno sauce which was put on at the last minute.

drinks were very over priced and Im not even talking about the alcoholic kind. 1 large cranberry juice 3.99 1 hot tea 3.65. if your paying with american money dont be fooled by what they advertise the prices because they might not reflect what the exchan

We sat out on the patio, waitress looked over worked. The boyfriend ordered the steak with blue cheese on top done medium, which came with mashed potatoes. He asked for gravy but it never came. Steak was BURNT, was NOT done medium. Steak came smothered in mushrooms, not blue cheese. Waitress seemed offended when he asked it be taken back. He didnit ordere anything alse & just drank water. I ordered the chicked quesadilla off the appetiser menu and had to Budweisers. The manager took the BF's meal off the bill. The bill came to $28.00!!!!! For 2 beers and an appetiser! What a rip off. Never eat there again.

I would not return to this place. It's a standard at my place that it's up to the cook and the waitress to make sure that the customers orders are correct and to make EVERY possible effort to correct the mistake. I'm a chef, and this is a standard in my place where I work and own. BTW the water tasted HORRIBLE! I think toilet water would have been better, I don't know maybe it's their pipes, but I haven't had water THAT HORRIBLE while vacationing here.

Been to both locations in NF and the are both bad for service and the Quality of food

I recently had dinner at your Niagara Falls location and both myself and my partner were extremely disappointed in our meals. I had the Cajun Fried Chicken salad and he had the Chicken and Steak Fajita. The chicken in the salad was tasteless, chewy, and overcooked. The salad was loaded with some type of shredded cheese which had no discernable taste. The consistency of the dressing resembled molasses and could not be distributed throughout the salad - and as a final insult it came with a small bun instead of the advertised garlic ciabbata bread. I have had tastier, better quality chicken salads at McDonald's and Wendy's at a fraction of the cost. As for my partner's fajita it came with steak that was difficult, if not impossible to chew - in fact he had to remove it from the fajita and cut it into small pieces on his plate because he was concerned he would choke on it. The chicken was oversalted, and the guacamole looked like guacamole but did not taste anything close to guacamole. It certainly did not contain cilantro and it tasted mayonaisse-based. At $16.99 and $26.99 CDN for these dishes we were expecting a fabulous meal - instead we received food that was obviously prepared by someone who lacks even basic culinary skills. We could not stop shaking our heads in disbelief. We provided our feedback to the manager who handled our complaint in a professional manner however nothing could take back the disappointment of our ruined dinner in Niagara Falls.

OMG!!!! Can you say "Rip-off" boys and girls?? The food was like any other TGIFridays I've ever been to but the prices were unlike anything I've ever seen. I wished I'd seen this site before our trip. STAY AWAY FROM THIS TOURIST TRAP.

We went for our 5 year anniversary to Niagara falls with our 10 month old daughter. 
The hostess advised that we had to leave the baby carriage in the front lobby? Our daughter was sleeping and we didn't want to wake her, plus we had loads of stuff- cameras, bags, etc. in the cart as well.
We expressed our concerns, but the hostess was rude and said we had no choice. We left, but not until the obnoxious hostess brushed us off and pretended we weren't there.
I sent an email voicing my concerns 2 weeks ago, and didn't get any reply.
Customer Service at TGI Fridays is the worst I have ever experienced.

Absolutely HORRIBLE!!! MY 2 friends and I stayed at the Embassy, we arrived early evening, went out to walk around and by the time we got to eat it was 9pm. Tired from a 9 hour drive there, and walking around to unwind we went in expecting to relax and enjoy ourselves, greeted by a hostess that basically threw the menus on the table for us, and the waitress that removed dishes before we were finished (( also when asked what type of white fish it was, her response was " It's WHITE fish with a stupid expression on her face " It was OVER PRICED and the Service was utterly RUDE ! NEVER ever would I eat here again and it put me off going to any TGI Fridays near my home as well!

Stay out of TGI Fridays people way overpriced as you do not get what you pay for . Stay out of the Keg here in niagara falls,ontario canada as well as the food is awful . Try the Keg in st.catharines the food is much better and likely cheaper plus better service and food to.

Worst restaurant ever!! My friend and I go out a lot n this was by farrrr the crappiest experience we ever had. Rude lazy waitress bad overpriced food that I sent back only to have our server basically yell at me for doing so. We asked to speak to the manager who proceeded to tell us she wouldn't ever eat at our restaurant (were both servers) like it mattered! Comped my friends bill but not mine and didn't even bother to apologize. Don't waste your time or money going here.

do yourself a favor "DO NOT EAT HERE "!!!! appetizers came to the table 30minutes after ordering ,and started to notice a black spot on the tomato on my burger,it was dirt !!! called the manager(clown with a title)and he goes on telling me that they get their produce "prewashed" from the market!! so what he was telling me they don't wash anything before cooking !!! tgif in the u.s.a anytime but not this germ pool ever again !!! CAN'T SAY YOU WERE NOT WARNED !!!

Just ate there should have JUMPED OFF THE FALLS I mean seriously they are slow ill taste and over priced Thank god its over.

My party of 7 went there and never set foot in. The sign in their window says"20% discount for local residents."
What a rip off to the tourist.
We will never go to a TGI Fridays again!

pathetic. we should have walked out but did not. obscenely overpriced and the food was substandard.

Worst restaurant in town. Over priced, not friendly, smells of old mildew, and slow service. I will never eat here again.

OMG!!!! Do not go there! 4 of us went there for dinner. Food was bad and my friend got food poisoning from their steak! Never again!

lol i orderd 2 ceasers from TGIF's and got the bill for 38.00 i told the bartender i was NOT paying that for 2 f%&*ing drings and left!! listen to the reviews what a freaking rip off, specally after paying $500.00 to stay at the Embassy suit. nice hotel but honestly if they dont owen the resteraunt get them out because they are screwing their customers. If they do own the resteraunt.... SHAME ON YOU FOR RIPPING OFF YOUR CUSTOMERS FOR THE HOTEL:(

2nd worst restaurant I've ever been to!
Bad service, bad food, and over priced!

Went here once and it was gross. Ordered fettichini alfredo and it was clumpy.

The food was good but overpriced cost 47.00 for chicken burger and fries,Jack daniels burger and fries and two slushed

Horrible over priced drinks (tasted like only mixers) and over priced least twice as expensive as other TGIF.
We ordered a cosmo and Top Shelf Long Island.....our usual at TGIF. The cosmo tasted like cherry juice (didn't charge us for the awful cosmos) and the Long Island tasted like sprite!!! We ordere Quasadillas (only 4 small pieces) at $19.00! The 3 appetizer combo was 27.00! 
Every meal price was at least double the normal price! Their other restaurant "The Keg" had steak prices that were the same price as TGIF. Don't be fooled! If you normally love TGIF, this isn't for you! TGIF is one of my favorites for a chain and this one SUCKED!. For two long islands ($15.50 a piece) plus One TINY appetizer, plus the tip......was $70.00!!!!!!!!!
Thankfully, the Embassy suites has a great omelet bar for free.

Everything overpriced. Food suck. Service suck. Will never go back

This place is such a disaster. The food is was worse than any other in the chain I've ever had and at about 3x the price. I fell for the ok we're on vacation and who cares thing and ordered a chicken dish that was $37 but costs around $16 in the US locations. Mind you this is when the dollars are almost at par. Dish arrived with a very large piece of chicken and looked good. After cutting into the chicken it was still pink and squishy on the inside. When this was brought to waitresses attention she said "wow they usually complain about it being dry" and walked away. When I told her I could not eat undercooked chicken she shrugged and took the plate away and did not return. Bill arrived and had to request to have it removed. Avoid this disaster at all costs. We go to the falls quite a bit and really ANY choice is better than eating here.

These guys always sucked in my opinion. I remember getting a lobster and the lobster was good, but how do you mess up lobster except for overcooking it but the veggies that came with it tasted like it came from a can and it was thrown into the microwave...and that was my fantastic Lobster dinner...this was when it was across from HoJo and like Denny's in Niagara they are both horrible...when I eat Denny's in florida or TGI's for the most part the food is good...but the Denny that used to be across from the Casino is the worst place to eat in niagara....I think eating in a soup cithcen would be better.

We enjoyed this. We thought it was pricey until we went to the 'cheap' option at Country Chalet across the road. We then ran back to TGI fro Breakfast. Food was good, it's hard to screw up an american breakfast type meal.

My husband and myself thought it was great here. We went to Planet Hollywood the night before and the food was horrible. Service was terrible. There entrees don't include soup or salad it costs extra. My granson had a kids meal that was over $10.00. Friday's it was approx. $6.00. It was his birthday and the staff came over and sang happy birthday with a sundae. They all seemed to enjoy working there. It was fun.

This is the first time I have written a review of a restaurant! DO NOT GO HERE! My girlfriend and I arrived around Noon. It took 10 minutes for someone to acknowledge we were there. The server said they were short of staff because they were all out drinking the night before....Great! It was a Sunday and there were maybe a half dozen customers in the whole place. The burgers were barely OK, but way too expensive. Our burger and fry lunch with pop came to almost $ apps! To top it off I had an allergic reaction to some ingredient..sent them an e-mail asking for a ingredient list and received a form letter reply 2 weeks!!! later. We passed by Antica Pizza for this dump. DON'T PASS BY ANTICA FOR TGI FRIDAYS!!!!!

The food was edible but the soup was very salty. Service was quite slow and the prices were extremely high. For example, the plain quesadilla was priced at $12.99. I don't think I will ever dine again at this location of TGI Fridays.

High prices, less than standard service made it a less than pleasurable experience (go somewhere else).

The menu was typical TGI Fridays and the service was very friendly and professional, but the prices are stupid expensive. I expect to pay a premium when travelling to tourist area but high twenties for pasta and the forty dollar range for steak in pub-style restaurant is insane.
The price range per person should give you an indication of the prices for a beer and burger.

Superb restaurant, the food and the service was amazing. We will definitely be going back.

The food was expensive, one drink is $14.99. Our group of three decided to share and appetaizer and a dinner meal. The Spinach dip was gone with 4 chips! We left feeling hungry and angry, our bill was $120. I filed a complaint with TGI Fridays and they offered nothing, they just said that they have clientel with different taste! In Niagara Falls we originally wanted to go to Rainforest and just imagined how expensive that must be.....well I was shocked when the next day we went to Rainforest and the food was amazing and the price was awesome! TGI Fridays had portions that belonged on a kids menu!!!!!!!!!!

Incredibly horrible food and service.  The minute my party walked in we overheard a waiter explaining to a party that the kitchen was "backed up," and that his food was coming soon.  I looked around the restaurant and laughed because it was close to being empty. After waiting 10 + minutes for a staffer to even notice us to seat us, we were treated to the worst meal of our collective lives.  to add insult to injury, we had to wait for 40 minutes for our food to come after ordering......

I ordered the pasta with tomatoes and chicken except...... it came WITHOUT CHICKEN!!!!  When I brought this to the waitress' attention, she said she could have a chicken breast cooked and brought out.... HAH!  Having waited 40 minutes for gummy, overcooked pasta with soggy garlic bread.... I'm going to wait another 40, after the remainder of my party chokes down their substandard food, for a crummy chicken breast?  No thanks! What a joke!  TGIF should be ashamed of their Niagara Falls location and Niagara Falls as a city should be ashamed of having such low standards for the quality of their restaurants.  Given the amount of money tourists pump into that area each day, the food should be inexpensive and of the highest quality.  I've never had worse or more expensive bad food EVER than I had at TGIF Niagara Falls.  DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!

Food, Service, were well below average.I went with my family during the off season (April)and there was hardly anyone in the restaurant. Despite this the music was blaring which made it difficult to hold a conversation. The restaurant seems to target the 18- 25 year old set with it's presentation however, the prices are not what your average 18-25 year old can afford.
The service staff also presented as indifferent to customers being slow to take and deliver orders.
My advice: turn down your music, bring down your prices, increase the qaulity of the food and service.

Nice location but don't get separate bills! The steak was VERY well done and my order was medium well. My bill had something on it what I didn't order and instead of making it their problem I had to get money back from the people that actually ordered it therefor it was my problem now. I won't be back!
This place is a poor excuse for a restaurant. The food wasn't that good, and the wait was ridiculous for the low quality of food we were served. Between myself and my parents, we spent almost ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!With these prices, this has to be the biggest TOURIST TRAP I've ever seen! Listen to these other people and STEAR CLEAR!

Service was SLOW. Waitress nice enough. Prices OUTRAGEOUS!

This place was crazy expensive and horrible. The wait staff were okay, but given the fact that the food was so expensive, I would never, ever go back.


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