Tony Romas on Ferry St - Niagara Falls

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Cuisine: Italian
5317 Ferry Street Niagara Falls Ontario L2G 1R8

Restaurant Tony Roma's on Ferry Street (Niagara Falls, ON)

Bad service--actually no service--after an hour and a half left because had not received any food, they said they were busy, but there were over 5 empty tables nearby. Guests who arrived after us received their appetizers and food, even though the manager that evening said they were only getting there appetizers. Never apologized for a single thing. Certainly would not recommend them to anyone. no customer service skills 

are we talking about the same restaurant the breakfast was not good at all. Very cold and the plate was not even clean. Trust me don't go there.

Went to this place 3 days ago.Food service and price was the best i have seen in all the tourist area.Try the baby back ribs they are to die for.also lots of on site free parking...seems like an anomily in niagara falls something for free..

Took fifty minutes for them to cook my food, otherwise it was not too bad. So much for "all you can eat" when it takes so long for you to get the food. Unless you have a lot of time to kill and a big appetite, it's not worth it.

Tony Roma's on Ferry st. Has the same owner as Al Macs, Country Chalet, Bravo, And My Cousin Vinny's read the reviews for those dumps and you will see the same type of review, just different locations.

was in town for three days...ate at romas the third day was by far the best restaurant we dined at.marci served us she was awsome,,,try the filet medallions with ribs the meal is to die for,,,,this restaurant is fantastic

Great Ribs.  Only a fool would pass them up!

Came here to eat last night..had the ribs and my wife had the fillet medallions.they were out of this quality and service were both outstanding...skip all the rest go to Romas if you are in niagara falls

Burgers are great. Ordered potato skins but was disappointed. They cheaped out by slicing a total of 1.5 potatoes into wedges

We ate at Tony Roma's at 5317 ferry st Niagara falls.....the food and service were fantastic.....this restaurant is a home run.....try it you will love it

I would like to say that YES, these owners do not own any other resturants than the 2 TONY ROMA's in town and both are fantastic. Not sure where you received your information from. Have been several times and the food has always been top notch. Great service, the GM is great "GREG". Not sure what type of resturants you have been to in the past, but we will always recommend Tony Romas.

ate there las week food service and price were fantastic...oh ya i asked the same owners dont own those other dumps get your story me the food is great here....were are from welland

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