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It's got 5 1/2-metre-tall windows and a spectacular vista of the falls, but it also knows how to serve a first-class buffet breakfast, a rare achievement in this town. The food stays hot and appealing, the waiters keep whizzing by with coffee and whether or not you want to keep with more pedestrian things like pancakes or venture off into the land of Eggs Benedict, you won't be disappointed.


On the 33rd and 34th floor of the Hilton, enjoy fallsview dining in the innovative atmosphere of Watermark, complete with aquariums, vaulted ceilings, and 5.5m-tall (18-ft.) windows to capture the panorama. The menu is heavy on the beef. Lighter fare includes a vegetarian fet-tuccine; roasted Atlantic salmon with golden vegetable caviar, red pepper cream, and watercress coulis; and grilled breast of chicken with a forest mushroom demi. Desserts are heavy English-style bread pudding, chocolate fudge cake, and apple pie bundles with cinnamon ice cream.

6361 Fallsview Blvd., Niagara Falls, Canada  905-353-7138


it was a great place an i loved the chicken marcel and the potatoe salad and the fresh gardened greens an the tripple dipple cake they served me on my wedding it was delusious

Years ago I've been to this restaurant quite often with friends who were visiting and found it quite nice...what the he-- happened???!! Prime Rib NOT fresh cut off the roast but heated on the griddle and served on cold plates. Outrageously overpriced for surf and turf ($89), nightly special double lobster tail ($89.95). The quality definitely did NOT match the pricing of this restaurant. Twelve people and over $1500. The quality and service should be EXCELLENT for this kind of money! Both were mediocre at best. It was my father's 70th birthday and out of the kindness of their hearts they provided a very stale and dry chocolate cake for the low, low price of $59.95. Again, it was not about the price but rather the so-so quality and so-so service. We will definitely NOT go back nor recommend it to friends (or enemies). Come on Hilton! Get your act together. Has the management eaten here lately? ...or can they recommend a good place?

We visited the Watermark as the culmination of a week long romantic getaway without the kids. We dressed for the occasion, made our reservation, and trekked up the street for a special evening. Upon arrival we were asked if we were staying in the motel, and this was the point at which we should have probably turned and left. We were sat at a table with a nice view of the American Falls but no view of the Horeshoe Falls at all. Even though we asked for our meat (lamb and pork) to be cooked to medium rare and medium well, respectively, they were both prepared to a point where the tenderness was lost. Our waiter, Mark, was in a surly mood and not helpful at all. The cabernet savignon he brought was a nasty blend of something akin to kerosene and rain water, and upon complaining he tasted it and said that it was fine. Dirty dishes were left on our table for an excessive amount of time. For all that we enjoyed ourselves--it is a delightful view--but it is unlikely we would ever go back again.

Only a good if you get that $60 off coupon...even then it's still overpriced and you might as well go to the Keg where the food and ambience is much better...come on $89 for surf and turf. You hear that the chef is world class but my questions is in what class???? Even that bootleg Wolfgang Puck restuarant that is now closed had better food with the 20 year old students cooking it.

I loved it, it was amazing and very good service. It was a wondeful resturant at a wonderful hotel, which by the way is amazing. 53 floors of beautiful views and outstanding rooms. I can't wait to go back to Niagara Falls and go to the brand new resturants at the hotel. :)<3 -Lisa-

Food and service so impressive we went back a second time the next night (our last night in Niagara Falls) as we could not compare it to any other restaurants we had been to for that special "last night" meal (we chose the beef tenderloin the second night and a to-die-for chocolate cheesecake) We were not disappointed. Wonderful food with service to match...thank you Carolyn (our server). We specified we get her table again when we went back the second night. A rare combination of 5-Star views, ambiance, service and food. 
Thanks for the memories Watermark and Carolyn.

Had to wait for about 10 mintues for a table because we were a big table. That is okay. Buffet was good. I just can't get over the extra tax you have to pay for the view. I find it just another grab at our money and for that reason I will not go here again.

The Watermark is on the 33rd floor of the Niagara Falls Hilton. From just about every seat you have an unobstructed view of both the American and Canadian Horseshoe Falls. It is a very upscale restaurant with impeccable food. The menu mostly consists of Steak and Seafood, with a few salads and a chicken dish. At night it is a very romantic setting and you can't help but get lost in the atmosphere.

My favorite dish was the Grilled Breast Chicken with a Forst Mushroom Demi, Garlic Whipped Potatoes and Vegetables. I started my dinner with a ceasar salad which was one of the best I have ever tasted. For dessert I has a Chocolate Fusion, which is white and dark chocolate mousse with a raspberry coulis.

Food was good, definitely better than most hotel food. It was admittedly overpriced, but really everything in Niagara is. The view was just spectacular and our waiter, Giovanni, was outstanding; his service was worth every penny we paid. He was friendly, prompt and entertaining, even to our 5 year old son (make sure to ask if he can turn the lights on the Falls for you!). We would definitely return and request a table in his section.

The View was great (same as our room on the 26th floor south tower). Food was Good. The bread was hard, and as someone else mentioned, almost store bought, and stale. Butter, I didn't care if it came in a foil wrapper or whipped, because the bread was too hard. (definitely not for old timers, BTW, did I mention that the bread was hard?). The food was seved reasonably fast, and piping hot. The Server Giovanni did a great job, and made the kids happy with a nice dessert plate. The food was slightly pricey, but no complaints from me. Will definately go back.

Other than the view there is nothing great or even satisfactory about the Watermark. The waiter made us feel very uncomfortable, he  was in a bad mood or something. The price did not match the quality of the food by any stretch of the imagination. The seafood was the worst I've ever tasted so I was not complaining about the tiny portions. The bill was over $230.00 with one bottle of wine. Will  definately not go back.

Most people who eat there have those $75 off coupons. I remember the first time I went there I got the coupon along with the $35 times 2 for Denny's but when the cheapest dish is $24 for vegetable pasta is pretty ridiculous...I always have the rack of lamb which is really really good....the salmon is delicious and the surf and turf was amazing except for the price...$ used to be like $59 or something but the prices jumped over the last few years....but your best value for wuality and price is Wolfgang Puck...obvioulsy not as amazing as the one in Vegas but it's really good....and no entre is over $20 whereas Watermard there is no entre under $30 and that's chicken pasta

Do not go here - completely overpriced to the point of extorsion. Food was mediocre and cool. Have never received a response to email and phone call.
It should be against the law to charge such ridiculous prices - just because its the Hilton and the view!!!!!!!!

It baffles me to read some of these poor ratings and comments of the watermark. My husband and I were sent to the Watermarks when our reservations elsewhere were screwed up, this was in 2006 and we have been back to the Watermark every year since.I come from a family of caterers and restaurant owners so I know my food, I'm very picky, I find people forgot how things are supposed to taste by all the salt and deep frying that is taking place in every other restaurant.At the Watermark I usually get the Butternut squash soup when it is offered, well seasoned and tastes very fresh, my husband swears by the ceasar salad every entree we have ordered has been brilliant our favourite is the prime rib.Shall we talk about the deserts...pleasing to the eyes and palate.Oh ya and the breakfast buffet is the best we have ever tasted even the coffee is good, which seems to be difficult for most restaurants to master. As for the price,of coarse it is alittle pricey its Niagara Falls. F.Y.I we have spent much more at the Skylon Tower dinner buffet which was crowded and the food was just O.K. We even walked out of TGIFs niagara because what they wanted to charge for that crap should be illegal.Honestly if people are going to complain about bread and butter they should just stay home with their Wonder bread and Becel. Keep up the Great work Watermark , we will be back every year for our anniversary dinner.

Nice view of the falls, but pricing is out of line with the taste and quality of the food. We left feeling that we had overpaid ($120 without drinks) I've never been to a "fine dining" restaurant where the bread appears store bought, of low quality and the butter is hard and comes in one of those golden foil packets (what a joke). A lot of lower end restaurants offer fresh warm bread and nice soft whipped butter (East Side Mario's for example). Dishes were ok - but not inspired. Garlic whipped mashed potatoes had no garlic but lots of salt. Pasta also appeared store bought - for these prices it has to be freshly made. Shrimp was overcooked and rubbery (Alice Fazooli's shrimp pasta is cheaper but way better quality).
Overall - I recommend going to the Keg instead. Same view, nicer ambience, way way way way better food, friendlier staff and half the price.

Very overpriced.  Came to celebrate 2 birthdays last June.  Felt so ripped off.  Husband had rotten potato.  Chef tried to cover it up by placing prime rib (which was not cooked properly by the way) over the potato.  Sent email advising displeasure the day after and to date have never received a response or apology.  Only good thing was the waiter.  He had an awesome personality.  Total bill for 4 a whopping $280 (including tip).  Pick somewhere else. Watermark not worth visiting again.  At least we won't!!!

I would never reccommend this restaurant but the view is amazing. The food is over priced, so you would expect the quality to match the price. But unfortuantely it did not. It's pretty sad to say that the only think I would go back for is the view, because you should want to go back for the fine dining. The butter was wrapped in foil that appeared to be store boughten. Can't they atleast afford to buy better quality butter if anything... Not to mention the stale bread. If the bread was nice and soft, it would make the butter situation alot worse because I love my butter. But they both were very poor in quality. The only reason I would go back is if I had a free dinner... other than that. The food is dispicable.

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