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Yes, even the original celebrity chef, Wolfgang Puck, has brought his franchise to Niagara Falls. No, you won't see him in person, waiting on line to board the Maid of the Mist, but the menu is the same as it is in similar places across North America and that's not a bad thing, because Puck keeps the quality control high. The thin-crust pizzas, artful salads and Kobe beef burgers are all fine luncheon ingredients and you ought to leave satisfied.

CONTEMPORARY CUISINE Difficult to believe that such high-quality, upscale food can be reproduced in a chain format, but be ready to be dazzled by the kitchen here at Wolfgang Puck's Niagara Falls home. The pumpkin ravioli with hazelnuts and brown butter sause is superb. Wolfgang's beer-batter crab cakes and chips with tartar sauce and malt vinegar are top-notch. The decor and staff are in tune with the food smartly turned out, sleek, clean, and chic. 

6300 Fallsview Blvd., Unit A, Niagara Falls, Ontario 905-354-5000


Food was amazing. No complaints. Price was understandable because of area. Had no problems paying 30 for an incredible steak (Fillet Mignon) People should not be so cheap and if they complain why don't they look at the menu before they dine???

I also have a comment to make about this Wolfgang Puck Cafe in Niagara Falls Canada. My wife and I are not from the area but I also have been very disapointed in this Wolfgang location. My wife and I usually eat at the Wolfgang locations in Vegas, the Palazzo Casino and hotel mostly and we are always very happy with our meals. It can get very expensive quickly so we typically order appetizer's as our meals. This Niagara Falls Canada location is another story. When they had first opened they must have been under different management than now because the food was excellent and the service much better than it is now. Don't get me wrong the service was not ever great since opening but 100 times better than it is now. They actually paid to have a hostess and the last time we went to this location a regular waitress had seated us and we needed to wait quite a while with an empty restaurant to get seated. We have not been there for a few years since our last bad experience and did notice that the carpeting and interior was starting to look really shabby each time we had dined there. There also was an odor coming out of the restrooms. There also seemed to be less and less customers each time we dined in and on some occasions we were the only people eating there and wondered how they stayed in business if they even still are as of 8/10? I usually ordered the Weinerschnitzel since I really enjoy German food and the last time that I ordered that it was like eating a piece of cardboard and very expensive. I believe that it was $28.00 for the lunch portion. We ordered the same thing at Wolfgang at the Venetian Casino and Hotel in Vegas and the Schnitzel was the size of the entire plate. I did enjoy the restaurant that was upstairs Cafe Tu Tu Tango' and was shocked that they had closed. There was another restaurant upstairs either after or prior to Cafe Tu Tu Tango' that also had closed. They might have done better downstairs and still been in business? I believe that I already had sent Wolfgang Puck an e-mail years ago complaining about this Niagara Falls location and did get a response back not from him but one if his managers that this location is not affiliated with any of his locations and the management can run this location as they see fit. This location also used to have really good soup but that was very poor the last time that we were there. I am disapointed that this location didn't improve because even though we are located in the upstate New York area it would have been worth the drive coming up to dine at Wolfgang and then go to the Casino across the road. The buffet at the Casino is more worth it in price because you won't leave hungry and there is a very large variety of food. Thanks

The Waitress was very RUDE, when I gave her the tip she looked at me and asked if this was it. She proceeded to tell me that it is very rude to give this little of a tip. I told her that giving tip was not mandatory, she told me that in Canada it is mandatory since she has to pay the cook and other who helped out. IF I didnt give her enough tip then it will come out of her pocket. She tell me basically she could have been waiting on other tables (never mind that they were just 2 other people in the restaurant). This is the WORST kind of customer service possible.

Service excellent. Waitress very friendly and helpful. Obvious this is his 'cafe' and not dining room. Very over priced for portions. Example: Shrinp entree had 5 large shrimp arranged on plate with fancy palm sized salad in the middle @ $25... for 5 SHRIMP!!! Just HAD to go because of the owner.. but won't go back.

the food was very good. caeser salad & pumpkin raioli excellent. spinach salad & filet a close second. portions more than adequate. friendly service. our one complaint
the room was just a bit too busy for us. but we will return next year for the food

I worked on a major Project for Wolfgang Puck,.years ago
He is the most inconsiderate person treating his employees badly by degrading and demeaning them.
He also uses poor quality ingredients in his prepared foods.
It was a sigh of relief to see people taking notice to the over hype of his talents and personality.
The service at his reastaurants is poor and his food is cheaply made. He also cuts lots of corners to make a buck.
Take this from an inside source.!

Very dissapointed.Was here last year the place was amazing great food great service. Now it is awful food was cold waitress took forever the place smelled and looked dirty.The manager looked like she came off one of the tv series,red shoes dairy never again come on clean up.

$84+20tip. Service could have been better entry came before soup,service not aware of soup of day,long wait,got something I don't remember ordering but I paid for it anyway, food was OK but below my expections. Priced abut right for location and Wolf's name.Would be better if he had more signature items on the menu rather than profit maximizing items.

Visited the restaurant because of the name. First Impression: the place looked grungy. The range hood in the kitchen had grease stains that is reminiscent of a greasy spoon. There were flies inside the restaurant. Too many serving staff just lounging around looking bored. A wall near the kitchen entrance had a chunk of masonry missing. Okay so I might be nitpicking, and then I ordered food. my two kids ordered mac 'n cheese and pasta marinara, the order comes in with 2 dishes of Mac 'n cheese and no pasta marinara (this took about half an hour, and the restaurant probably had about 10 patrons). My wife ordered the Fillet, and quite truthfully is was great (no problems there). I ordered the Ribeye, and got shoe leather. of course we should have probably had a snack before we came in, because if we were really hungry, we would passed out while waiting for the food to arrive. My kids wanted a plain chocolate sundae. Of course that was unthinkable that kids around 10yrs might want that instead of a hand sculpted dessert work of art. They finally got 2 scoops of Chocolate icecream sans whipped cream (perhaps the chef didn't have heavy cream and a balloon whisk handy, and the spray on can of cream was over. Price is never the issue for a good meal, (specially when the 33rd floor of a nearby hotel provided a memorable meal with top notch service for just over $200, and worth every penny.)

I would not recommend this restaurant.  Calamari was bland (how do you mess up Calamari?), bread provided was more like Biscotti, there was nothing special about the bbq chicken pizza - in fact, I think Pizza Pizza makes a better one, the burger I ordered was loaded with salt, I returned it, and it was saltier. The filet mignon was also salty. The service was horrible, unforuntately, because we were in a large group, tip was included on our bill.  The quality of this meal is consistent with most of the other restaurants in Niagara Falls (ie even the standards like Canyon Creek are worse in Niagara).  Its too bad Wolfgang Puck sold out.  Wolfgang Sucks.

The food was very bland, almost tasteless. I would not recommend this restaurent. Too expenseive given the quality of the food.

oh my god where do i begin we were there 6 months ago had a wondeful time great food returned back for Valentines day with hubby we were not impressed the first impression of the place it smelled of stale grease the carpet looked like it hadnt been vaccummed in a month. hubby went to the washroom was disquisted with the look and the smell he could not believe that i spoke so highly of this place yet the service and the place looked awful asked to speak to a manager she looked like she just graduated from a detrix movie i cant belive the change in this place in just six months. the food was ok nothing great. i will never go back again

Ouch is all that I can say. Having eaten in his Las Vegas location, I assumed that Niagara Falls would be just as good.
Well you know what they say about that word assume?
As a Chef, I can live with small portions, and high prices, I see them all the time, But....I cannot stand to see food served that is not cooked properly. In addition to that I absolutely cannot stand poor attitude to customers.
The food portions were small even by bistro standards, shrimp were overcooked to the point of being rubbery. Salads were thrown together, definately not plated with any care what so ever. I would be ashamed to have food coming out of my kitchen this way.
Until Mr.Puck pays a visit to this place and does something to clean it up, and retrain his employees, I cannot recommend this location to anyone.
On a rating scale, I give this location not even a single star. save your money and go to The Spicy Olive or another Niagara Falls restaurant instead. You deserve good quality food and service for your money, not attitude and poor food.
Chef Marty Grams

Have to laugh at the cheap person who posted here complaining because the waitress busted you for a poor tip. If you can't afford to tip, try going to Burger King!
We visited recently and considering the area, I'd give it a 7 out of 10. The initial seating took a while (while plenty of tables were available). The staff were all pleasant and well trained. Our waitress was quick and attentive.
The food itself was excellent, the portions were fine (it's not an all you can eat bufffet). The wine list could have been better but was reasonable enough. The stuffed chicken was served well under cooked, the meat rare next to the bone and as I began to point out the problem our waitress saw it quickly, appologized sincerely and asked if I wanted something else. I asked for a new one. The manager on duty came up shortly thereafter and appologized again, giving me her number in the event of any problems later. I insisted everything was fine and not to worry. The waitress came back a few minutes after the manager had left and explained the entire meal was on the house, which is the first time any restaurant has every offered such a thing, even after I told them all was fine. The new chicken dish came back perfectly cooked and was delicious.
Note to the cheap tipper, I still tipped 20% to what the bill would have been.

Funny to see reviews in general...people have to remember we all have different levels of taste...and Wolfgang puck is not expensive...the Denny's that used to be across the street was overpriced...come on $7.99 for a bowl of cereal...but the again everyone who stayed at the Hilton got a $35 off coupon for Denny's...Value wise for the area wolfgang is pretty good I think...and the food is way better than the buffet...and don't compare a Wolfgang Puck cafe to the real thing...the ost expensive dis here is lik $18 and in life you get what you pay for...why do you think a steak by itself cost $50 at Ruth Criss...cause it's taste better.

It's a nice place. The staff was terrific. The food was very well prepared. Considering where you were - the price was fair. What was missing was that special zing that comes with having the owner - or a real honest to goodness chef in the place. This place is part of a chain.
The food was well made to the recipe created by Wolfgang Puck - but many other places serve the same kind of thing - the Puckness just wasn't there.
Bottom line - a good place - especially considering what else is in the area! You'll like it!

I was very disappointed at the level of food at this big-name restaurant. The pizza and chicken were quite good. I ordered the side of root vegetables - but all I got was a plate of roast potatoes. We sat at one of two occupied tables in the restaurant but found the service to be extremely slow. In all, this restaurant seemed to me to be too pricey for the level of food and service offered.

The Niagara Falls Cafe does not meet the expectations of the products and name of Wolgang Puck. The service is lacking in all areas -- I believe the servers only cared about the tip at the end of meal. The food could have been prepared in my own kitchen with no pizazz or flavour. The pasta was quite honestly prepared with an off-the-shelf pesto and three tomatos out of the fridge. The crab cakes were mediocre with string fries... wow... real creative.

ONE OF THE WORST meals I hve experienced. They forgot the dressing on the salad, sent it back, and got the same salad 5 minutes later still with no dressing. Received only my order...they forgot the lady I was dining with. It was tasteless, like they had watered down the meal. Ordered soup but they were out. Waitress was abrupt and didn't care.

Crappy! Caesar Salad was bland with huge croutons, no bacon for $10. Crab cakes warm on the outside and cold in the middle. We since learned that all food is frozen and reheated. Fettucine was bland and everything was way overpriced for what we received. Service was awful. Cleared table while one diner was still eating - left her the only person with food on the table. Never go back there! 

My husband and I were invited to dinner at the Wolfgang Puck restaurant in Niagara Falls, Ontario by two of our good friends who really wanted to try it out. We were happy to go, but I took a look at some restaurant reviews online the day of our reservation and was stunned by the fact that there were almost no positive responses. I wanted to urge our hosts to choose another eatery, but since we weren't really in a position to dictate where we dined, I kept my mouth shut. 
I should've spoken up. Our service was decent, but the food was severely lacking and that's why a person would choose Wolfgang Puck's, right? The portions were very small, ingredients were skimpy, the items were overpriced, and some items in our meal were just downright POOR. We consumed two bottles of wine at $38.00 each (very overpriced for the wine - it was good, but not amazing). If there was a bread basket, we didn't get one. Each couple ordered a baby spinach salad with gorgonzola and pecans. There were barely any crumbles of cheese or nuts. We essentially ate a plate of spinach at a whopping $9.00 per plate. Our table split the bruschetta and the flavor was good, but the tomato mixture was served cold on cold toast and there wasn't enough of it to even cover the toast. For our entrees, we ordered the salmon pizza appetizer, the stuffed chicken supreme, the cheese ravioli with tomato cream sauce, and the muchroom tagliatelle pasta. My friend loved her salmon pizza, and I enjoyed my chicken. The flavor of the ravioli was good too. But the tagliatelle pasta - DON'T BOTHER. There was almost no flavor. It was like eating a plate of plain pasta with some mushrooms thrown in. Again, the portions were very small. So small, in fact, that I cleaned my plate and I'm a petite girl. Also, when my husband's ravioli was set in front of him, I laughed out loud. It looked like an appetizer portion. Needless to say, he was still hungry when he finished his meal. We each ordered a dessert: tiramasu, brownie sundae, banana cheesecake, and creme brulee. My friend had to send her brownie sundae back b/c the brownie bites were hard and stale. The tiramasu and creme brulee were tasty, but tiny. And my banana cheesecake was pathetic. It wasn't very banana-ey. It was basically just sweet, and was the tiniest piece of cheesecake I'd ever seen. We had a $20.00 coupon and our total bill still came to $222 and some change. By the time we were done, each couple had paid over $130 for a paltry, pathetic, low quality meal. How is this restaurant still in business? All of you who are considering patronizing this restaurant that bears the name of the almighty Wolfgang Puck, SAVE YOUR MONEY. Because in this case, you are paying JUST for the name. Try Coco's or The Keg instead.

HELLLLL NO!!. worst Service EVER! Not one person is experienced in that restaurant. The very first year it opened, i have to admit, it was pretty good. Staff was professional, clean cut,polite and educated. The year after was horrible,rude staff, food is skimpy,tasteless, and small portions for over priced meal. On the other hand, upstairs "Cafe Tu Tu Tango' was UNBELIEVEABLE!!! amazing staff..fun,great food, prices are amazing. FANTASTIC. To bad it was at the top of the building instead of the bottom!!

I had high expectations when I saw Mr. Pucks' name on the building (mistake #1). The serving staff was lukewarm and the wait was lengthy. Simple to execute special requests seemed to be impossible to accommodate. I had bruschetta (which was pretty good!) a steak (which when requested was to be blue rare) but arrived with only the slightest traces of anything reminiscent of pink. I also had the banana cheesecake which was fantastic, but at $9 per slice, I felt the slice needn't be so small. It is evident that at the forefront of this business is not the passion for the process but the need to wring every dollar possible out of their customer.

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