Yukiguni Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar - Niagara Falls

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Rated by some as having the best sushi in Southern Ontario outside the Toronto area, this restaurant attracts an international clientele and is a favourite for Japanese tourists visiting the Falls . Located in the heart of the city, a few blocks from Casino Niagara , the restaurant features fresh fish brought in daily.


5980 Fallsview Blvd Niagara Falls, Ontario L2G 3V5 Canada 905 354 4440


Just off Lundy's Lane (Ferry) - great sushi and friendly service make this restaurant one of my favourites in Niagara. The sushi is fresh - flavourful - and well presented. More than just sushi, the menu offers a wide selection, plenty of choice. Well done Yukiguini - We'll be back real soon.

Best sushi anywhere that I've found in Ontario, including Toronto and Hamilton. Always fresh, the service is fantastic, and the sushi has not been Americanized. Best salad and miso soup around. I've been going for 7 years and have yet to be disappointed!

This is a family owned restaurant in a small converted house. The food was excellent but VERY EXPENSIVE to what you can get here in America, and the restaurant wasn't even located in the the "tourist" area. I was very surprised by the serious lack of sushi available. They offered about 7 sashimi types and maybe 8 sushi rolls..but these were the same generic rolls you can by at any major supermarket in America. We were very disappointed, we went looking for Japanese food and ended up eating SERIOUSLY over priced supermarket fare.

The atmosphere is humble, the service is very friendly. Feels like a local family establishment. The food is a good value, and of high quality. The rolls, and soup came to about $40. The spicy tuna roll was quite spicy, but all in all the food was tasty. A great low-key restaurant that gave us a break from the overpriced/low quality tourist restaurants that pervade Niagara Falls.

Americans shoulld realize this is real japanese food...just like in Toronto...Manhu Wok and Panda express are not real Chinese food....alot of dished people think are chinese are not...in real chinese restuarants you might fins 3 dishes including appetizers that are deep friend....in an America knock off you find that 80 % of the menu is deep fried.


It was actually a party of 14, because I invited all my friends from school and try sushi! They absolutley loved it for their 1st time!~ I was very happy and my father also was happy for bringing all my friends in!! I love going to both this one in the Falls and the one in Fort Erie!!

I'm a local that goes to Yukiguni at minimum twice a month. Been going for 20+ years now. Took friends there who taught in Japan for 2 years, and they LOVED it! They said the smells, ambiance and especially the food were truly authentic, and were shocked at how inexpensive the food is for what you get...both quantity and quality. For beginners, the California rolls are to die for. Also, the Salmon Teriyaki dinner is amazing. Miso soup, very fresh house salad, bowl of rice, two portions of salmon, mushrooms, bean sprouts and broccoli...all for $16.50!!! What a deal...and sooooo fresh! A real gem in Niagara Falls, and the service is amazing. I look forward to another 20 years+ of Yukiguni!

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