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   6663 Stanley Avenue, Niagara Falls, ON, L2G 3Y9, 905-357-7100


My family and I just returned home from our wonderful annual trip to Niagara Falls Canada. We were staying at the Rodeway Inn who recommended us to eat at Zappi’s pizzeria. First of all, the ambiance is so welcoming and enjoyable, and the food? AMAZING. We ordered two large pizzas and some chicken wings and instantly fell in love. The crust is thin and the toppings were all so fresh. The wings were cooked perfectly with just the right amount of sauce. Not to mention, the service was delightful. We will definitely be back to Zappi’s each and every time we come to Niagara. Who knows, maybe we will make a trip up just for some more delicious pizza.

I was looking for a place to eat around 10:00 on a Saturday night. I was staying at The Tower and did not want to go too far. Zappis was recommended so we decided to go there. The atmosphere was quaint, the staff was friendly and accommodating, and food was excellent. Will definitely be my restaurant of choice when visiting Niagara Falls. I highly recommend it! January 2012

Loved everything about Zappis. Had a family atmosphere, amazing food, and we will definitely be back.
Make sure to try the pizza, it's to die for.
Such a cute place, I recommend it to everyone looking for comfort (scenery and food!).

I had a wonderful meal at Zappis Pizza. I'm from Pennsylvania and drove about 7 hours to Niagara Falls and the first thing we did when we got to the city was visit this restaurant. It was great homemade comfort food. I had Linguine Alfredo with chicken, and my wife had the Eggplant Lasagna. The sauce was tasty, like nothing I've ever tasted! 
Our server was kind and we were served quickly.
An overall great experience.

We just got back from a few days away visiting relatives in Niagara Falls. When we got to town we all were hungry and my sister told us about a great family pizzeria close to our hotel (we stayed at Embassy Suites) So with her direction we walked out of the hotel and 2 min. up Dunn St. to Zappi's. A nice quaint restaurant with about 50 seats inside and a nice patio that seated another 40 or so...We chose the inside for the air conditioning...
The service was friendly and efficient. the menu was mainly pizza, subs and pasta dishes. We heard about their long family tradition that was based on their pizza so we went for pizza and some wings...I can honestly say that the pizza was excellent and actually prepared by the owner. A nice affordable experience located in the main tourist hotel area. If we werent told about this place by a local we might have missed it...Check it out...It on Stanley Ave on the corner of Dunn St. You wont be disappointed..

The best pizza I have ever had and unsurpassed to this day. If you don't go your missing out.

I had my daughters birthday party at zappies, I have never experienced better servous in my life. Down to every detail, my husband, my 25 guests and I boasted about the experience for months. Most importantly my daughter had a wonderful time on her special day! We paid one bill, reasonably priced for the quality servous, and the warm friendly staff didn't miss a beat! The owner came out and showed us how he flipped the dough, all of the kids were quite impressed! Needless to say they were all aspiring pizza dough flippers for the week! The pizza and wings were delicious and we are planning to go back for our daughters birthday next year! Luckly her birthday is in the summer and we had the opportunity to take advantage of dining on the patio, the beautiful summer breeze made for a perfect experience!


My family and I were staying at the Marriot Hotel in Niagara Falls and were dying for some great pizza. I'm from New Jersey so have extremely high expectations, also, having two young children this seemed to be the easiest and cheapest method of feeding everyone. Without hesitating the valet man recommended Zappis Pizza. It was only a 3 minute walk from the hotel so we went straight over, and let me tell you, I now understand why he was so sure we would love it. We sat on the patio and were immediately approached by a smiling server. She had great recommendations for the family, and when my daughter started crying, the server brought out a pieces of dough for both of them to play with. It was such a relief that they had something to distract them. We ordered pizza and it was delicious. The server said all of the toppings were local, which I also found pretty impressive. We went back twice more that trip. I definitely recommend trying it out.

This was without a doubt the best meal I had during my stay in Niagara Falls. We ordered pizza and the dough was so fresh, and the sauce delicious. I'm craving it already and can't wait for my next visit. I loved it wasnt a chain so we could experience some amazing home cooked food on our vacation. Close the falls and not overpriced, I cant wait to visit again.

Fantastic Food and Service! 
I go to Niagara Falls every year but just recently heard of Zappi's Pizza.
I enjoyed a delicious steak sub with fresh cut fries, and my husband had the Italian veggie sub dressed with eggplant, peppers, zuchini, onions...etc! Such a great mix and such authentic homemade subs! 
Also, to add to my husbands "Italian Sub" he even ordered Amoretti, and Italian beer! Fun experience.
You can watch the kitchen staff make your meals and one guy looked so content and into his cooking that we had to comment! It was great to see people who enjoy their job!
You must stop at Zappis on your trip to Niagara Falls!

My husband and I just returned from having lunch at Zappi's. I have not been to Zappi's since I was a kid and it was at the old location. I have been hearing such rave reviews about the restaurant and I wanted to check it out. The service was good, the waitress was very friendly, the pizza was delish and the house dressing on the salad was scrumptious. I can not wait to return.

Best pizza in town? Hardly. Maybe at one time this place had the best pizza in town but after trying them out based on other positive reviews that is doubtful to say the least.
First of all I ordered online using the order online feature of their website which also states that within 10 minutes they would give you a call back confirming your order or you had to call them to make sure that they got it which I thought was kind of weird because the whole point of ordering online is the convenience of not having to call to begin with.
I ordered one tray of pizza, one order of garlic bread with cheese and a nutella pizza for dessert. After calling to confirm that they indeed had my order a girl answers the phone and said "Yeah it'll be there in 20 minutes" then abruptly hangs up on me. It was there in the time frame they said it would be and I paid for my order and received my order and it was correct except for the fact that we were missing our nutella pizza. Seeing as I paid $6.95 for this dessert pizza and also since it was one of the things we were looking most forward to trying I called right back and told the girl the situation and which case she raised her voice and argued with me trying to claim I never ordered the nutella pizza and that it wasn't on my receipt. After I explained to her that I paid for this pizza she proceeded to argue with me in a raised voice and I wasn't getting anywhere so obviously to them they'd rather screw a customer out of $6.95 then to make their mistake right.
I hung up on this girl and e-mailed the business with the subject ATTN: Manager because I figured at least the manager would have enough sense that after I explained the situation that he'd try to make things right but instead he writes back telling me he talked to the girl about her manners and hopefully this kind of thing wouldn't happen to anybody else in the future. To top everything else off, the pizza crust was as hard as a rock and the toppings were average at best. I've had better pizzas at Pizza Hut and Dominoes both of which you can find in Niagara Falls and also if either of those places has ever messed up an order, they have done the right thing and brought me whatever part of the order they forgot. So if you want a good pizza and good service I'd suggest sticking with a major pizza franchise or giving one of the other local franchises a try but at all costs avoid Zappi's. They obviously only care about the all mighty dollar and have never heard of "the customer is always right". However they do subscribe to the theory that it's ok to overcharge customers, charge them for something and not give it to them and it's ok as long as they can get away with it. Don't support this sorry excuse for a pizza place, I know we won't and I'll encourage everybody we know to also stay away from it.

My experience at Zappis was fantastic. After hearing rave reviews about the pizza from out bellman, we decided we would check it out. It was very welcoming inside with the Italian colours covering the walls. We ordered pizza (after hearing it was the best) and were one hundred percent convinced it's the best pizza in Niagara. I would recommend ordering more than one of their specialty pizzas as the ingredients are mixed together to perfection! I hope I'll be able to come back to Niagara Falls and try the pizza again! Definitely a place to stop!

Avoid at all costs if you value your taste buds!!!! 
I went in for take out for my wife and I, since we were staying at the Embassy. I ordered the Canadian pizza and the chicken Parmesan sub for my wife. When I got back to our room and we opened up the containers of food, we wish we hadn't. The pizza crust was over cooked and had absolutely no flavor. How does the combination of pepperoni, ham, bacon, green pepper & tomato sauce have NO flavor? As for the sub, it was totally inedible. The breaded coating was black on the edges and hard as a rock. I don't think a dog would have even attempted to chew on it. Obviously they use frozen chicken breast.
I will tell anybody I know or hear of going to Niagara Falls to stay away from Zappi's!!

Fun experience at Zappis. The server was nice and interacted with our kids. She brought out dough for them to play with right when they were getting cranky. Great kids menu, they could select a pasta plain, or with cheese and butter, or sauce. This was helpful as our kids are pretty picky. We loved the pasta too. I had the chicken alfredo, and my husband tried the lasagna. Very delicious. Another Zappi's bonus? The old school pacman game that's always free.
If you have kids, and enjoy a homemade feel, you'll love this restaurant.

We're from Chicago and we were staying at the Double Tree in Ontario. Our final night we went to Zappis and had pizza and wings. We thoroughly enjoyed the place and have nothing but good things to say about the service as well as the food. I wish we would have found them and gone there sooner so we could have eaten there all week..

Myself and 3 friends went to Niagara for a night, and once we arrived there we were starving. So we drove around and saw this pizzeria we've never heard of before and decided to give it a shot. We ordered a party size cheese pizza and we were SO impressed! it waas hot and fresh, and delicious! its also reasonably priced. Now we usually get it delivered to our hotel room and we dined in once. the waitress was very nnice, and service was fast! Havent been disappointed so far.


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